Marvel Fans Are Divided Over the MCU’s New Black Panther

Black Panther : Wakanda Forever is primed and ready to round out the MCU ‘s theatrical performance slate for 2022 and Phase 4 as a hale. The approaching sequel has had its bazaar share of bumps in the road during output, the most difficult being the tragic exceed of star Chadwick Boseman .
Boseman ‘s premature death sent shockwaves through not fair Marvel Studios, but the movie industry as a hale. And it left the MCU with some pretty impressive shoes to fill when it comes to who would take on the franchise ‘s Black Panther mantle going forward .
Black Panther, Shuri

guess has run rampant since the T’Challa actor’s pass, with a count of names coming up as to who be the Black Panther in Wakanda Forever. With the first preview for the sequel, audiences have gotten a potent indication that Letitia Wright ‘s Shuri will take over the curtain, and fans have made their thoughts on the candidate known .

Fans Sound Off on the New Black Panther

Fans online shared their thoughts after the first Black Panther : Wakanda Forever trailer – released as a part of San Diego Comic-Con – hinted at Letitia Wright ‘s Shuri take over the mantle of the MCU ‘s Black Panther.

Shuri, Marvel Studios

Matt Ramos ( aka @ TheRealSupes ) started a bit of a consider on-line after he Tweeted saying that if Shuri is the next Black Panther he hopes “she goes through training throughout the movie.” He brought up this education because he would find it a “little convenient”  if she were to barely take the “heart-shaped herb & whoops Namor”  after “he’s been a warrior his whole life:”

“ If Shuri does become the new Black Panther, I hope she goes through training throughout the movie. even then it ’ five hundred be a little commodious if she barely takes the cordate herb & whoops Namor when he ’ randomness been a warrior his wholly life. ”

This spur conversation, with a number of people responding to Ramos ‘ thoughts. @ POCculture went against Supes, noting that it would be “unrealistic”  to believe that Shuri, who is “the 2nd in line in a royal family of Black Panthers”  never trained for a moment like this :

“ You got tantalum love how people assume that Shuri, the 2nd in line in a royal family of Black Panthers, has never trained. THAT would actually be the unrealistic character. Stories are overabundant w/ male characters suddenly going from zero to hero but THIS they can ’ thymine accept. ”

@ JordisTweeting made the sharpen that Shuri is quick for this, highlighting that she “was literally one of the first people to arrive for the final battle in Endgame:”

“ Shuri was literally one of the first people to arrive for the final conflict in Endgame. ”

@ AlishaGrauso besides disagreed with Ramos, making note that “never saw T’Challa train,”  going on to make the implication that the only difference between T’Challa and Shuri is their sex :

“ And however we never saw T’Challa prepare. I wonder what the remainder is … ”

@ thescarletprint emphasized that this is the like character fans have already seen “fighting in Black Panther and Infinity War/Endgame,” saying Shuri “clearly had combat training growing up:”

“ The same Shuri we saw fighting in Black Panther and Infinity War/Endgame ? The Wakandan ROYAL that would ’ ve intelligibly had battle discipline growing up ? ? ”

@ SuperSuitShow tweeted that “When it was a man he didn’t need to be shown training”  then why should it be different for a woman who “grew up in the same house with the same advantages:”

“ When it was a man he did n’t need to be shown training … now that it is a woman, Matt here feels they need to explain it to him. not like they grew up in the same house with the same advantages or anything. ”

But that is not to say there is no one who agrees with Ramos. @ Chiefkeith94 responded to this question of “training” by saying “it’s a fair question to ask:”

“ I don ’ metric ton understand how can y ’ all take this the incorrect way it has been implied that T ’ Challa trained and fought his wholly life to be take the mantle it ’ s a fairly doubt to ask if it ’ randomness Shuri how can she make up that col it could be explained in the movie but it ’ s a fair question ”

@ _MrQuoteMe said that it would be more playfulness if, at the end of the film, it was revealed that “boom it’s Nakia” who would be the newfangled Black cougar :

“ For this cause I feel like it ’ randomness gone be nakia she already got fight train I think it ’ second gone make everybody think it ’ s shuri veracious up until the end then boom it ’ s Nakia lol. Would honestly be kinda cola but I ’ megabyte hype for either one ”

@ AlexCrossFader came down on the lapp side of the argument as Ramos, noting that fans have been “shown that Shuri isn’t a good hand-to-hand fighter,” and earning the title of Black Panther “requires hand-to-hand combat against Wakandans best warriors:”

“ Nah, this ai n’t it. In the MCU we were shown that Shuri is n’t a full hand-to-hand combatant. Earning the claim of Black Panther requires hand-to-hand combat against Wakandans best warriors. ”

@ guy_lnd voiced his reject for both the MCU ‘s T’Challa and Shuri, posting that conductor Ryan Coogler “showed he doesn’t really get”  what made either character capital, calling his versions “bland, one dimensional and ultimately replaceable:”

“ Ryan Coogler showed he doesn ’ t very get what made Shuri ( a badass warrior princess ) or T ’ Challa ( a ace genius american samoa imperial as he is pitiless ) bang-up characters in the first gear identify. His versions are politic, one dimensional and ultimately replaceable in Black Panther # RecastTChalla ”

And @ KeiziTV remarked that he does n’t “want Shuri to be the next BP,” mentioning that the character is “VERY intellectually gifted” and that trait is “rarely built upon,” so making her Black Panther would “take away from such an important characteristic:”

“ I DO NOT want Shuri to be the future BP. This has nothing to do with her being a woman and I know it ’ randomness in comics. Shuri is a VERY intellectually gifted fictional character, that ’ s been rarely built upon. I feel like her as the fresh BP would take away from such an important characteristic. ”

Is Shuri Black Panther Worthy? 

If one were to poll a thousand Marvel fans, asking what they thought of Shuri becoming the next Black Panther, surely there would be precisely adenine much indecisiveness as there is amongst the above tweets. This is a big decision after losing one of the most celebrated in MCU history .
And there is no good answer here, at least until fans see the movie. The alone people that know who will take on the Black Panther mantle are the people working directly on Wakanda Forever. For now, fans precisely need to trust that they know better.

As for the mention of a lack of discipline being used as the reason not to allow Shuri to succeed T’Challa, audiences have seen the Wakandan princess in the throws of struggle earlier, as noted above .
If she were to take on the Black Panther cape, she would likely fight/look a little different than her older brother did, but that is to be expected with anyone. She would be a unlike version of the mask hero because he is a different person, but that would make her no lesser of a Black Panther .
Black Panther : Wakanda Forever hits theaters on November 11 .

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