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The serviceman behind the mysterious Death Dealer has ultimately been revealed. The Death Dealer is one of the most intriguing new characters in Marvel Studios ’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. With an amazing character design, intriguing hidden identity and sublime soldierly arts abilities seen in the trailers, many have wondered who was playing this exciting new villain. The Death Dealer is a fictional character taken right from the original Shang-Chi comics, first appearing in Master of Kung Fu # 118 in 1982. The character appears for alone a few issues, before being defeated by Shang-Chi and ultimately ( spoilers ! ) dying .Martial Artist Andy Le Teases that He's Playing the Death DealerMartial Artist Andy Le Teases on Instagram that He’s Playing the Death Dealer It ’ second always interesting when Marvel Studios adapts a little know comic character for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the Death Dealer might be one of their best adaptations yet. Revamping the master character ’ s skull based costume into something more martial arts inspired, the MCU adaptation is much more concern and visually impressive from a design position. Of course, ampere soon as the Death Dealer appeared in the first gear teaser trailer, fans wondered who was playing the character. specially considering that the character looks to be one of Wenwu ’ south ( Tony Leung ) top warriors and engaged in respective fight scenes diametric Shang-Chi ( Simu Liu ), it was natural to expect that whoever was playing the Death Dealer was an accomplished soldierly artist.

Marvel Studios has obviously made it a bespeak to keep the actor ’ s identity a secret as well, with no citation of who the actor playing the character is, despite the character being identical visible in the market .Awkwafina's Instagram Story Confirming Andy Le as the Death DealerAwkwafina’s Instagram Story Confirming Andy Le as the Death Dealer With the new character posters released, soldierly arts and stunt adept Andy Le, of Martial Club, has been revealed as the man behind the Death Dealer masquerade. First, Le teased on his Instagram account that he was playing the character, posting the Death Dealer character bill poster and coyly asking “ Who is the man behind the mask ? ” then, other members of the Shang-Chi hurl and crew, including Awkwafina, confirmed with their own Instagram posts that Le is indeed the Death Dealer. Two co-members of Martial Club, Joseph Le and Brian Le, who were besides involved in Shang-Chi, besides confirmed Andy ’ s function in the film via Instagram .Andy Le of Martial Club is the Death DealerAndy Le of Martial Club is the Death Dealer If you ’ re not familiar with what Andy Le can do, check out some of his impressive foreground videos on Youtube. I ’ ve followed Le ’ s growth over the death several years, and enjoyed seeing him crossover voter into have films like The Paper Tigers.

now in what is likely to be the biggest function of his career, Le will hopefully be given a casual to let his skills shine for a massive audience. Le ’ s affair in the film besides speaks to how extensively Marvel Studios searched to ensure that they found the the right talent for Shang-Chi. Le and his team do incredible work, but while their on-line follow is substantial, it ’ sulfur not as if they ’ re family names or regulars with casting agents. It ’ mho great to see that their talents were recognized by Marvel and given this opportunity. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings premieres lone in theaters September 3rd !5addfd2b035b08c1d12c10525bbdf6be?s=100&d=mm&r=g

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