Shang-Chi vs. Captain America: Who Won Marvel’s Latest Fight?

Shang-Chi equitable took on Captain America in a huge battle as both heroes try to protect the Cosmic Cube from falling into the wrong hands. Warning! Spoilers for Shang-Chi #2 by Marvel Comics below.
With the Cosmic Cube on the line, Shang-Chi and Captain America just got into a huge crusade to ensure the knock-down artifact does n’t end up in the wrong hands. In Shang-Chi # 2, the titular hero represents the Five Weapons Society as the Cosmic Cube goes up for auction. however, when Captain America infiltrates the secret suffer between villains, it leads to an impressive battle between the Avengers .
Shang-Chi has recently taken over the nefarious organization, the Five Weapons Society, which houses some of the greatest assassins in the Marvel Universe. Acting as the Supreme Commander, Shang-Chi wants to change the group into a force of estimable. His latest mission involves traveling to Macau, China, to use the Five Weapons Society ‘s huge resources to buy a Cosmic Cube that ‘s come up for auction. In the comic, Shang-Chi and Brother Sabre arrive at the auction and find themselves in the presence of a number of supervillains, including M.O.D.O.K. and Lady Iron Fan, who are despairing to get the cube for themselves.

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In Shang-Chi # 2 by Gene Luen Yang, Dike Ruan, Triona Farrell, and VC ‘s Travis Lanham, Shang-Chi schmoozes with the malefic villains who intend on purchasing the Cosmic Cube – witnessing M.O.D.O.K. kill a serviceman for trying to give him a high-five. When the auction commences, bid starts in the billions. Shang-Chi puts in a twenty billion dollar wish, but is shocked to see The Hand put in a thirty billion dollar bid of their own. As the invite is about to end, Captain America arrives and begins taking on the integral board .

Captain America Shang-Chi Marvel Comics fight Captain America deflects bullets, a well as a potent blast of energy from M.O.D.O.K. But, when Shang-Chi picks up the Cosmic Cube, he reveals he ‘s taken down Captain America. One A.I.M. soldier even looks on and wonders if Shang-Chi killed the hero. Captain America Shang-Chi Marvel Comics fight however, it ‘s all revealed to be an elaborate ruse by Shang-Chi and Captain America, who are working together. Shang-Chi successfully traps the villains in the casino ‘s vault, as a gas turkey puts them all to sleep .
unfortunately, the Cosmic Cube would still fell into the incorrect hands. After getting captured, Lady Iron Fan steals the artifact from Captain America and meets with a mysterious figure who wants to burn the Five Weapons company to the ground. however, Shang-Chi and Captain America ‘s battle was enough to convince their enemies it was real and allowed the heroes to temporarily prevent the Cosmic Cube from being sold to the highest bidder. Shang-Chi can even brag he won the fight, even if it was all a fake-out. Shang-Chi # 2 is in comedian book stores now.

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