Shantel VanSanten Opens Up About Truncated Flash Run: ‘The Showrunner Put Me on a Train All of a Sudden’

Five years ago nowadays, One Tree Hill alum Shantel VanSanten made her introduction on The CW ’ s The Flash, as CCPD officeholder Patty Spivot. Yet despite being built up as a love concern for CSI Barry Allen, and therefore the third base english to a triangle involving Iris, Patty wound up gone in a regular flash, bum-rushed onto an outbound discipline halfway through Season 2 .
While speaking with TVLine recently about her turn on another ( and very different ) superhero read, Amazon ’ s The Boys ( where she plays Butcher ’ s ex-wife Becca ), VanSanten shared that her time on The Flash was cut curtly by an annoy showrunner .
now to be clear, VanSanten had zero illusions about Patty being endgame for Barry. Quite the adverse. “ There are foundational cornerstones in every comedian ledger that fans actually are invested in and want to see, and Barry and Iris ending up together was always going to be the ultimate, ” she acknowledged. ( Candice Patton ’ s Iris West for the beginning half of Season 2 was dealing with the tax return of her mother, Francine, and discovery that she has a younger buddy, Wally. ) “ I got to be ‘ a few stops on the train depend on, ’ and I am so grateful, because playing Patty was so much fun. We fair had the best time. ”

That “ best time ” as a guest leading, however, was cut short when VanSanten booked a function on another show ( the timing suggests USA Network ’ s Shooter ) — this despite the fact that she had arranged to finish out Season 2 of The Flash .
“ I don ’ t think it was supposed to end deoxyadenosine monophosphate quickly as it did, ” she said, alluding to the 11th sequence of Season 2, in which Patty bid Barry adieu and hopped a gearing to Midway City U., after learning of his secret identity. “ I don ’ metric ton know if a whole batch of people know this, but I actually worked it out with my narrow so I could finish the whole season and be about. But a showrunner that ’ s no longer on that display was very overturn with me, and so he put me on a gearing all of a sudden, and I left. ”
Andrew Kreisberg was one of The Flash ‘ s Season 2 showrunners ; come November 2017, he would be fired by Warner Bros. television receiver in the awaken of numerous allegations of intimate harassment and inappropriate forcible contact. That season ’ s co-showrunners besides included Todd Helbing ( who was with The Flash through Season 5, and now is in charge of The CW ’ s Superman & Lois ) and Aaron Helbing ( who left The Flash after Season 3 to head up History ’ s Knightfall ) .
WBTV declined to comment on VanSanten ’ second claims .
After getting shown the passenger-train doorway, VanSanten says she figured, “ OK, he ’ ll cool polish, and then I can come back eventually… but so many seasons have passed, and Barry is in such a unlike place as a quality now that it would be an odd divergence from the story. ”

even so, “ It was a bummer that person allowed their own personal feelings to come in the direction of what was best for a history, ” she said. “ I ’ meter glad that person ’ south gone, and they ’ ve resolved indeed many of the issues on the fixed that were because of him. I ’ m hush friends with a bunch of the cast, and that feels capital. ”

Flash Season 2 Patty Barry Describing the time she was on The Flash, “ fun ” is the news much trotted out by the actress. “ That show had elements of being a badass, fighting bizarre sharks with gorillas and all sorts of good stuff, ” she said with a laugh. “ But then there was this view that was like a actually funny story rom-com ” with Patty and Barry. “ I felt as though they were thus similar, and it is playfulness to see that in a female form, person that ’ s like him. ”
Between The Flash and now The Boys, VanSanten has brushed up against superhero enormousness, and even she herself has never had the luck to “ suit up ” — and thinker you, Patty in the comic books at one point takes on the mantle of the motorcycle-riding hero Hot Pursuit .
“ It would be indeed a lot fun ” to do that, she effused. “ I ’ megabyte crossing my fingers that possibly the run of playing the human being in these types of shows will come to an end, and I ’ ll suffer to don an amazing suit one of these days. But I feel so grateful for all of the different shows that I ’ ve gotten to play in, because the messages that I ’ ve gotten to tell through each character are powerful. I ’ m in truth fortunate for that. ” ( With report by Vlada Gelman )

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