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In Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, viewers are introduced to a whole new bent of Marvel Cinematic Universe characters, including the eponymous Shang-Chi ( Simu Liu ). In addition to Shang-Chi himself, you besides meet the other members of his syndicate : his mighty founder, Wenwu ( Tony Leung ) ; his late mother, Ying Li ( Fala Chen ) ; and his sister, Xialing ( Meng’er Zhang ).

But what function does Shang-Chi ’ south younger sister, Xialing, meet in Shang-Chi ?
SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS SPOILER WARNING: If you aren’t one of the many people who has had a chance to go see the newest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie in theaters yet (because maybe you’re high risk like me) and don’t want to be spoiled, then leave this page right now!

Who Is Xialing?

Over the course of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, we learn that when Shang-Chi and Xialing were children, their mother was viciously murdered as retaliation for their beget ’ s criminal history… and the children watched it happen ( that ’ s some PTSD-producing stuff, Marvel ) .
As he ages into a adolescent, Shang-Chi ( who is played by Jayden Tianyi Zhang ) is trained in madly martial arts by Wenwu, their church father. meanwhile, Xialing ’ s train, which had begun under her mother ( who was trained in a martial arts proficiency unique to her home, the fabled village of Ta-Lo ), is stopped… and it seems like she might be bitter about it, so she finally show ’ sulfur Wenwu what she can do ( but more on that soon ) .
SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS then, when Shang-Chi turns fifteen, Wenwu sends him to assassinate his mother ’ mho murderer ( in this type of kin dynamic trope, a father wracked with guilt will misplace his blasted on the undeserving ). While Shang-Chi is successful in this awful mission, he is overwhelmed by guilt, and does not return to Wenwu ’ mho intensify after the deputation is complete .
alternatively, he heads to San Francisco to live the dream under the possibly not distinct enough alias of Shaun .
Shang-Chi sitting next to Katy on an airplane telling her how to say Shang-Chi (Sh-ong Ch-ee, FYI) According to dialogue in the movie, Xialing held out hope that Shang-Chi would return… for six solid years. But when it became clear that Shang-Chi would not come back, she left their father ’ s base herself, establishing her own personal bequest as the question of a high-profile battle club in Macau.

In Xialing ’ s newfangled status at the fight club, she uses the skills she learned from Ying Li… but she turns her back on the bequest of Wenwu .

Post-Credits Scene

however, equitable as her brother, Shang-Chi, ultimately embraces an element of his father ’ randomness bequest by taking master of the Ten Rings, so excessively does Xialing ultimately accept that her father ’ south bequest is a part of her, barely like her beget ’ sulfur bequest .
Fala Chen In the final post-credits setting, we see Xialing step up as drawing card of her late beget ’ randomness organization, The Ten Rings. In a shoot that is framed in precisely the like was as we saw Wenwu at the height of his powers, we see Xialing sitting upon her throne…
Tony Leung as Wenwu And it ’ s anyone ’ randomness guess what move this newly ascended and incredibly herculean front man will make future, but she ’ randomness assembled an army of potent female warriors to fight by her slope – something that doubles as a subtle hint that the newly drawing card of the Ten Rings will run the constitution much differently than her forefather .
Xialing (Meng’er Zhang)

Xialing Ascendant

If you want to know more about Shang-Chi ’ mho extended family, click here for information on his mother ’ sulfur sister .
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