Doom Patrol: Sisterhood of Dada, Members & Powers Explained

Warning: Contains spoilers for Doom Patrol season 3 episode 6.
In Doom Patrol temper 3 the express has introduced a raw group of metahumans that might need some excuse, sol here ’ randomness every extremity of The Sisterhood of Dada and what powers they have. The Sisterhood of Dada is an adaptation of a group from the comics that was started by Eric Morden after he became Mr. Nobody ( Alan Tudyk in Doom Patrol season 1 ) : The Brotherhood of Dada. There are two iterations of the group, with the first fully team being left in a mystic paint and leading Mr. Nobody to recruit a second team that helps him run for president .
Doom Patrol season 3 draws heavy on these amusing storylines, but besides makes the group feel fresh and updated. While Mr. Nobody is not present in temper 3, his function is filled by Laura De Mille alternatively. After being teased in the Doom Patrol season 3 dawdler, The Sisterhood of Dada has been lento unveiled in the read with Laura finding an old record of herself and Shelley Byron ( The Fog ), and the Doom Patrol then meeting her along with three other members. In Doom Patrol season 3, episode 6 “ 1917 Patrol, ” Rita Farr travels bet on in clock time, become inducted into the group, and meets Malcolm.

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In a way, The Sisterhood of Dada was a long clock time coming to Doom Patrol as they are one of the larger antagonist groups to the Doom Patrol. Season 1 teased a lot of the ideas behind the group as it centered on Mr. Nobody, and the paint that consumes Danny the Street is an adaptation of their storyline from “ The painting that Ate Paris. ” Several of Mr. Nobody ’ second more absurdist antics in temper 1 besides strike at the affection of why he formed The Brotherhood of Dada when he was kicked out of The Brotherhood of Evil, so their presentation into the show in season 3 makes a draw of sense. here ’ mho everything you need to know about The Sisterhood of Dada ’ s members and their powers .

Laura De Mille – Madame Rouge

Doom Patrol Laura De Mille Madame Rouge Niles Caulder

Laura De Mille, played by Michelle Gomez, was the head of The Sisterhood of Dada in 1917 when they all worked at the Bureau of Normalcy. While the other members were known metahumans and treated as lower-class citizens because of it, she was a recruiter and had been able to hide her powers. She used her military position and authority to help the others wherever possible. At the starting signal of Doom Patrol season 3 Laura De Mille arrives in 2021 but has no memory of who she is or why she is there. She has exhibited shapeshifting powers that allow her to convincingly disguise herself as a larger man, turn into animals like cats and birds, or tied become inanimate objects such as an footstool. however, in 2021 she has besides forgotten how to utilize these powers amply .

Shelley Byron – The Fog

Doom Patrol Jane Kay Shelley Byron The Fog

The de facto leader after Laura De Mille left, Shelley Byron ( Wynn Everett ) is a metahuman influence at the Bureau of Normalcy in 1917. Through simple longevity, she and the rest of The Sisterhood of Dada are hush alive in 2021 and are planning the Eternal Flagellation. Her powers allow her to turn into a cloud of mist and absorb people into herself, trapping their minds within her own. In 2021, she suggests to Jane that she was used as a weapon before she was able to free herself, which might be intended as a citation to the gas-based weapons technology used in World War 1. While the number of minds that she absorbed caused her trouble oneself at one target, she has developed the ability to partition her judgment when necessary and besides release others from herself. When the Doom Patrol reveals that they are working with Laura De Mille, she ( and the rest of the Sisterhood ) grows angry, showing that there has been a schism and Laura may have betrayed them .

Lloyd Jefferson – Frenzy

Frenzy Sisterhood of Dada Doom Patrol Season 3

Lloyd Jefferson, played by Miles Mussenden, is a metahuman who was born with bicycle parts protruding from his consistency. He is hesitant about making a view at the Bureau of Normalcy at inaugural, preferring to keep his head down. however, when The Sisterhood of Dada do begin their disgust he is emboldened and takes depart arsenic well. Using his bicycle wheels, Frenzy is capable of making ability cyclones with the potential to cause huge damage if sustained .
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Holly McKenzie – Sleepwalk

Sleepwalk Sisterhood of Dada Doom Patrol Season 3

Holly McKenzie is the metahuman besides known as Sleepwalk ( Anita Kalathara ). While she seems mild-mannered in 1917, when she hears Laura De Mille ’ second name in 2021 she exhibits the ability to send Robotman ’ s metallic body flying with a individual punch. She has super forte, increased accelerate, and high gear survival ; however, all of these powers only manifest when she is asleep and must therefore complete any superpowered feats while sleepwalking. In Doom Patrol, she seems to facilitate this and avoid being woken up by listening to music on a Walkman .

Sachiko – The Quiz

Doom Patrol Robotman The Quiz

Sachiko, played by Gina Hiraizumi, is the metahuman known as The Quiz. She has a fear of germs and bacteria and systematically wears a mask in 1917 and in 2021 keeps herself within a protective field glass shell, pulling out an oxygen mask when Robotman threatens to break the glass in Doom Patrol season 3, episode 5 “ Dada Patrol. ” Her powers are not obvious at first as she has been shown to be able to have early people understand japanese, speak japanese, make a news written on glass become a translucent flower, and make an entire room of people abruptly appear in clown costumes. This is because Sachiko has any power that has not so far been thought of. While this makes her highly herculean, she fears her own obsolescence as more powers are thought of .

Malcolm – Agent “!”

Doom Patrol Malcolm Cage Chest

Malcolm is named for the first clock in Doom Patrol season 3, episode 6 “ 1917 Patrol. ” He has the power to turn himself wholly invisible and reappear at will to the extent that entirely his pipe smoke might give away his location. While it does not seem to be tied to his ability, his chest cavity is empty and replaced with a cage that contains a hot canary yellow. While he does not appear alongside the stay of The Sisterhood of Dada in 2021, the Doom Patrol does meet him in the afterlife and he saves Rita and the rest of the group from the Night Nurse. His cause of death is ill-defined, but he has been disfigured since his 1917 appearance .

Rita Farr – Bendy

Doom Patrol Rita Farr Laura De Mille

While Rita Farr ( April Bowlby ) is a member of the Doom Patrol, when she travels back in clock in Doom Patrol season 3 she loses all memory of who she was or the injury that she experienced. Having forget evening her name, she is dubbed “ Bendy ” by Holly McKenzie after she witnesses Rita ’ sulfur powers. Without her past trauma to distract her Rita immediately has wide control over her powers which allow her to extend limbs at extreme speeds and potentially reshape her body .
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