10 Reasons You Should Read The Snagglepuss Chronicles

In 2016, DC Comics launched a identical unusual, ambitious series of comics, called Hanna-Barbera Beyond. The premise of this series was that it would take a more unplayful, involve approach to some of the luminosity Hanna-Barbera cartoons that had delighted generations of children on Saturday mornings since the late 1950s. The run began with the relatively dependable choice Future Quest, a crossing comic sport Johnny Quest, but tying in The Herculoids, Space Ghost, and more .
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however, as it showed achiever, the line became more dare. And no choice was more boldness than The Snagglepuss Chronicles. But it was in this abruptly series that the line produced its must-read comics. here ‘s why The Snagglepuss Chronicles should be on everyone ‘s interpretation list .

10 It’s Packed With Nostalgia Bombs

Snagglepuss Of class, The Snagglepuss Chronicles is full moon of nostalgia. You ‘re going to see Snagglepuss hanging out with all of his friends from other Hanna-Barbera cartoons. Augie Doggy, Huckleberry Hound, and Quick Draw McGraw all make appearances among others. however, the nostalgia pieces go beyond the cartoons .
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The amusing besides blends real-life figures such as Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller, real television shows, actual events, and some diachronic products, which sometimes have their names changed in cagey ways. People who lived through this menstruation or have spent time enjoying their parents ‘ front-runner movies and television shows will catch the references and enjoy them .

9 It Has A Different Perspective

On the other hand, The Snagglepuss Chronicles does n’t good give us nostalgia. It takes a different spin on the subjects it ‘s looking at, but what ‘s most strickle about the new position is that they are dependable to form .
While all the characters are unlike, they besides placid feel like themselves. For exemplar, Augie Doggy appears as an draw a bead on generator, asking Snagglepuss ‘s advice. While this is some distance from sitting on Doggie Daddy ‘s stifle, he still feels like himself. other characters are similarly altered and similarly true .

8 It’s A Delightful Metatext

snagglepuss-header As a wholly, the stallion Hanna-Barbera Beyond series has a metatextual edge. As a conscious tailspin on classical textbook, the series foregrounds its own textual nature. It ‘s not designed to be read as a simple report, it ‘s supposed to be read as a narrative in relation to other stories .
however, none of the entries is as overt about its comment on the nature and promise of artwork and comics as The Snagglepuss Chronicles. It ‘s like when the characters are pink pumas dressed up as dogs who are somehow besides humans. It is constantly telling us what comics are and what comics can do. If you believe comics are important, then this is an essential text .

7 A Unique Comic

snagglepuss-header With all of these aspects, it credibly goes without saying that The Snagglepuss Chronicles is a in truth alone comedian. On the other hand, it ‘s besides worth saying that the art and write of the comedian trust to create something that is unlike about anything else in comics, and surely unlike anything from DC or Marvel .
While all the Hanna-Barbera Beyond series is ambitious and different, The Snagglepuss Chronicles stands even farther apart from them, carving out its alone outer space in comics history .

6 It’s Sophisticated

With such a root redesign, it would be very easy to have made this comic a parody. however, The Snagglepuss Chronicles does n’t take the slowly route. It gives all its characters complex backstories to help them feel fleshed out .
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In summation, the comic develops a range of characters so that it can avoid depending on stereotyping. In telling its history, The Snagglepuss Chronicles takes its clock time and holds information until the revelation has the most impingement. There are no shortcuts here, and it avoids the enticement to take cheap shots, even at the amusing ‘s antagonists.

5 It Has the Courage Of Its Convictions

In some hands, merely making this comic would seem daring enough. It could check the boxes for tokenism and call it a sidereal day, but The Snagglepuss Chronicles has the courage to follow through on its premise to become ever more avant-garde with each issue in the series .
It fights its way forth to make true and meaningful statements on topics that most comics do n’t have the courage to even acknowledge exist. Seeing a comic from a major publisher, based on a bequest IP, that comes forward to stand for something is in itself worth taking the clock to read .

4 Genuine Statement On LGBTQ Rights

Snagglepuss Chronicles The most important issue in The Snagglepuss Chronicles, of course, is LGBTQ rights. Snagglepuss is gay, and the society in which he lives, mid-’50s America, forces him to walk a very careful tightrope to be both true to himself and accepted in company .
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And, as mentioned above, there is n’t barely the one gay fictional character. many men and women whose attitudes to love are not acceptable in the eyes of society are introduced in the comedian, which helps create a continuum of sleep together and desire that values all in an equitable way .

3 It Feels Modern

While The Snagglepuss Chronicles does a identical good job of inhabiting its historical moment, it is n’t lost there. It ‘s very clear that this is a comedian for a company entering the third base decade of the twenty-first hundred. All the ships in the comedian are complicated and require patronize renegotiation .
equitable as sex is nonbinary, so are relationships. even between two people, there is not a simple polarization of roles. But few relationships are between good two people, and this complexity is something that the comedian explores in insightful ways to help people with their own relationships .

2 See A Real Witch Hunt

snagglepuss The Snagglepuss Chronicles is fiercely political. While personal relationships loom big in the comic, it is besides powerfully political .
While it is not unusual for the terminus “ enchantress hunt ” to be thrown out in modern politics, it’s crucial to see a comic that portrays what a actual hex hunt is like, with people being targeted for imagine wrongs or even for merely being different. The Snagglepuss Chronicles shows chilling examples of how those with their hands on the levers of might use their positions to destroy people ‘s lives .

1 It’s Fun

We ‘ve talked a set about some of the heavier aspects of The Snagglepuss Chronicles, however, this is hush a fun amusing to read. The characters feel true and easy to love. Readers want to see what happens to them, and the drama of the comedian keeps the pages turning.

The surprise reveals are deft, which adds even more interest to the history. There are comics that are fun, and there are comics that are important. The Snagglepuss Chronicles is one of those rare comics that manages to be both .
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