Every MCU Easter Egg In Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.
Marvel ‘s latest, Shang-Chi & the Legend of the Ten Rings, has dozens of MCU Easter eggs hidden throughout ; here they are broken down. Created as the “ Master of Kung Fu, ” Shang-Chi is a slightly strange character in the Marvel Universe in that he traditionally does n’t possess any superpowers at all. rather, he ‘s merely a soldierly artist so skilled he can go toe-to-toe with gods and monsters. The MCU ‘s Shang-Chi is very different from the comics, where he ‘s not connected to the Mandarin at all, but rather to another crime lord, Fu Manchu, who Marvel do n’t have the rights to – and credibly would n’t use if they could, because he ‘s a baffling racist trope .
Marvel has toyed with introducing Shang-Chi to the big sieve for over 20 years. He was one of the 10 properties Marvel primitively planned to build the MCU upon, although he was dropped when the studio reacquired the film rights to Iron Man and headed in a identical different steering. inactive, for all that ‘s the character, there ‘s a sense in which Shang-Chi answers mysteries that have been there in the MCU from the get down ; it reveals the truth about the Ten Rings, a terrorist organization from the Iron Man films, and even features the veridical Mandarin after the talk through one’s hat version in Iron Man 3.

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Like all MCU films, Shang-Chi is packed with Easter eggs and cameo. Some of them are easy to spot, others are a draw more subtle – here ‘s every Marvel Easter egg and luminary pop culture reference in the movie .
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A Nod To Simu Liu’s Role In Kim’s Convenience

Simu Liu in Kim's Convenience Let ‘s start with one of the more amuse, banteringly nods – in one scene Katy remembers her beginning meeting with Shang-Chi, when he expressed a vocal music protest to being considered a korean. This is a pun on Kim ‘s appliance, where Simu Liu played a korean character named Jung. Liu has suggested this was something of a challenge ; as he observed on Twitter spinal column in 2016, “ everyone is korean except for me, and I ‘m trying very difficult to fit in. ”

References To The Blip

WandaVision Episode 4 - Monica Reforming During Blip Avengers : Infinity War and Avengers : endgame were the two most dramatic events in the MCU ; in the first film, the Mad Titan Thanos snapped his fingers and erased half the lives in the universe, and in the second, the Avengers brought everyone spinal column. The five-year period between these two events has been dubbed “ the Blip ” in the MCU, and the Marvel Disney+ TV series have been exploring the chaos of the consequence, with WandaVision focusing on the personal cost and The Falcon & the Winter Soldier on the geopolitical issues arising from the Blip. The Blip is referenced doubly in Shang-Chi, once when Katy points out they live in a worldly concern where half the people on earth can disappear. It ‘s referenced again more subtly on a bill poster outside her home plate. “ Post-Blip anxiety ? You are not alone, ” the post horse declares, suggesting there ‘s intelligibly still a lot of injury in the world .

The Return Of The Ten Rings

Ten Rings Logo The Ten Rings have been an established part of the MCU from the beginning, as the terrorist cell that captured Tony Stark in Iron Man was one of them. They were fleshed out as the trilogy continued, appearing numerous times in tie-ins such as the Iron Man 3 Prelude amusing book that revealed War Machine was dealing with a peculiarly nasty terrorist plot on the other side of the universe when the Chitauri invaded New York in The Avengers in 2012, explaining why he did n’t help out. They were subverted in Iron Man 3, but Shang-Chi serves as something of a course-correction on that, playing them straightaway and liberally using the logo. attentive viewers will notice the Ten Rings logo has changed a little, because it primitively featured mongolian characters, drawing complaints from the mongol government because they resented their lyric being associated with a fictional terrorist group. nowadays, the characters are written in an ancient taiwanese seal script, cautiously chosen to be inoffensive synonym for office .
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A Returning Character From Spider-Man: Homecoming

Klev live streaming in Shang-Chi The Ten Rings catch up with Shang-Chi on the bus, and their initial confrontation is observed by a familiar face. Played by Zach Cherry in Shang-Chi ‘s cameo, the vlogger Klev first appeared in Spider-Man : return, when he asked Spider-Man to perform stunts as he filmed them, and he returns in Shang-Chi when a fight breaks out on his bus. “ Yo, whaddup y’all, it ‘s your son Klev, coming at you live on the bus topology, ” he declares, before stating his purpose to rate Shang-Chi ‘s martial arts as he apparently practiced when he was younger. It ‘s actually something of a dishonor Klev does n’t appear more, because he gets some great comedic lines in this welcome cameo .

Enter Razor Fist

Razor Fist fighting Shang-Chi on the bus. In the comics, Razor Fist is a low-level hood who typically works for more outstanding villains – including the likes of the Mandarin and the Hood. He ‘s gone neck and neck with a across-the-board range of superheroes, such as Shang-Chi, Wolverine, and Deadpool, but – although he was initially treated as a dangerous terror – he ‘s increasingly been seen as light amusing relief compared to more deadly foes. Shang-Chi ‘s version is a little different, with only one of his hands replaced by a razor-stump, which is honestly a lot more practical ; the comic book character has frequently been mocked with questions about just how he gets dressed when both his hands are blades. amusingly, it ‘s soon clean the character however likes to call himself “ Razor Fist, ” with that name sprayed on his car .

The Jacket Move Homage To Jackie Chan

Shang-Chi ready to fight at the bus in Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings. Shang-Chi is heavily inspired by Jackie Chan and Chinese wuxia films, and it wears its love of these soldierly movies on its sleeve – literally. The open bus fight between Shang-Chi and members of the Ten Rings features a enormous moment in which the bomber uses his jacket as a weapon, a act that will be familiar to any Jackie Chan fans. All in all, Shang-Chi boasts some of the best fight stage dancing in the stallion MCU to date, appropriate for the character who – in the comics – is called the chief of Kung Fu .

Shang-Chi’s Origin Has Changed – But Still References The Comics

Shang-Chi #1 Comic Trailer Image Shang-Chi ‘s origin fib has wholly changed from the comics, but certain elements of it however link to his first appearance in Special Marvel Edition # 15. There, he was brought up by the crime lord Fu Manchu as an assassin but believing his founder to be a humanitarian who only killed evil people. He did indeed complete his first mission for his don – before being told the truth about Fu Manchu being evil, and going rogue. The similarities end there, though, because Shang-Chi ‘s first mission in the MCU was a lot more personal .
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The Golden Daggers

Xialing after she beat Shang-Chi in the fight club in Shang-Chi. Shang-Chi seeks out his baby Xialing at the Golden Daggers Club in Macau, unaware it is a superhuman fight cabaret or that Xialing owns it. In the comics, the Golden Daggers were a criminal arrangement led by Shang-Chi ‘s sister ( named Leiko in the comics ), who established them as a rival empire to her beget ‘s. Shang-Chi in the first place thought they were working for Fu Manchu, but gradually learned he was caught between two rival criminal gangs .

Black Widows & Extremis Soldiers

Black Widow Jade Xu Extremis Keep a close eye on the Golden Daggers fight golf club, because it includes a issue of cool Easter egg. One particularly concern battle is between an Extremis-powered soldier from Iron Man 3 and a Black Widow, giving a common sense of the superhuman scraps that take station there. The Black Widow is a character named Helen, played by stunt performer ( and World Wushu Champion ) Jade Xu, and it seems she has found her way to Macau after being freed from the Red Room ‘s dominance in Black Widow. The Extremis soldier is specially curious, as they were all purportedly killed, so it ‘s potential person has begun experimenting with Extremis again .

The Return Of The Abomination

Shang-Chi Abomination Of course, the star drawing card of the Golden Daggers is the Abomination, a classic Hulk villain who ‘s changed well since The Incredible Hulk. Tim Roth ‘s Emil Blonsky was exposed to Gamma radiation in The Incredible Hulk, transforming him into a monster who rampaged through Harlem, but according to the Marvel One-Shot The Consultant he was viewed as a hero by the military, with the World Security Council even wanting him to get involved with the Avengers Initiative. SHIELD knew better, and manipulated events so as to ensure the Abomination was dropped from their potential Avengers roll, and ( with the exception of one episode of Agents of SHIELD ), he has n’t been seen or referenced since – until now. The abomination nowadays sports a much more comic-book-accurate appearance, distinctly having mutated significantly over the final ten. It ‘s difficult to say for certain, but when he is teleported away he appears to be going to the Raft, a prison for superhumans introduced in Captain America : Civil War. Blonsky will return in the She-Hulk Disney+ TV series .

Enter Wong, Master Of The Mystic Arts

Wong fighting Abomination in fight club in Shang-Chi. The Abomination ‘s opponent in the Golden Daggers is Wong, one of the more big members of the Masters of the Mystic Arts. It ‘s unclear why Wong is at a fight club, but he appears to be a regular and has a friendly relationship with the Abomination. Wong is playing a major role in Phase 4, probable because he ‘s operating from Kamar-Taj, meaning he ‘s responsible for overseeing mystic events across the entire global – while Doctor Strange appears to have become the defender of the Sanctum Sanctorum in New York, frankincense being geographically limited. Wong returns in a delightful cameo in Shang-Chi ‘s mid-credits picture .
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A Madripoor Flag On The Wall

Shang-Chi Cage Fight It ‘s slowly to miss, but the Madripoor flag is painted on the walls in Xialing ‘s fight club. In the comics, Madripoor is basically the Mos Eisley Cantina of the Marvel Universe, a notoriously corrupt and crime-ridden island state. It made its MCU debut in The Falcon & the Winter Soldier when the titular heroes traveled to Madripoor and learned Sokovia Accord fugitive Sharon Carter had made her home there. Interestingly, Marvel set up a promotional Welcome to Madripoor web site that did initially sport Ten Rings Easter eggs ; they were swiftly removed .

The Death-Dealer Is Another Shang-Chi Villain From The Comics

Death Dealer training Shang-Chi in fighting. In the comics, Li Ching-Lin was an MI6 agent who secretly worked for Shang-Chi ‘s father, Fu Manchu. A skilled and barbarous warrior, he was anointed Death-Dealer by Fu Manchu and became one of his most big henchmen, clashing with Shang-Chi on countless occasions. The MCU has wholly reinvented Death-Dealer, who is obviously a key member of the Ten Rings, responsible for training them. He was a harsh mentor to Shang-Chi but did not train his sister Xialing, as she was a girl and women were not allowed to be members of the Ten Rings .

Wenwu’s Fortress In Hunan

Special Marvel Edition 15 Cover A capture Shang-Chi and his friends are taken to Wenwu ‘s fortress in China ‘s mountainous Hunan state. This is based on Fu Manchu ‘s home in Special Marvel Edition # 15, which was indeed situated in Hunan, and it has returned in late Shang-Chi comics. Recent Marvel comics have rewritten Shang-Chi ‘s history, naming this as the House of the Deadly Hand, but these retcons were carried out while the film was in production then are unlikely to be crucial at this stage .

Explaining The Mandarin Of Iron Man 3

Wenwu using the Ten Rings in battle in Shang-Chi Shang-Chi introduces viewers to Wenwu, the true drawing card of the Ten Rings, whose identity was appropriated by actor Trevor Slattery in Iron Man 3 when he dreamed up the character of the Mandarin. Slattery ‘s Mandarin was a composite of a hundred legends, but Wenwu is the real deal, a complex figure who has been tortured by grief over the personnel casualty of his wife years ago. The film spends a surprise total of time explaining the Mandarin wrench, with Wenwu even discussing it at length, mocking the citizens of the United States for being then terrified of “ the Mandarin ” – amused so many people were afraid of him .
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Wenwu’s Other Names Reference The Mandarin Of The Comics

Xu Wenwu sitting on his throne in Shang-Chi. According to Wenwu, he has been known by many names over the millennium ; the Warrior King, Master Khan, and the Most Dangerous Man on Earth. The second gear of these titles is the most significant, because in the comics “ Master Khan ” is indeed an alias of the Mandarin. In the comics, it denoted a connection between the Mandarin and Genghis Khan, but in the MCU the timeline may rather hint Genghis Khan was himself Wenwu .

The Return Of Trevor Slattery

Iron Man 3 The Mandarin Ben Kingsley Down-on-his-luck actor Trevor Slattery returns from Iron Man 3, once again played by Ben Kingsley. As seen in the Marvel One-Shot All Hail the King, Slattery was broken out of prison by the Ten Rings, with Wenwu intending to kill him for the audacity of appropriating his identity in this way. Slattery obviously forestalled the murder by launching into a terrify performance of Macbeth, and was therefore spared death, alternatively becoming Wenwu ‘s jester. Trevor plays a surprisingly important character in Shang-Chi, helping the heroes get to the mystic kingdom of Ta Lo before Wenwu, and he even survives the battle with the Dweller-In-Darkness in hilarious manner .

Ta Lo Originates From The Comics

Marvel Comics Ta-Lo Ta Lo exists in the comics, where it is a belittled pocket dimension numbered among the alleged “ God Realms. ” This is a badly deep geld into Marvel lore, with Ta Lo only appearing in a single issue – Thor # 301 – and actually explored more in Marvel handbooks than in the comics themselves. According to these handbooks, there are five interdimensional nexuses that lead to Ta Lo, each find at the foot of a sacred mountain. It is home to the xian, a race akin to the Asgardians who have inspired China ‘s Taoist gods ; Shang-Chi wisely ditches this idea, mindful it would be culturally insensitive .

The Gate To Ta Lo Opens Only On Qingming Jie

Shang-Chi Ta-Lo As noted by Mateo, Wenwu claims the gate to Ta Lo opens lone on Qingming Jie, allowing viewers to precisely date Shang-Chi in the MCU timeline. Because this happens after Avengers : endgame, Shang-Chi must be in 2024, and this chinese festival day will happen on April 4 that year. The events credibly take place from approx. March 29 through to April 5, which means the timeline for MCU content post-Endgame presently looks something like this :

  • Loki
  • Marvel’s What If…?
  • WandaVision
  • Shang-Chi & the Legend of the Ten Rings
  • The Falcon & the Winter Soldier
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home

The Creatures Of Shang-Chi & The Legend Of The Ten Rings

Shang-Chi Nine Tailed Foxes Shang-Chi features a wealth of fabulous Chinese creatures, including :

  • The unicorn-like qílín, the horned creature with the body of a deer and the tail of an ox, which lives in places of peace and serenity and only appears in the real world to presage the emergence of a great, benevolent ruler. Ta Lo is presumably supposed to be the origin of the qílín.
  • There’s also a glimpse of the fènghuáng, an immortal bird sometimes incorrectly called the Chinese Phoenix, another auspicious creature. Interestingly, both the qílín and the fènghuáng are symbols of balance, incorporating both the male and female elements; balance is very much the theme of Shang-Chi, so the presence of these two mythological animals is very appropriate indeed. Both the qílín and the fènghuáng are associated with Ta Lo in the comics.
  • The beautiful húlijīng, a mythical nine-tailed fox that has absorbed the natural energy of the world over many years.
  • There are also shíshī, the Chinese guardian lions, sometimes called foo dogs, who assist the residents of Ta Lo in their battle against the Ten Rings.
  • The longma is a legendary winged horse with dragon scales, another creature whose presence is symbolic of the rise of a sage ruler.
  • The most prominent creature in Shang-Chi is Trevor Slattery’s Maurice, a dìjiāng – often seen to represent cosmic confusion. It makes sense a dijiang would associate itself with Trevor.

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The Great Protector Is A Nod To Chinese Mythology

Shang-Chi White Dragon Dragons do exist in Marvel Comics, the most celebrated being the stranger Makluan draco animal Fin Fang Foom ; however, the Great Protector seen in Shang-Chi is nothing like a Makluan. Rather, the creature is based on Chinese mythology, where dragons – or lóng – suffice as protectors rather than destroyers, and the draco has become a symbol of condition and baron. Shang-Chi is probable set in the class 2024, which seems amusingly allow, given that is the year of the Dragon in the chinese Zodiac .

The Dweller-In-Darkness & Its Soul Eaters

Marvel Comics Dweller-In-Darkness The Dweller-in-Darkness is lifted from the comics, although he ‘s been adapted quite significantly. In the comics, he is one of the universe ‘s Fear Lords, beings who gain sustenance from the concern of creatures on other planes, and he considers the more celebrated amusing book Fear Lord, Nightmare, to be his cousin. Dweller-in-Darkness was a severe terror to the Earth millennium ago, in the days of ancient Atlantis, and derived great pleasure from the conflict between the Eternals and the Deviants that led to the sinking of that continent. He grew excessively knock-down, however, and caught the attention of the Atlantean sorceress Zhered-Na, who cast the Dweller-In-Darkness into an ageless sleep from which he only awoke in the modern era – only to find himself contested nowadays by Doctor Strange. The MCU ‘s Dweller-in-Darkness has been changed a bunch, and is now some sort of devil, blended with the chinese myths of the Wangliang, a malevolent emotional state in chinese folklore. The Soul Eaters serving the Dweller-in-Darkness in Shang-Chi do exist in the comics, but they besides have been heavily modified. In the comics, a Soul-Eater attaches itself to a victim and preys upon them for a drawn-out period of time, consuming their soul little by little. The summons of soul extraction is vastly accelerated in Shang-Chi .

The Holo-Communicators From Avengers: Endgame

Avengers Endgame Holograms Shang-Chi ‘s post-credits scene reveals the superhero holo-conferences conducted by Black Widow during the Blip ( as seen in Avengers : endgame ) are still ongoing. This is the foremost time there ‘s been a trace Earth ‘s protectors are still organized in Phase 4, and it ‘s probably Wong only called in the people he wanted involved in discussions about Shang-Chi ‘s Ten Rings ; Captain Marvel, with her cognition of stranger worlds and civilizations, and the scientific beware of Bruce Banner. Neither has always seen anything like this before, with Banner confirming they ‘re not Vibranium .

Bruce Banner’s Arm Is Injured

Hulk snaps the Infinity Stones in Avengers Endgame Something has clearly happened to Bruce Banner between Avengers : endgame and the events of Shang-Chi ; the last time he was seen, the Banner and Hulk personas had combined into “ Professor Hulk, ” and he was stuck in that form permanently, but now he ‘s spinal column as a human being. This will credibly either be explained by the approaching She-Hulk Disney+ television receiver series, or else it will be setup for it, explaining why Banner ‘s blood is used in a transfusion for his cousin Jennifer Walters. His right arm is still in a sling, meaning the injury he sustained when he used the Infinity Gauntlet has n’t been healed. It seems Marvel are honoring the Russo brothers ‘ wishes for the Hulk to have a permanent injury ; ” It ‘s permanent wave damage, ” Joe Russo explained in one interview. “ The same direction it was permanent damage with Thanos. It ‘s irreversible damage. ”
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Wong Name-Drops Kamar-Taj

MCU Kamar-Taj Wong references Kamar-Taj during the holo-conference, revealing the Masters of the Mystic Arts were able to detect whatever “ signal ” was emitted from the Ten Rings at the moment control of them passed over to Shang-Chi. This is reasonably impressive, given Ta Lo was described as being in an entirely different population, meaning the energy rush generated by them must have traveled through the entire Multiverse .

The “Hotel California” Theme Is Completed

Shang-Chi and Katy sit and drink together The MCU has always loved to incorporate classic music into its films, and the Eagles ‘ “ Hotel California ” crops up throughout Shang-Chi. The subject of the birdcall works absolutely for the movie, as Shang-Chi has attempted to “ check out ” of the class drama, but he can never leave. The mid-credits scene of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings puts a more cocksure spin on this, though, because now Shang-Chi has checked in to the world of superheroes, and his life sentence will never be the same again.

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