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“You know the Slingshot Program?”
“Yeah, it’s how S.H.I.E.L.D. gets rid of its dangerous technology.”
―John Garrett and Grant Ward

The Slingshot is a unavowed S.H.I.E.L.D. facility apparently tasked to dispose of dangerous engineering by firing it into space to keep them out of the incorrect hands. secretly, Slingshot was a facade to transport S.H.I.E.L.D. ‘s get technologies to the Fridge .


Purpose of the Slingshot

“Slingshot’s a fake.”
“We shot a lot of empty rockets into space. And maybe every once in a while they put a monkey in one for kicks. You really think Fury would give away all these goodies?”
―Grant Ward and John Garrett

The Slingshot was a facility used as a ruse to make it appear that dangerous objects were destroyed launching them into the sunlight inside a skyrocket. [ 1 ] In world, these objects were secretly stored in a special vault at the Fridge, and the Slingshot launched empty rockets to make it seem like the objects were destroyed. John Garrett claimed that some rockets possessed a putter passenger every now and then for kicks. [ 2 ]

“Slingshot is protocol. A weapon like the 0-8-4 is too dangerous for any person or country to have.”
―Phil Coulson

Phil Coulson and his team arrived at the Slingshot in holy order to destroy a 0-8-4 line up in Peru, secured after thwarting a hijack of the Bus made by Camilla Reyes and a police squad of Peruvia soldiers with the Policia Militar del Perú. Upon arriving, Coulson checked the status of his personal car Lola while a crew of mechanics started repairing the price done on the Bus. Skye asked why they took all the trouble to obtain the peruvian 0-8-4 if they were going to destroy it, but Coulson assured that it was excessively dangerous for anyone to have, so that was the better solution.

Skye was curious about Reyes, and Coulson, thinking that she meant what would happen to her, answered that she was held at a S.H.I.E.L.D. detention adeptness, but her government would surely negotiate for her secrete. Skye clarified that she wanted to know what happened between them at a personal level, but he plainly answered that was classified.

Grant Ward and Melinda May discussed Skye ‘s likely to become a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, and May proposed Ward to become Skye ‘s supervising officeholder. The whole team gathered to see the launch of the rocket that apparently contained the peruvian 0-8-4, with Leo Fitz explaining the details of the launch. During that moment, Coulson asked who had the idea of blowing a fix in the plane, but they answered it was everyone ‘s mind. Coulson, satisfied for their teamwork, congratulated them as the rocket lifted off. Skye received an code message from the Rising Tide asking about her condition, and she plainly answered that she was in. [ 1 ]

“Say it back to me.”
“Deepest level of the Fridge, unmarked vault, no access granted.”
“And no recorded entry. I don’t want it listed. I don’t want it flagged for the Slingshot.”
―Phil Coulson and Tyler

Phil Coulson did not trust that the Gravitonium could be destroyed using the Slingshot, and he did not want to take the risk of not being marked for end and alternatively experimented on, so following its recovery in Malta, the bunch of Gravitonium was contained at the deepest floor of the Fridge, in a secret and unmarked vault. [ 3 ]


  • In the comics, Slingshot was one of Nick Fury’s Secret Warriors, and the daughter of John Horton. This character would later join the cast of the show in Season 3.



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