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Real Name

William “ Billy ” Batson

Main Alias


Other Aliases

King Shazam,
The Captain [ 1 ],
Captain M — [ 2 ]

King Shazam,The Captain


Unnamed parental grandfather C.C. Batson (father), Marilyn Batson (mother),Unnamed maternal grandfather


Shazam Family ·
Justice League Reserves ·
Robins ·
Secret Six ·
Teen Titans
Titans Academy Students

Formerly Justice League International Titans Academy Students

Base Of Operations

Philadelphia, Rock of Eternity · Roy Harper Titans Academy, Titans Tower, New York City





Secret Identity



Marital Status



Student · Vigilante





6’2″, (in adult form)


215lbs, (in adult form)






White (King Shazam)



Prime Earth


Bill Parker · C.C. Beck

First Appearance
Justice League Vol 2 #7
(May, 2012)

Billy Batson is Shazam, a young hero empowered with the gifts of ancient gods by the Wizard.
At some bespeak during his early childhood, during Dick Grayson ‘s tenure as Robin, Billy Batson was empowered by the Wizard with the ability to transform into a herculean ace with the utterance of a individual word- Shazam!. During this prison term, he lived in Fawcett, a vicinity precisely outside of Philadelphia. [ 3 ] Though able to transform into the mighty supporter Shazam, he appeared to operate in relative obscureness ; Felix Faust, a skilled and intimate sorcerer, would later be hired to attack him as separate of a distraction for a larger plat, and despite his cognition failed to make the connection between being paid to ensure that Billy was unable to speak, the being of the Fawcett ‘s local champion, and the Wizard Shazam despite knowing that Billy was somehow connected to the Wizard. During this attack, Faust pulled Billy, Superman, and Batman into Hell. [ 4 ] This would not be Billy ‘s last experience in this vein ; during his adventures, Billy had several encounters with demons and the hell, referring to the number of times he had visited as ‘too many ‘, citing experience with Satanus, Blaze, and Neron, the last of whom made at least one attack to claim Billy ‘s person. [ 5 ]

The Vasquez Family

Billy Batson became an orphan at a young historic period after his parents, C.C. and Marilyn Batson, died. After the end of his parents, Billy became coldness and barbarous to most people. Growing selfish and hardhearted, he went from foster home to foster home until he landed in an orphanage in Philadelphia. At the historic period of fifteen Billy was placed in the care of Victor and Rosa Vasquez, both former foster children themselves, who had already adopted a count of children. truncheon moved in to the Vazquezes ‘ family where he met his new foster-siblings Mary, Freddy, Eugene, Pedro, and Darla. Billy refused to connect to the other children and rejected their attempts to get close to him. The pursue day, however, Billy stepped in to defend his siblings from bullies who were picking on them at educate. That nox, he snuck out of the house and was followed by Freddy, and the boys decided to hijack the bullies ‘ church father ‘s car. Billy was caught and escaped on an belowground train at the metro station. The coach transformed into a gateway to the Rock of Eternity, where Billy met the Wizard. The Wizard searched the boy ‘s soul and saw that he was not perfectly good. When he told him so, Billy was immediately enraged at him for believing that any person is strictly effective and without flaws. The Wizard accepted Billy ‘s luff and looked deep into his soul. After witnessing all the well Billy had done in his life, the Wizard bestowed his exponent upon him. With a son, he could transform into the ace, Shazam, and wield the Living Lightning. After granting Billy all of his power, the Wizard died. At the same time, the ancient ace Black Adam was freed from his prison by Doctor Sivana who, through an accident, gained the ability to see charming with his hurt eye. Sivana showed Black Adam the modern global, which Adam was not satisfied with. He started his plans to change the earth and, to do that, he left to find the Rock of Eternity. There, he discovered that there was a new champion who Adam was determined to find. meanwhile, Billy met up with Freddy. After convincing his foster brother about his newfound superpowers, the couple went out for a nox of shenanigans. apparently by accident, however, the two seemed to run into all sorts of trouble, all of which Shazam resolved. He helped a woman when she was being mugged, stopped a bank robbery and punched out a man who wanted to rob a memory. All the while, they tried to use Billy ‘s pornographic appearance to achieve goals such as getting money to drink beer. A spirit called Francesca appeared in a mirror to warn Shazam of the emergence of Black Adam, but Billy believed he was fair hallucinating. finally, Billy got into a crusade with Freddy after he told him he did n’t want to go home or change second into his adolescent imprint, and the two split astir .
When he was alone, Shazam was last found by Black Adam who attacked him without compunction. billy managed to escape by changing binding into his person form and obscure in the menagerie with a tiger he regularly visited called Tawny. Freddy told his foster-siblings what had happened, and they found Billy and convinced him to turn back into Shazam to stop Black Adam. They traveled to the metro station to try to return to the Rock of Eternity. There, Francesca spoke to Billy again, and she told him how Black Adam came to be. Francesca showed Billy visions of a male child and his family who were enslaved in ancient Kahndaq, a state in the East where all magic trick originated from. The boy was forced to work in mines until his uncle saved him from a guard. The two tried to escape, but in the process they were found by the Council of Wizards. There, the Wizard decided to grant his world power to the boy and give him a connection to the Living Lightning, but he refused and wanted to share it with his injured and dying uncle to save him ; a regard the Wizard granted. Seeing this, Billy thought that Black Adam was the son of ancient times, a lost child just like he was. not listening to Francesca ‘s pleas, Billy ran out to meet Black Adam, revealing his mortal form to the other champion. In an attempt to talk Adam out of his demonic crusade, Billy tried to appeal to Adam ‘s emotions but was rebuffed. There, Adam revealed that he was not in fact the male child, but the uncle. He killed his nephew when he learned that he did not want to use his powers for retaliation .
Billy was horrified by this and was saved by his foster family when they drove a car into Black Adam, giving Billy enough fourth dimension to transform into Shazam. Billy faced his nemesis merely to find that Adam had caught his foster siblings. Black Adam ordered Shazam to give him all of his power or he would kill his siblings. billy remembered a while of advice the Wizard had told him in his final moments, “ kin is what it can be, not what it should be. ” Shazam realized that this was the confidential spell, and he granted all of his siblings the ability to wield the Living Lightning. They all tried to overpower Black Adam together, but were forced to split up when the Seven Deadly Sins, whom Sivana gathered together, were unleashed upon the city. They summoned a devil which started to destroy the city. Shazam and Adam continued their conflict while the other Vasquez children fought off the demon and rescued civilians. Shazam and Black Adam arrived at the menagerie where Tawny tried to help Billy and attack Adam. Fearing for the tiger ‘s life, Shazam enchanted him, but the spell backfired and broke the remainder of his existing enchantments and his siblings immediately started to feel a passing of exponent. Knowing that physically he was no match for Black Adam, Billy turned back into his deadly imprint and started goading Adam to do the same. The erstwhile champion did so in fury, unwillingly killing himself. Because he had not changed binding in centuries, his mortal phase aged hundreds of years in a single moment, causing his body to turn to dust. The Seven Deadly Sins retreated and the city was saved. In the consequence, Billy grew closer with his new family .
Following the cosmic upheavals of the Rebirth period, this character’s history was revised. While some version of this encounter may have occurred, it logically must be heavily revised, as it is no longer his origin.

Trinity War

Main article: Trinity War
After the defeat of Black Adam, Billy gathered his ashes and kept them in a jolt. Understanding his enemy and even growing to respect him, billy decided to honor him by burying his remains in Kahndaq. unfortunately, the nation was a war zone and no intruders were allowed, and, by deciding to go there, Shazam unwittingly sparked the existing latent hostility between the Justice League, Justice League Dark and Justice League of America. With all three Leagues in a fight and Shazam without a team, John Constantine lured Billy away from the battle with the promise of cognition of his real family. Constantine, though, successfully managed to steal Shazam ‘s powers to fight a devil, leaving Billy powerless. together though, Billy and Constantine managed to kill the devil, and Shazam ‘s powers were returned to him – not without hard feelings though. Deciding to rejoin the battle for Pandora ‘s Box, Shazam touched the Box himself and was corrupted by the evils within. The Box was wrestled from his hands by the other Leaguers, and Billy was returned to normal. Concluding the conflict, the Box was revealed to open a portal vein to Earth 3, allowing the Crime Syndicate to enter their populace and trap Shazam, equally well as most of the other heroes give, inside the Firestorm Matrix as they prepared to dominate the world.

A few days belated, Shazam was released from the Firestorm Matrix after the Crime Syndicate were defeated by Lex Luthor and his Injustice League .

Justice League and the Darkseid War

Following the defeat of the Crime Syndicate, Lex Luthor took it upon himself to rebuild the In addition to adding himself to the roster, Luthor invited Shazam to join as well, and the two were eventually approved. As a Justice League member, Shazam helped the team fight and recruit the newest
Following the get the better of of the Crime Syndicate, Lex Luthor took it upon himself to rebuild the Justice League Watchtower and turn a newfangled leaf, becoming a hero and inviting himself to join the Justice League.In addition to adding himself to the roll, Luthor invited Shazam to join arsenic well, and the two were finally approved. As a Justice League penis, Shazam helped the team contend and recruit the newest office ring a well as handle the outbreak of the Amazo Virus When Grail brought a war between her beget Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor to Earth that resulted in her father ‘s death, the effects caused a shockwave in the gods throughout the universe. Billy was then summoned to the center of his powers and learned that he was in fact the God of Gods. The Wizard that primitively gave Billy his powers informed him that, because of Darkseid ‘s death, the connection to the gods inside of him was severed. In answer, the Wizard replaced the gods inside of Billy with new gods to derive his powers from : S’ivaa, H’ronmeer, Anapel, Zonuz, Atë, Mamaragan. The Justice League, with Shazam among them, managed to fend off the war on their world after the Anti-Monitor was killed vitamin a well. [ 7 ] With the global back to normal, Shazam decided to leave the Justice League .


In the wake of the chaos caused by the Superman Theory, the bulge of the superhero residential district traveled to Mars to confront Doctor Manhattan. Billy and the pillow of the Shazam Family were amongst these heroes. The blend efforts of Earth ‘s heroes were no match for Manhattan, and they were cursorily wiped out. [ 8 ]

The Seven Magiclands

After stopping a looting at the Museum of the american Revolution, Billy and his Family went to the Rock of Eternity where they found The Station with a map that showed the Magiclands. [ 9 ] The Family entered a train and traveled to the Funlands with Billy hoping to discover more about why they have their powers, alternatively they met King Kid, the rule of the Funlands who claimed to be the Missing Seventh Champion of the Family. [ 10 ] King Kid explains some of the early lands and how they were closely destroyed by Mister Mind years ago, Billy told King Kid that he ca n’t choose him as a champion until he actually feels it in his heart. [ 11 ] After they mentioned returning home, King Kid had his clowns captured the Family and sent some of them to other lands while both Billy and Mary were taken to The Below to work as slaves of the Funlands. [ 12 ] Billy tried to cause with King Kid, but after he refused Billy freed Mary and took away the gag they put in her mouth to prevent her front saying the charming parole, once transformed, they both fought against King Kid and his army. [ 13 ] truncheon and Mary late attempted to go to the other lands in order to rescue their brothers but due to the battle between Black Adam and Doctor Sivana on the Rock of Eternity they rather got transported back to their foster home, there he finds out that his biological father has come back for him. His father explains why he did n’t come back for him earlier while mary reveals to their foster parents that they ‘re the Shazam Family. [ 14 ] In an undertake to rescue his brothers, Billy goes to the Rock of Eternity but ends up being sent to the Darklands where he was briefly reunited with The Wizard who had been resurrected, the sorcerer tells him that here is an imposter afoot and that he needs to reunite his syndicate. [ 15 ] In the Darklands he meets the ghost of champions, who patrols around the Darklands for anyone who does n’t belong there to sent them back to their home before anything happens to them, he tries to ask a privilege from Billy but the rest of the Ghost Family stop him and tell Billy that near the Bell Tower there ‘s a way home, in the tower he finds Freddy and Darla along with a android tiger and they all go back their foster home. once Billy finds out his beget is being attacked by the Seven Deadly Sins and Black Adam he transfers his powers to him making him the seventh supporter. [ 16 ] Billy and his father fight the Deadly Sins and Black Adam before they are joined by Mary, when their powers start to fail the Wizard sends the three to the Wozenderlands. There the charming brings the other members of the Shazam Family and tells billy that because his heart is torn on who are his actual class, the connection that makes him parcel his powers is not working. Billy does n’t want to choose and claims that because he is the supporter he can decide how the spell works, so he manages to share the powers of Shazam through all other six members, something that the Wizard though it was impossible. [ 17 ] When Doctor Sivana allows King Kid and the Funlands access to Philadelphia while they unlock the Monsterlands, the Shazam Family go and stop King Kid ‘s army. [ 18 ] billy subsequently witnesses the Wizard attacking his don which infuriates him making him turn into Shazam to attack the Wizard, he ‘s soon helped by the lie of his Family before sending him back to the Rock of Eternity. When his father is attacked by Black Adam, his founder uses a spell to separate Adam ‘s soul from his body, realizing that his father ca n’t possibly know a go like that, Billy deduces that Mister Mind is n’t on Sivana but in his church father ‘s torso since he arrived, Mister Mind then realizes the Monster Society from the Magiclands on the Earthland. [ 19 ] After Mister Mind reveals to Billy that his father was n’t looking for him, but was preferably a street pickpocket thief, he forces truncheon to read a while that unites all the seven lands, Billy besides casts a go to make himself smaller and fight Mister Mind inside his father ‘s question. [ 20 ] He beats Mind and in the march knocks out all the other enemies except for Superboy-Prime, who was trapped in the Monsterlands and was freed after Billy ‘s spell that united the other lands. Prime stops truncheon from casting a go to separate all the other lands, he beats all the other members from the Shazam kin but is subsequently punched by Black Adam, both Billy and Adam team up and they manage to take down Prime by summoning both of their lightnings by saying the magic trick discussion. He then separates the lands once again, lets his beget go after finding out the truth and takes Superboy to the Justice League. Billy besides spares Adam and makes him a newly penis of the Shazam Family. [ 21 ] erstwhile by and by, Billy was confronted by the Batman Who Laughs, an evil version of Batman from a dark and twist universe. The One Who Laughs used a extra batarang on Billy, which infected him, turning Billy into a Joker -like version of himself. The Batman Who Laughs tasked Billy with infecting Superman using one of these particular batarangs. [ 22 ] billy made his way to the Batman Who Laugh ‘s Batcave and awaited the arrival of Superman. Eventually Superman arrived to the view with Batman, prompting Billy to immediately transform and attack them. [ 23 ] Although Shazam was more than a match for the pair when they fought one-on-one, he was finally overwhelmed and forced to retreat without completing his objective. [ 22 ] In his foster home, the infected Billy impolitely began to insult his foster class. After getting into an argument with the Vasquezs, Billy was confronted by Mary who tried to get him to open up to her, but Billy did n’t listened, he transformed and flew away, although not before telling Mary that none of them were desirable of being his family. Billy found the Titan Atlas and attacked him in order to test his newly limits, leaving the Titan badly beaten. After meeting multiple gods, King Shazam was intercepted by Mary as Lady Shazam in the middle of his battle with the Greek God of War Ares. Billy fought his foster sister and flush got Mary to lower her guard by playing impeccant, only then he could punch her in the gut and infect her with the same putrescence that was affecting him. [ 24 ] Billy was returned back to normal along with the early heroes thanks to Lex Luthor cutting off the source of the Dark Metal that infected him. [ 25 ]

Infinite Frontier

Titans Academy

Billy finally became a student at the Titans Academy, there he met Miguel Montez and the two became roommates. [ 26 ] Billy was besides experimenting some problems with his powers, as the Rock of Eternity had moved from his common place and The Wizard was nowhere to be found. During an incident he lost his powers mid fledge and had to be saved by Superman, revealing his identity to everyone at the academy. billy late got visited by Mary, who told him that Freddy ‘s condition was getting worse, as he had a enfeeble neurological disorder and the Shazam Family lost his powers besides. After overhearing from a secret meeting between the Titans and Doctor Fate that the Rock of Eternity was on the Underrealm, Billy decided to go there and was accompanied by Dane. [ 27 ] They went to the Casino de Dante Carlo and the two separated, Billy later met Amoreena while asking for the placement of the Rock of Eternity. Billy and Dane both went into conflict with Sulibak and his gang after Dane cheated on an already rigged game. While escaping, Billy received avail from Amoreena, who revealed she was Sulibak ‘s daughter. He besides managed to find the Rock of Eternity ; with the source of his powers closer to him, he managed to transform once again and fight Sulibak until his powers started to fail again, though he was saved by Dane. [ 28 ] While the two tried to escape they found Neron, who guided them back to the placement of the Rock of Eternity, when Neron tried to betray them, Billy and Dane were saved by Raven. [ 29 ] Shazam decided to enter the Rock of Eternity alone while Raven took Dane back to the Academy, there he met Black Adam, Jr. who talked to him about a potential future where Billy was responsible for the revelation. Adam besides told Billy that the charming fell as they ran from Pride, who escaped his containment in the Rock of Eternity. Teth by and by gave Billy all the surge of power he had and that the charming wanted to give him, which reinvigorated Shazam ‘s powers, making them stable again. After defeating Pride, Billy and Adam prepared to contain the four riders of the apocalypse to prevent the birth of the Unkindness in a possible future, and that mean for Billy to stay in his Shazam form forever. [ 30 ]



  • Inexperience: Despite possessing incredible abilities in his superpowered form, Billy still lacks skill and experience as a crime fighter. He also doesn’t really understand the true extent of his mystical abilities. Both of these factors often render him overwhelmed when faced with stronger and more experienced opponents.[38]
  • Vocal reliance: The spell that allows Billy to transform into Shazam is purely vocal. Therefore, if he is prevented from speaking, such as being gagged, he will not be able to transform.

  • Originally, Billy’s origin took place concurrently with the then-ongoing Justice League title; however, following the various cosmic upheavals that ended in Death Metal, references to pre-flashpoint events that he participated in would seem to make that impossible.
  • Billy bears a striking resemblance to Black Adam’s deceased nephew, Aman[47]


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