Ethan Hawke’s 10 Best Movies, According To Metacritic

Ethan Hawke has farseeing been a talented performer Hollywood could rely on, and Metacritic has the best of his best and everything else rated. Reteaming with Sinister film director Scott Derrickson, Ethan Hawke will take on the nefarious character of “ The Grabber ” in The Black Phone, which has received positive reviews by critics. It is not the first clock time the Oscar-nominated actor is playing a villain, having merely recently portrayed the cult-leader Arthur Harrow in Disney+ ‘s Moon Knight .
Alongside The Black Phone and Moon Knight, the year 2022 has proven to be one of the best for Hawke, who is besides set to make a minor appearance in Glass Onion : A Knives Out Mystery. Hawke besides has a long-established career showing his versatility in the roles, from the charming lead in the Before series to a schoolboy in Dead Poets Society .

10 The Truth (2020) – 76

Juliette Binoche and Ethan Hawke in The Truth The Truth follows Lumir ( Juliette Binoche ), a screenwriter whose mother, celebrated actress Fabienne Dangeville, has good published a revealing memoir. however, Lumir has yet to read the gulp and approve material related to her own life. After finding out the reserve is well beyond the draft stage and on traverse for at hand publication, she rushes to New York with her husband and daughter in tow to set the record straight once and for all. however, not unlike Fabienne ‘s book, Lumir ‘s inflict may only serve to make their kinship tense .

Hawke portrays Hank Cooper, Lumir ‘s television actor husband for whom Fabienne holds very little respect. This creates tension in the marriage, but it ‘s nothing that Hank and Lumir ca n’t work through, particularly when they ‘re sharing their beloved for the arts .

9 Maggie’s Plan (2016) – 76

Ethan Hawke and Greta Gerwig in Maggie's Plan Maggie ‘s plan features not only independent film darlings Greta Gerwig, Hawke, and Julianne Moore, but legendary Saturday Night Live cast members Bill Hader and Maya Rudolph equally well .

The narrative follows Gerwig ‘s Maggie, who wants to have a child, but ends up getting tangled up with marry anthropologist John Harding ( Hawke ). however, after Maggie ends up having John ‘s child, she realizes they were never a equal to begin with and tries to help him rekindle the fire with his antique, Georgette ( Julianne Moore ). Like several other Hawke roles, the actor portrays a sensitive and down-to-earth artist. In the specific case of Harding : an amateur novelist .

8 Before Sunrise (1995) – 77

Celine and Jesse embrace on a bridge i n Before Sunrise Richard Linklater’s moving and repeatable Before trilogy kicked off with 1995’s Before Sunrise. The movie is a sharp spirit into the evanesce beautiful moments that make life a poignant experience riddled with potential, yet complicated, happiness .

Linklater ‘s dialogue-heavy film stars Hawke and Julie Delpy as Jesse Wallace and Céline. Wallace is an american tourist and Céline a french student ; From opposite sides of the world, the two find one another on a fortuitous discipline ride that leads from a chance meet to deviated plans to durable ( so far realistically disruptive ) love. Before Sunrise plays more like a objective about love than it does a apparent motion photograph with a narrative, and that ‘s by and large due to the charmingly natural chemistry between Hawke and co-star Delpy .

7 Dead Poets Society (1989) – 79

Todd is tearful in Dead Poets Society Featuring future stars such as Hawke and Josh Charles, Peter Weir ‘s dead Poets Society was a gut-wrenching and moving drama to close out the 1980s .

Robin Williams stars as John Keating, a poetry teacher whose method acting ‘s go against the overtly restrictive texture of the then-current public education system. Hawke stars as one of his students, Todd Anderson, a soft-spoken boy with a preference for isolation. dead Poets Society gave Hawke one of his earliest classical lines as Anderson stands on his desk and rebelliously yells “ O captain ! My master ! ”

6 The Northman (2022) – 82

The Northman: Ethan Hawke as Aurvandill, about to die, with two arrows in his chest Robert Eggers ‘ period piece carry through film, The Northman, pairs Hawke with an incredible cast featuring Alexander Skarsgård, Björk, Willem Dafoe, Nicole Kidman, and Anya Taylor-Joy .

The film follows Alexander Skarsgård ‘s Amleth, a Viking prince on a request for revenge after his uncle murders his father ( Hawke ). The Moon Knight actor does n’t get as many show-stopping moments as Skarsgård or Taylor-Joy, but he makes the most of his screentime with enthuse tune readings of some truly delectable dialogue.

5 Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead (2007) – 85

Andy puts his hand on Hank's shoulder in Before the Devil Knows You're Dead The fabled Sidney Lumet—director of 12 angry Men ( his debut ), Dog Day Afternoon, Network, and The Verdict—directed Hawke in what ended up being his final movie, and he capped his directorial career with a crime movie that masterfully leaves the viewer feel eviscerated and hopeless .

Hawke and Philip Seymour Hoffman portray brothers Hank and Andy Hanson, respectively, sons of successful jewelry shop owners Charles ( Albert Finney ) and Nanette ( Rosemary Harris ). In awful need of cash, the men decide to rob their parents ‘ shop, but the situation spiral out of see, and Hawke ‘s Hank leaves the store with adenine much lineage on his hands as he has diamonds in his scoop. Hawke brings a tenderness to the character that serves as a perfect juxtaposition to Hoffman ‘s fickle, acute demeanor with words more frequently yelled than talk .

4 First Reformed (2018) – 85

Erns leans out of a window in First Reformed A24 has set a major example for early, larger studios on how to keep budgets low while besides giving auteurs increased creative license even after filming ‘s wrapped, and Hawke is a performer who perfectly gels with that mentality .

In First Reformed, the actor portrays Pastor Ernst Toller, a minister of a reasonably modest congregation who comforts a grieve widow ( Amanda Seyfried ) while learning of her radical die conserve ‘s plans to expose corruption high up in the church. The function of Pastor Toller allows Hawke to do what he does best : work without saying a bible. Toller is a deeply conflict homo, even though he ‘s the drawing card of a flock, and every snow leopard of emotion that could be conveyed by an actor is compellingly sold by Hawke in one of the best performances of his career .

3 Before Sunset (2004) – 90

Jesse and Celine share a boat ride in Before Sunset There ‘s a average consensus that Linklater ‘s trilogy peaked at the middle, which is n’t to discount the tear-jerking and authentically relatable nature of the inaugural and third base entries .

In Sunset, Jesse and Céline are closely a decade honest-to-god ( a drift that would continue on to the third and final chapter ) and far apart. Jesse is a relatively successful author who has written a book heavily inspired by his night with Céline, with whom he reconnects after an author reading in Paris. The two front at the choices they ‘ve made and wonder what went right, what went faulty, and what they can change. Both Hawke and Delpy stay true to the characters established in Before Sunrise, but Before Sunset advances them, making them seem like temper individuals hush on the path of self-discovery .

2 Before Midnight (2013) – 94

Celine and Jesse walk together in Before Midnight All three Before films rank among Hawke ‘s best, but it was the trilogy ‘s conclusion that managed to stand as the highest of three achievements .

In Before Midnight, Hawke ‘s Jesse and Delpy ‘s Celine are on vacation in Greece, trying to soak in their final night of bliss before it ‘s back to reality. With these final examination hours in eden, the couple thinks binding on what might have happened were they never to have met on that train and proceed through their beautiful ups and devastating downs. Like the other two films, Hawke and Delpy bring an extremely personal touch to their performances, allowing Jesse and Celine to seem like a real couple moving through the earth in concert .

1 Boyhood (2014) – 100

Mason, Jack and Lorelei look at photos in Boyhood Richard Linklater ‘s magnum musical composition and a masterpiece of a film, Boyhood is a technical wonder if alone for the risks it took .

Film production can take years, particularly for big-budget films, but Boyhood was a production that started out as intentionally hanker, following Ellar Coltrane ‘s Mason from the years 2002 to 2013. Hawke stars as Mason Sr., the boy ‘s father and, while he ‘s excellent in the function, Patrique Arquette steals the indicate as Mason ‘s mother, Olivia. even still, Mason Sr. is a chiseled character that, like in the Before trilogy, feels more like actual human body and blood than a writer ‘s universe. The character plays like Hawke was utilizing his know as a parent, making lines like “ Life does n’t give you bumpers ” all the more affecting .
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