Superman: Son of Kal-El Writer Tom Taylor Says Jon Kent Being “An Empathetic Young Bi Guy” Is “Far More Heroic Than Somebody Punching A Supervillain In The Face”

acid : son of Kal-El Writer Tom Taylor Says Jon Kent Being “ An empathic Young Bi Guy ” Is “ Far More Heroic Than Somebody Punching A Supervillain In The Face ” demigod : son of Kal-El Writer Tom Taylor Says Jon Kent Being “ An empathic Young Bi Guy ” Is “ Far More Heroic Than Somebody Punching A Supervillain In The Face ” According to Superman : son of Kal-El and Dark Knights of Steel writer Tom Taylor, Jon Kent merely existing as “ a young bismuth guy ” with a preference for pacifism is a “ far more epic ” act “ than person punching a supervillain in the face. ”

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The DC Comics generator shared his public opinion on the qualities of heroism during a recent interview with entertainment news wall socket AIPT given in forwarding of his approaching introduction of transgender Arrowverse hero Dreamer to the mainstream DC Comics continuity in Superman : son of Kal-El # 13 .
Asked by AIPT writer David Brooke if “ in hindsight, is there anything you might have changed or done differently ” during his run on the serial, to which his guest replied, ” Taylor pointed to the apparently-rushed display of Jon and boyfriend Jay Nakamura ’ s first gear kiss, asserting, “ I ’ m a writer, you know, there were things that were like, okay, this has to happen by Coming Out Day. And I would ’ ve loved a little piece longer for Jon and Jay to be together before the kiss. ”
2022.06.12 08.58 boundingintocomics 62a6538651b75 scaled “ But having said that the importance of that moment far outweighs rebuff pacing issues, you know ? ” he continued. “ When it makes ball-shaped news and I ’ megabyte watching it on SNL or whatever, yes possibly you could have done with possibly 10 more pages, but arsenic far as ball-shaped, you ’ ra writer ’ s cap to one english. ”
Adding to his period, Taylor stated, “ We somehow managed to keep people engaged without actually having Jon punch anyone for six issues. I think that ’ s actually crucial as well. ”
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“ So we have a unseasoned bismuth ridicule who besides is equitable the sweetest, most empathic foster guy who doesn ’ thymine pale na hurt anyone, ” he said. “ And I think that ’ s far more heroic than person punching a supervillain in the face. ”
Tying Jon ’ s pacifism back to Dreamer ’ s approaching appearance, Taylor then noted to his co-writer on the publish, original Dreamer actress and transgender charwoman Nicole Maines, “ I have to tell you in exit 14, there ’ s a moment I haven ’ thymine told you even. Where Dreamer is using things and she ’ s literally blasting people and Jon ’ s just blowing them away and they ’ ra side-by-side. Anyway. I ’ ll tell you about it late. ”

2022.06.12 09.13 boundingintocomics 62a656efa5de7 scaled e1655068468319 however, though Taylor believes that readers truly want their independent Superman title to focus on the intrapersonal relationship drama of a pacifist adolescent superhero, sales numbers show this to be far from the case .
According to official sales reports from ICv2, the last issue of Superman : son of Kal-El to rank in the top 50 Comics charts was its sixth in January 2022, undoubtedly thanks to momentum from the previous exit ’ s highly-marketed uncover that Jon is bisexual .
ever since, Taylor ’ s self-lauded series has failed to place in said rankings by either units sold or dollars made .
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further, fan reception to Taylor ’ s take on Jon can arguably be good summed up by Black Adam in the first issue of DC Comics ’ latest crossover voter event, Dark Crisis, as written by Joshua Williamson .
Attempting to build a fresh Justice League in the wake up of the core team ’ s apparent ‘ death ’, Jon approaches Adam to offer him membership, attempting to convince the doubting Kahndaqian, “ We can do this. Give people the assurance they need to feel condom again. ”
2022.06.12 08.51 boundingintocomics 62a651c714b91 scaled Criticizing the roll of Jon ’ s ‘ New Justice League ’ – Aqualad, Booster Gold, Dr. Light, Frankenstein, Harley Quinn, Killer Frost, Robin, Supergirl, and both Ted Kord and Jamie Reyes Blue Beetles – Adam finally chastises, “ This is no Justice League. ”

“ The universe needs capable protectors, not children, ” declares Adam. “ You ’ re trying to run before you can walk, Son of Kal-El. You are not ready for this function. ”
2022.06.12 08.51 boundingintocomics 62a651d09db3c scaled What do you make of Taylor ’ s take on Jon Kent ’ s heroism ? Let us know your thoughts on social media or in the comments down below !
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