Shang-Chi’s 10 Most Powerful Comic Villains

As depicted in the movie, Shang-Chi is no stranger when it comes to encounters with herculean and dangerous enemies. Thanks to his recent cinematic debut, Shang-Chi is presently one of the most popular superheroes in the world. As depicted in the movie, Shang-Chi is no strange when it comes to encounters with brawny and dangerous enemies. even in the comics, some of his nemeses are the most powerful in Marvel .
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Thanks to Shang-Chi being one of the best hand-to-hand fighters in the integral Marvel Comic Universe, he frequently comes out on circus tent in most of his fights. Although Shang-Chi does n’t outmatch his most mighty opponents, he often ends up in fights that are neck and neck from begin to finish. Although the Shang-Chi comics are n’t filled with fabled villains like Galactus or Thanos, he has one of the most potent rogue galleries among any Marvel quality.


10 Si-Fan Cyber-Ninjas Were One of Shang-Chi’s Most Dangerous Foes

Si-Fan Cyber Ninjas - Shang-Chi comics Making their initial debut in “ X-Men volume 2 ” # 62 – an X-Men book that features Shang-Chi as a node asterisk – the Si-Fan Cyber-Ninjas are a terrorist organization for lease in Marvel Comics. The Cyber-Ninjas do n’t have any special powers, but what they do have are numerous cybernetic modifications on their bodies that make them faster and stronger. Appearing aboard iconic villains like Kingpin, the Cyber-Ninjas were seen as one of the most dangerous groups Marvel has to offer. When the Cyber-Ninjas first appeared, they were comprised of four members named Bludgeon, Fist, Katana, and an nameless fourth extremity. In other stories, like “ Taskmaster book 2 ” # 1, the Cyber-Ninjas were made up of six members, including the original four plus two newfangled nameless members .

9 Lazarus Returned After Training In Martial Arts

Lazarus and hand Debuting in “ Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu ” # 8, Lazarus was initially known as The Midnight Slasher. He was n’t superhuman, nor did he have any limited abilities early than a resistance to pain during his homicidal rages. After an meet with Shang-Chi, The Midnight Slasher was shot and apparently killed by the police .
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About twenty years subsequently in “ Marvel Comics Presents ” # 156, the slasher made his return key as Lazarus. The slasher trained in warlike arts during a long healing time period, slowly becoming a more psychologically complex man before his replay with his Shang-Chi .

8 Ghostmaker Has Fought Numerous Marvel Heroes

Ghostmaker kicking Shang-chi As one of the more long-familiar villains in Shang-Chi ‘s rogues ‘ gallery, Ghostmaker has fought numerous iconic Marvel heroes like Daredevil and Captain America. Ghostmaker made his comedian debut in “ Master of Kung Fu ” # 110 as a direct adversary to Shang-Chi, even having a reasonably epic ( yet short-lived ) hand-to-hand fight with the master of Kung-Fu. however, the contend ended in a stalemate as Ghostmaker realized he had to make a agile escape. Although this initial storyline finally resulted in the death of Ghostmaker, he was brought back to life by members of the Snakeroot Cult in “ Daredevil Annual ” # 10 .

7 Iron Man’s Greatest Adversary, The Mandarin Also Fought Shang-Chi

The-Mandarin-Comics Though he is chiefly known as one of Iron Man ‘s greatest adversaries, the Mandarin found himself fighting Shang-Chi numerous times. Making his debut appearance in “ Tales of Suspense ” # 50, the original Stan Lee universe served as the primary antagonist against Iron Man, who performed a reconnaissance deputation in Mandarin ‘s native Red China. Like the Cyber-Ninjas, Mandarin has no particular powers but is assisted by a special hardening of weapons called the Ten Rings, which were created by an foreigner race called the Makluans .
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Though the Marvel Studios movie, Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings, presents Mandarin as the biological founder to Shang-Chi, this is not the case in the comics .

6  Darkstrider Was Physically Intimidating

Darkstrider punching Shang-Chi Known as one of the most physically intimidating villains in the Shang-Chi universe, Darkstrider is a educate assassin who leads a group of ninja called the Warlords of the Web. As a highly trail individual with six arms, he is a worthy pit for the Master of Kung-Fu himself, Shang-Chi. In his debut appearance in Master of Kung Fu # 37, Darkstrider seeks revenge against a circus group and its drawing card. however, he is stopped by Shang-Chi, who was hired by the circus to protect them because they feared the arrival of Darkstrider. Because Darkstrider only made a few appearances, he has been forgotten by many Marvel readers .

5 Razor Fist Is Long-Standing Villain In The Shang-Chi Comics

razorfist in Shang-Chi Marvel Comics Making his comic debut in “ Master of Kung Fu ” # 29, Razor Fist is one of the oldest and most long-familiar villains in the Shang-Chi mythos. Like Darkstrider, Razor Fist has one of the most daunting looks in all of Marvel Comics. Both his hands were replaced with long steel blades that he uses as weapons in hand-to-hand combat .
Throughout Marvel history, three different people have taken up the mantle of Razor Fist. The first was William Young, followed by William Scott, then Douglass Scott. Out of the three, Douglas Scott is the most popular Razor Fist, having appeared twice adenine many times as the former two Razor Fists combined .

4 Cursed Lotus Is A Formidable Opponent

Cursed Lotus - Shang-Chi Marvel Comics As the biological sister of Shang-Chi, Cursed Lotus is one of the most significant characters in the Shang-Chi mythos. Making her initial debut in “ Master of Kung Fu ” # 26, Cursed Lotus worked under Fu-Manchu as she struggled for power before becoming the leader of the Si-Fan Ninjas – the harbinger to the previously mentioned Si-Fan Cyber-Ninjas .
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Like a few other characters in the Shang-Chi comics, Cursed Lotus reaps the benefits of the elixir of animation – a consecrated serum that extends the life of the user. Combined with her top-tier hand-to-hand battle skills and an incredible ability to manipulate people, Cursed Lotus is one of Shang-Chi ‘s most formidable opponents .

3 Moving Shadow Was The Villain Shang-Chi Was Supposed To Become

moving shadow close up Moving Shadow is the younger stepbrother of Shang-Chi. Debuting in “ Master of Kung Fu volume 2 ” # 1, Moving Shadow serves as the deadly assassin Shang-Chi was supposed to become ( but never did because of his eventual realization that their church father, Zheng Zu, was evil ) .
Training under his church father, Moving Shadow became one of the most able hand-to-hand fighters in the entire Marvel population. His ultimate deputation was to kill Shang-Chi and seek retaliation for his beget. however, he was defeated and later killed by Zheng Zu for failing .

2 Immortus Gave Midnight Sun Superpowers

Midnight Sun kicking Silver Surfer Midnight Sun, originally named M’nai, has a long and complex history that has, arguably, evolved him beyond his condition as a Shang-Chi villain. After making his debut in “ particular Marvel Edition ” # 16, Midnight Sun went from a high-level hand-to-hand combatant to a cosmic entity capable of taking on Silver Surfer .
primitively the adopted brother of Shang-Chi, M’Nai took on his brother under the orders of Zheng Zu. After falling to his death at the end of the crusade, M’nai was reborn due to Immortus ‘ actions and subsequently named Midnight Sun. As Midnight Sun, he was given enhanced abilities like extremely force, super travel rapidly, extremely lastingness, and more. Thanks to these powers, Midnight Sun became one of the most herculean villains in all of Marvel .

1 Zheng Zu (Fu Manchu) Has Achieved Near-Immortality

Zheng Zu glaring at Shang-Chi The most mighty and evil villain in all of Shang-Chi ‘s history is his forefather, Zheng Zu ( besides known as Fu Manchu ). After making his debut in “ limited Marvel Edition ” # 15, Zheng Zu went on to have encounters with some of the most popular characters in all of Marvel, including Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Black Panther, Iron Fist, and more. Thanks to reprise doses of the elixir of life, Zheng Zu has achieved near-immortality. His immortality, extreme flair, consummate fighting ability, and huge network of engineers and soldiers makes him one of the most brawny villains in the integral Marvel Comic mythos .
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