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This article contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel episode 6.
Ms. Marvel sequence 6 ’ second post-credits scene makes Shang-Chi & the Legend of the Ten Rings own post-credits scene even more jumble. Post-credits scenes have become synonymous with the MCU. It ’ s not that Marvel was the first studio to use them, but preferably that they ’ ve become a characteristic feature of the franchise. According to Marvel Studios president of the united states Kevin Feige, Marvel ’ s love of post-credits scenes is inspired by his own beloved of the movies. “ I constantly liked that sort of thing, whether it ’ s Ferris Bueller or Masters of the Universe, ” he admitted. “ As a film swot, I never wanted it to end. “


The MCU ’ s post-credits scenes by and large serve as the connection weave tying the unlike films and television shows together, which explains why they often include shock roll ( Brett Goldstein as Hercules, Charlize Theron as Clea, or Harry Styles as Starfox ), or direct setup ( the discovery of Thor ’ s hammer in Iron Man 2, or Shang-Chi ’ mho baby taking over the Ten Rings ). unfortunately, the MCU ’ s post-credits scenes don ’ thyroxine always work, largely because the studio changes focus a bunch more than most viewers realize. With the benefit of hindsight, only one of Phase 1 ’ s post-credits scenes made sense .

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The post-credits scenes for Shang-Chi & the Legend of the Ten Rings and Ms. Marvel episode 6 seem to clash, simply because they present alternate visions of Captain Marvel. In Shang-Chi ‘ s post-credits picture, Captain Marvel participates in a holographic conference to discuss the mysterious artifacts Shang-Chi nowadays wields. She has a new hairdo, but is still wearing the costume from Avengers : endgame. She then appears in Ms. Marvel ‘ s post-credits scene, in a strange body-swap succession triggered by Kamala Khan ’ s cryptic bangle. The hairdo is the same, suggesting the two scenes happen around the lapp time, but Captain Marvel has a wholly raw costume .

Why Shang-Chi’s Post-Credits Scene Was So Confusing

Brie Larson and Mark Ruffalo as Captain Marvel and Bruce Banner in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings credits scene
Shang-Chi ‘ s post-credits scene has always been quite confusing. On the one hand, Bruce Banner ’ mho arm is still in a sling after Avengers : endgame, meaning the scene can ’ thyroxine be set excessively long after Thanos ’ defeat. On the other, Captain Marvel ’ s hair has had time to grow out, meaning it must be some months later. The latter is credibly the more accurate, given the taiwanese festival of Qingling is a major separate of the plat in Shang-Chi, setting the film about early April 2024 – but that makes Banner ’ s sling seem quite curious. now Ms. Marvel features the same hairdo for Carol Danvers – and yet it ’ mho reasonably definitively set in fall 2025 ( set decorations are dated for 2025, Kamala has good begun her junior year, and her school appears to be beginning preparations for a return dance ). so there ’ s actually well over a class between Shang-Chi and Ms. Marvel in the MCU ’ s chronology. presumably, Carol Danvers liked the hairdo she got in April 2024, and had her hair cut in the same manner in fall 2025 .

Why Captain Marvel’s Costume Is So Different In Ms. Marvel

Ms Marvel Carol Danvers Captain Marvel
It ’ s wholly possible Captain Marvel doesn ’ thyroxine consider costume changes to be a big deal ; she wears a Kree device that allows her to redesign her equip with the misprint touch of a button. From an out-of-universe perspective, there ’ mho probably a bare argue ; Marvel like to give their characters modern costumes for each film, and the new outfit most likely wasn ’ thymine quick when the studio got round to Shang-Chi ‘ s post-credits scene, prompting them to stick with a previously-established one rather. Timeline-wise, Shang-Chi ‘ s post-credits setting is known to have been shot in early 2021, while output on The Marvels didn ’ t start until May of that year. It ’ mho indecipherable when Ms. Marvel ‘ s post-credits was shot, but it may well have been coincident with the production of The Marvels given reshoots and extra photography were shot in 2022 .

This is the sarcasm of Marvel ’ s post-credits scenes ; viewers intelligibly stoma over the slightest details, but in reality they can be shaped by out-of-universe factors a a lot as Marvel ’ s desire for an overarch narrative. While Captain Marvel ’ mho costume change may be a plot distributor point in The Marvels, in truth it ’ s wholly possible marvel allowed the inconsistency to happen just because they didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate actually feel it mattered that much. As notice, on close examen the MCU ’ s post-credits scenes have frequently had logic gaps and continuity problems – Marvel filmed an entire one-shot, The Consultant, to fix The Incredible Hulk ‘ s post-credits scenery – and it ’ s no surprise to see the issues continue in Phase 4 with Shang-Chi & the Legend of the Ten Rings and Ms. Marvel .

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