Shang-Chi home release dates confirmed for November

Shang-Chi is punching his room onto your television receiver. Marvel ‘s latest big riddle outing, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, debuts on digital platforms on Nov. 12 and on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on Nov. 30. From opening struggle to inevitable post-credits fit, Shang-Chi is a blast of kung fu fun. Unlike July ‘s Black Widow, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings premiered only in theaters, last month, and it did n’t stream on Disney ‘s own stream service. But it ‘ll be available for all Disney Plus subscribers Nov. 12, the lapp sidereal day as the home dismissal hits other platforms, including Apple television, Prime Video and Vudu.

In the movie, Simu Liu plays Shaun, a lovable fathead wasting his life park cars and doing karaoke with his buddy, played by Awkwafina. Except his name is very Shang-Chi and he ‘s actually a martial arts assassin trained by his millennia-old warlord father to be separate of a ninja army. Hong Kong cinema legend Tony Leung runs away with the flick, which besides stars Michelle Yeoh.

The home dismissal comes with 11 delete scenes and other bonus features :

Deleted scenes

    • They’re waiting — Shang-Chi and Katy connect with Xialing over a call.
    • Take a shot — Katy has a moment of resolve during a battle.
    • Apology — Years after his sudden absence, Shang-Chi tries to apologize to Xialing.
    • I’m here — Shang-Chi and Katy have a conversation in the alley. Katy reassures Shang-Chi that she’ll always be his support system.
    • Pep talk — To turn the tide, Razor Fist encourages Katy during the middle of a battle.
    • Greatness — Trevor and Katy bond over passions in their getaway car.
    • Escape tunnel — The gang slips out through Trevor’s escape tunnel in order to secure a getaway vehicle.
    • Two sons — Xu Wenwu compares Shang-Chi and Razor Fist during a tense dinner.
    • Postcard — Shang-Chi and Xu Wenwu reunite as father and son. Shang-Chi makes it clear he disagrees with Xu Wenwu’s philosophy.
    • Just friends — Katy and Xialing get to know each other. Xialing asks Katy some personal questions.
    • Do it yourself — Xu Wenwu returns to his empire after the Iron Gang boss is captured.

Bonus features

  • Gag reel — Take a look at some of the fun mishaps on set with the cast and crew.
  • Building a legacy — Go behind the scenes and explore Shang-Chi’s explosive debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Family ties — A deep dive into the rich but complicated legacy of Shang-Chi and Xu Wenwu.
  • Audio commentary — View the film with commentary by director and co-screenwriter Destin Daniel Cretton and co-screenwriter Dave Callaham.
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