Shang-Chi Star Was Surprised By Her Own End-Credits Scene

normally it ‘s barely audiences who are unaware of what ‘s going to happen in a Marvel movie, but Shang-Chi ‘s Meng’er Zhang was surprised by her own scene. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings star Meng’er Zhang was surprised by her own end-credits fit while watching the movie in theaters. Though centered on a character non-comics fans might not be conversant with, Marvel’s Shang-Chi has proven itself to be the break hit of the year. A sequel was formally put into development last week, and the movie reigns as the highest-grossing film of the year domestically. Destin Daniel Cretton directed Shang-Chi, which serves as the titular champion ‘s first-ever onscreen appearance. The movie, which stars Simu Liu as Shang-Chi, explores the character ‘s origins among the criminal organization the Ten Rings and dives into his complicated familial relationships .
One of those relationships involves his sister Xialing ( Zhang ). While Shang-Chi was trained by their father Wenwu ( Tony Leung ) to be a killer, Xialing had to train herself in confidential. When Shang-Chi begins, the two siblings have n’t seen each other in years, but a reunion in Macau reveals Xialing is the heading of an underground contend ring, and she ‘s precisely a skilled as her buddy. Shang-Chi ‘s post-credits scenes unwrap Xialing has a bright future ahead of her, as she ‘s taken over the Ten Rings and plans to revamp it to suit her own purposes.

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It ‘s a big moment for Xialing, but the actress who plays her was n’t wholly aware of it until it was clock time for her to see the movie. Speaking to for Shang-Chi ‘s home spill, Zhang explained that after she shot the end-credits scene, she was n’t certain if it had made it into the finished movie. Zhang then saw it in theaters and was sol thrill, she missed the important message tacked onto the end. She explained :

“ It was much later on, and when we shot that view, I did n’t even know the view made the film or where they put the scenery in. I did n’t tied know that and to see that on the big shield, I was very aroused. I was sol excite that I missed the sign that ‘The Ten Rings Will Return ‘ the first fourth dimension. I missed it. ”

Xialing in a cage match in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings precisely what lies ahead for Xialing now is n’t clear, but she will be back. In summation to Shang-Chi 2, Cretton is developing a Disney+ series for Marvel that could involve Xialing somehow. It would make smell to give her and the new Ten Rings their own floor alternatively of wedging it into Shang-Chi ‘s, peculiarly since the end-credits scenes hinted at major things ahead for him vitamin a well. Marvel is sol far keeping quiet about its plans for all members of the Shang-Chi casting, but things are decidedly in the works .
Zhang ‘s enchant storm to her own Shang-Chi scene is a arrant exercise of how tight Marvel security can be. major blockbusters are forced to cut scenes all the time ( Spider-Man : No Way Home merely cut Tom Holland ‘s own brother ! ), so Zhang ‘s uncertainty over whether her big moment made it into the film is apprehensible. Luckily, after supplying plenty of Shang-Chi’s most memorable moments, Xialing got her time in the spotlight – and a sense of what lies ahead for her in the future.

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