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Mainstream Universe‎‎, 2011‎-present

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Real Name

Rose Wilson

Main Alias


Other Aliases

Audrey Dosletter [ 1 ]

Audrey Dosletter


Lillian Worth ( mother, deceased )
( stepbrother, deceased )
( stepbrother )
( genic stepbrother, deceased )
( grandfather, deceased )
nameless grandma ( deceased )
( conserve, deceased ) Slade Wilson (father)Lillian Worth (mother, deceased) Grant Wilson (half-brother, deceased) Joseph Wilson (half-brother) Respawn (genetic half-brother, deceased) Charles Wilson (grandfather, deceased)unnamed grandmother (deceased) Hosun Park (husband, deceased)


League of Assassins,

Formerly Teen Titans

Base Of Operations

Mobile, N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Base (formerly), Defiance HQ (formerly)





Public Identity



Marital Status



Government Agent · former Mercenary










Prime Earth


Marv Wolfman · Art Nichols · Will Blyberg

First Appearance
Superboy Vol 6 #1
(November, 2011)
Quote1.png Barely out of high school, I’d imagine, but patterning yourself after a murderer. Is that the life you want? Quote2.png

Commissioner Gordon src

Rose Wilson is the daughter of Deathstroke, and a clairvoyant mercantile known as Ravager.

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early Years

Rose was born the bastard daughter of Deathstroke by Lillian Worth, a Hmong womanhood Slade encountered in Cambodia. At a young long time, she was retrieved by Slade and Billy Wintergreen, Slade killing her mother in the process, [ 2 ] while Slade ‘s child with Adeline, Joey, was kidnapped and had his throat slit. This resulted in a rift between Slade and Adeline, and Adeline ‘s strong dislike of Rose. [ 3 ] not wanting her to be exposed to him and his miss of ethical motive, Slade formed a secret agreement with Robin — in substitute for Slade not killing the Teen Titans in retaliation for Grant Wilson ‘s death, Robin would train Rose in warlike arts and act as a character model for his daughter, which Robin agreed to. [ 4 ]

family Affairs

As a young adult, Rose worked as a bouncer and clairvoyant mercenary, accepting contracts to prevent early hitmen from carrying out theirs, the latter job in detail earning Slade ‘s contemn. [ 5 ] When Slade learned of an character assassination detect put out on her, he reappeared in her life under the guise of wanting to help her track down the one responsible. Following an meeting with Batman, it was revealed that Deathstroke himself put the hit out on her as a think of to bond with her. [ 6 ] [ 7 ] Disillusioned with her already trouble kinship with her father, Rose alternatively decided to bond with her mother ‘s family, seeking them out in Northern Vietnam, where she learned of the name her mother had given her, Xia, [ 8 ] before finding her mother ‘s syndicate in Minneapolis. [ 9 ] Despite being felicitous with her new family, Hosun Park sought her out for security from her father, proposing to her under the depression that Deathstroke would not harm his daughter ‘s husband. [ 10 ] Rose refused but, after learning that her new kin was in actuality hired by Slade [ 11 ], accepted Hosun ‘s proposal in order to spite her don, before she returned to Los Angeles for Joey ‘s wedding to Etienne. During the ceremony, when confronted on his manipulation, Slade claimed he hired Rose ‘s fake family so she could learn about her Hmong inheritance. soon after, an enrage Jericho attacked his beget for purportedly killing Etienne, Rose being injured when she attempted to restrain her brother, [ 12 ] leaving her with a fracture skull. [ 13 ]

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Rose became mindful of person raiding the hideout of the master Ravager — her asleep elder brother Grant. [ 14 ] During her probe, she was invited to participate in the Lazarus Tournament hosted by the League of Lazarus, which she accepted in arrange to investigate a young rival named Respawn wearing a undifferentiated like to her founder ‘s. She spent much of the tournament advising and spend prison term with Robin. When the competition was revealed to be a front for the League to revive a centuries-old demon, Rose joined with the remainder of the competitors to defeat it under Robin ‘s leadership. [ 15 ]


Former Powers
  • Power Dampening: Rose’s metagene enabled her to weaken the powers and abilities of other metahumans, making it possible to wound the likes of Mr. Majestic and Superboy.[16]
  • Anti-Psychic Presence: Ravager is immune to most forms of psychic manipulation such as telekinesis, telepathy and even bodily or mental possession.[17]
  • Psychic Link: Rose, Like all Gen-Actives, can communicate with others at a mental level even from long distance.[18]



  • Inertron Sword: Rose brandishes a blade of pure, acid etched inertron from the future. The blade is 100% heat and light reflective and has anti-gravity properties which can pierce the protective sheathe of Slade’s Ikon Suit.[20]

  • During Deathstroke (Volume 4) #29, Rose was 18 years old. Her birthday is Valentine’s Day – February 14th.[21]
  • Rose Wilson has expressed romantic interest in Red Hood, and according to her, he has broke her heart in the past.[22] They are occasionally in contact with one another, leading others confused as to what their “deal” is.[23]
  • In one possible future, Rose and Gar Logan/Beast Man are married.[24]
  • Rose has a cat named Fonzie.[25]


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