Best TV Series Coming to Disney+ in August 2022

In a global where virtual reality and self-driving cars are becoming a separate of the newfangled convention, consumption of media is just as unique. Rather than have general cable to flip through channel after groove, wading through apparently endless commercials, streaming services have taken over. Thanks to the initial success of Netflix, it would seem that every production and media company is hopping on the streaming string with new services being released every year. One service that was highly anticipated upon its announcement in 2018 was Disney+ .
As a cyclosis platform, Disney+ has the upper-hand on many of the other services available. Considering the measure of media that Disney has produced over the years, much of the content on Disney+ is original. Some such originals include The Mandalorian, The World According to Jeff Goldblum, and versatile MCU properties like Loki. Disney is upping its bet on, increasing both the come of original subject and the come of external content that add to the service. With new shows being released every calendar month, it ‘s difficult to decide which to pay the most attention to. These are the best television series coming to Disney+ in August 2022 .

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Season 3 Cont’d — August 3

Highschoolmusicalseries Disney+ High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is a boot of the authoritative High School Musical film franchise that struck a chord with young people everywhere. This new series appears to be having the same effect on a newly generation. A mockumentary-style musical drama, the Disney+ series follows a group of dramaturgy students as they navigate their churning adolescent lives. It stars family names like Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett, Matt Cornett, and Sofia Wylie. The appearance ‘s popularity earned it a GLAAD Media Award in 2020 for Outstanding Kids and Family Programming. Beginning August 3, High School Musical : The Musical : The Series is going to continue to release a number of episodes throughout the month to finish off its third season.

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The Ghost and Molly McGee — August 3

the-ghost-and-molly-mcgee Disney Television Animation mollie McGee finds herself bound to a crabbed ghost named Scratch when a spell goes terribly wrong. Molly is highly affirmative, drowning herself and everyone around her in flatware linings, while Scratch hopes to spread misery in the earth. Despite their extreme point differences, Molly and Scratch form a friendship unlike any other and oversee to help each early through anything and everything.The series has been praised for its ability to mix humor, horror, and music all wrapped into one. The Ghost and Molly McGee first base premiered in 2021 and is set to be added to Disney+ on August 3 .

I Am Groot Series Premiere — August 10

i am groot Disney+ One of the most highly anticipated additions to Disney+ since its initial announcement is the approaching Disney+ original serial I Am Groot. This beloved tree-like character took the populace by storm in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise where he sacrifices himself to save his friends and returns as a baby seedling. Groot ‘s popularity earned him his own by-product series of shorts showing the adventures of young Groot as he gets into maleficence. Vin Diesel is set to return as the part of the adorable quality, despite his limited vocabulary. We can expect to see the first of I Am Groot on August 10 as Disney+ releases the shorts, giving us more of a taste of Groot ‘s adventures separate from the Guardians. indeed, the recent I Am Groot trailer promises something playfulness for MCU fans .

The Orville Seasons 1-3 — August 10

The Orville with Seth MacFarlane Disney Media Distribution When newly divorced planetary union officeholder Ed Mercer finds himself the captain of a newfangled ship, he has an opportunity to begin his life afresh. however, things take a turn for Ed when he discovers that his ex-wife is the first Officer assigned to his newly crowd. Ed gathers a crew of balmy characters to carry out their missions without him and his former wife tearing each other to shreds in the procedure. Created by the comedic genius creditworthy for Family Guy and American Dad, Seth MacFarlane unleashes his inner sci-fi nerd in The Orville. The show has a entire of three seasons thus army for the liberation of rwanda and initially premiered on Fox before moving to Hulu. Per Deadline, all three seasons will be available to stream on Disney+ August 10 .
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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Series Premiere — August 17

She-Hulk Marvel Studios / Disney yet another highly anticipated addition to this list is Marvel ‘s newest addition to the MCU. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law follows the liveliness of Jennifer Walters, played by Tatiana Maslany, a confident lawyer who besides happens to be a grandiloquent fleeceable Hulk. What little we ‘ve seen from the dawdler gives us a dependable idea of how Marvel has mixed drollery with drama in this newly series. Due to its capacity and the role it plays within the MCU, She-Hulk is set to feature MCU favorites Mark Ruffalo, Tim Roth, and Benedict Wong. The nine-episode series is set to be released hebdomadally, beginning on August 17 .

black-ish Season 8 — August 24

black-ish ABC black-ish is a long-running situation comedy that tells the floor of Dre Johnson and his family animation in an upper-middle class neighborhood as a Black family. The usher focuses on cultural assimilation, and as Dre ‘s concerns intensify, his don assists the syndicate in creating a sense of ethnic identity for his family and honoring their inheritance. The indicate has been subject to critical applaud, receiving both Emmy and Golden Globe nominations before the concluding episode aired in April 2022. While most of black-ish is already on Disney+, the show ‘s high popularity has brought about the summation of the eighth temper, which releases on August 24 .

Star Wars: Andor Series Premiere — August 31

Star Wars Andor Diego Luna Lucasfilm / Disney A show that has been in the works for quite a while in the new Star Wars by-product series Andor. The read is based on the animation and adventures of Captain Cassian Andor ( Diego Luna ) before the events of Rogue One. Since the publish of Rogue One, in fact, many fans have been wondering more about Cassian and his background along with his join of the rebellion. Andor is expected to bring a new position to the Star Wars galax, through the eyes of Cassian Andor. Luna is returning as Cassian and the show has many special appearances lined up, including a performance from Stellan Skarsgård. This Disney+ original series is set to premiere its first two episodes on August 31, 2022 .

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