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Yon Kohl / John ColtYon Kohl / John Colt Spartan was born Yon ( or Yohn ) Kohl, a flesh and blood Kherubim and extremity of the Pantheon Class on Khera. Growing up like most of the Pantheon, Yon was trained to be a warrior from birth. The creatures he learned to fight against were the Daemonites, his races sworn enemy. He became a war lord that was then respected that his body was used as the template for the Spartan Guards ( see Kherubim Technology ). Some thousands of years ago, Yon was aboard a Kherubim vessel that found itself locked in conflict with a Daemonite ship in the outer space above Earth. The ships battled ferociously and both were damaged and crashed to the satellite. Over the next thousands of years, the Kherubim-Daemonite war continued, but both sides began to blend in with the humans that surrounded them ( Kherubim looked human and Daemonites could shape shift and steal bodies ) and their battles became less and less visible. In the 1930 ‘s Yon Kohl changed his name to John Colt and began a career as an explorer and an american Hero. His abilities were n’t ampere bang-up as some other Kherubim on Earth ( like Mr. Majestic ) therefore many believed he was equitable a convention man, his abilities no more than anyone could acquire if they trained, persevered, believed in themselves, and believed in the state. He was major John Colt, a normal american serving his nation. He was a super patriot, the Captain America of the Wildstorm Universe. Because of this, he was chosen to be a member of a limited team built to stop an foreigner menace .


Issue #1Issue #1 Spartan was created by Brandon Choi and Jim Lee for the WildC.A.T.S comedian book series, published by Image .

Major Story Arcs

Wildstorm Universe

Spartan (Wildstorm Universe)Spartan (Wildstorm Universe) In the early 60 ’ s a Daemonite named Helspont made a move against world. He tried to start a nuclear war between the most knock-down nations on earth in arrange to get humans to destroy themselves so the planet would be empty for the Daemonites. Lord Emp, a Kherubim, created team 1 to combat Helspont and the villains he had gathered to help him. team 1 was made up of many characters that would go on to their own roles in the Wildstorm Universe and John Colt was asked to be a partially of this team. He accepted, becoming the field drawing card of the group. ampere soon as the team was formed, they were sent into battle against Helspont, who had already seized control of a US missile base so he could get access to a atom-bomb.

As Helspont got cook to launch the missile, Team 1 arrived and a fight ensued. team 1 was vastly outnumbered and things promptly got out of hand. John was taking on a host of Daemonites on his own, but they were getting past him and were making their way to the penis of his team that was responsible for stopping Helspont ‘s bomb calorimeter from launching. John was in the middle of the aliens but could n’t take them all out so he ordered Majestic to use his laser vision to kill them all. Majestic did n’t want to do it since it would kill John besides, but there was no other choice so he blasted them all away. even though John sacrificed himself, the team still failed and the missile was launched. fortunately, one member of the team ( Regiment ) jumped on the projectile and destroyed it as it flew, possibly dying in the march .

Wildstorm Universe

WildC.A.T.s – Spartan/Hadrian

Through John ‘s consistency had died his beware lived on. Before he had been killed, Emp copied John ‘s personality so he could attach it to a prototype Spartan android late. Emp perfected the android and in the 90 ‘s when he started the WildC.A.T.s, Spartan was born and was made the leader of the team ( His codename was Spartan after the android guards on Khera but he besides went by Hadrian ). He had no memory of Team 1 or his life before and though he had his/Yon Kohl/John Colt ‘s personality, he was emotionless and acted very a lot like the automaton he was. It was n’t until the team was together ( and the addition of Voodoo ) that Spartan started to come active. He and Voodoo started a relationship and he started using the name Hadrian more when he was n’t on the battlefield. After the team went on a mission to stop the Daeomites from reactivating their ship the Kherubim ship was found angstrom well. however their ship was set to detonate and the team flew the ship into the atmosphere so it would harmlessly explode and the team was thought to have died and merely Spartan survived but his body had sustained major damage. He was repaired by Stormwatch and even became a member for a time until his death during a mission. Else where it was revealed the WildC.A.T.s had lived and use the ships hyperdrive to travel to Khera. While there they found that the battle with the Deaomites was over thousands of years ago and Khera was the victor. Using a backing phonograph record of Spartan Emp rebuilt him in a more knock-down body using Kherubim skill and acted as Emp ‘s guard. He would come across a plot to kill Zealot and before he could reveal this he was about destroyed. fortunately the team found him repaired him and stop the plot. After finding out much of the frightful things the Kherubim had done they left the planet .Kaizen GamorraKaizen Gamorra After going home the team traveled to Gamorra island to battle the rule Kaizen Gamorra. It was discovered he was in truth John Colt whose body had been healed and sent to replace the capture Gamorra. After a battle with Spartan that ended with Kaizen being dethroned he was killed by Mr. Majestic again. John Colt was now awakened in Spartan who evening began to use the name John Colt. late after the team disbanded after Zealot ‘s apparent end, Emp and Spartan went to conflict the villain Kenyan. Emp hoped he could get Kenyan to kill him then he would be able to ascend and the liberation of energy would take Kenyan with him, but he alternatively took his own life, however Spartan killed Emp and thanks to some upgrades survived the explosion .

Jack Marlowe

Spartan realized that the superhero life style was n’t the most effective room to meet Emp ‘s wishes for a better world, so Spartan took the identity of Jack Marlowe and decided to wield the Halo Corporation as his cock to improve the world. It is during this period that a superhuman serial killer whale called Samuel Smith surfaces and had been making his way across the United States. Samuel targets Voodoo, injuring her throat and slicing off both her leg with his eyebeams. Smith besides temporarily blinded Maul when the latter tried to defend Priscilla. Furious, Jack set a trap for the killer, who was last killed by Grifter, although his death did n’t give Marlowe any kind of pleasure or atonement.

Marlowe began to use Kherubim technology in order to produce high-tech equipment, far beyond any created with human technology. During this time Void, Noir, and Grifter joined the Halo Corporation. Void became a great asset to the pot because her ability to teleport allowed her access to Otherspace, a region of unlimited energy. Noir discovered that the matter in Otherspace could be used to create batteries that would last forever. Betraying the corporation, he attempted to kill Void and reprogrammed Ladytron, another former Wildcat. Marlowe saved Void by merging with her ; this greatly increased his own powers adenine well as allowing him her ability to teleport. He easily defeated the newly reprogrammed Ladytron and transported Noir to Otherspace, where he would meet his end without a protective befit. Marlowe then utilized Noir ‘s plans and began producing batteries that would stopping point for an eternity. This was only but the first base step in a design to better the world and he soon bought other companies, including an accounting tauten. Edwin Dolby, an intellectual employed at the accounting firm, was fascinated by Marlowe ‘s plans for the future and in time became his right-hand man. interim, Grifter performed black ops missions under Marlowe, including the liberation child laborers. The discovery that Halo Corporation batteries could fuel a car indefinitely resulted in the production of Halo Cars. These Halo Cars that did n’t depend on gasoline shocked the integral world and many politicians and businessmen marked Marlowe as a threat. An assassin was sent to Halo, but was well handled by Marlowe, who was n’t impressed in the least by these threats. After Grifter learned the whereabouts of Zealot, who had been captured and imprisoned by her former followers, he orchestrated a mission to liberate her. Although Marlowe said he could not help his campaign due to his fear of harming the integrity of the Halo Corporation, he did use his abilities in holy order to manipulate the struggle from behind the scenes so Grifter could be successful. Jack Marlowe besides sponsors the Seminary. The Seminary is a school for new superheroes .

World’s End

Because of actions taken by Nemesis orchestrated ( unbeknown to her ) by the Wildcats old friend Tao, the populace all but ended. The moon was destroyed, the Earth ‘s eye socket shifted, most of the planet ‘s technology was obliterated, many heroes were missing, more SPBs than always had appeared, and the Wildcats were alone slightly better off than the rest of the earth. The team was hit hard and the entirely reason they had a bridgehead in the worldly concern was because of the Halo batteries from 3.0. When most of the engineering went out the energy in the batteries that could run forever kept the Halo construct functioning. It was damaged, but it still worked so the Wildcats kept it as a nucleotide and shelter for whatever people they could find in the outside populace. They could n’t get any more power though because the energy alone worked around the Halo build up and they could n’t just go get more since Jack Marlowe ‘s Void powers were the only way to get to the dimension where it came from and Jack was n’t Jack anymore. He ‘d lost his Void powers when a new Void was born ( Captain Atom : Armageddon ) and his more promote automatic abilities had been lost during World ‘s end as a solution of a particularly destructive EMP in his vicinity.

He changed his name back to Hadrian ( or Spartan ) and was in an even worse state of matter than he was at the beginning of Wildcats. He was back in his erstwhile body but the drastic transfer from being practically a god to a automaton actually messed with his point and he no longer considers himself the drawing card of the team .

Powers and Abilities


Spartan's strengthSpartan’s strength

  • Bio-Android Body: As a bio-synthetic humanoid, Spartan has been upgraded several times. Spartan is made from highly advanced Kherubim technology and is possibly one of the most sophisticated machines in the universe.
    • Superhuman Strength: Spartan possesses massive superhuman strength capable of benching 60 tons of weight with seldom difficulty and nearly 70 tons with due effort. After a series of upgrades his strength level had increased by staggering amounts, initially through receiving a new kheran model body he proved capable of pumping 80 tons with minimal effort then 115 tons with exertion. Then after receiving further modification from Marlowe his strength was upped further into the upper 100 ton marker. Easily able to tear apart a Kherubim ‘low-grav warcrawler’ tank apart with his bare hands.
    • Superhuman Durability: Spartan is not ‘invulnerable’ in the true sense of the word, but he is still fairly tough and difficult to injure. He is easily bulletproof and invulnerable to most conventional street weapons such as a common knife, gun, bullets etc. Armor-piercing bullets can pierce his biosynthetic flesh as well as powerful assaults from superhumans can easily damage him. Although recent upgrades to his chassis has made him tough enough to withstand stronger impacts. Ranging from surviving mortar fire from an alien tank, to standing ground against a speeding vehicle without budging and parrying superhuman blows from the likes of Fairchild with ease.
    • Superhuman Stamina: In Spartan’s case, however, it’s the issue of endurance and the ability to function even with considerable damage done to him. He could have both arms ripped off with holes torn through most of his body and even his head, and still be capable of functioning and pushing onward. In many ways, the only way to truly defeat Spartan is to completely destroy him and shut his systems down.
  • Energy Projection: As akin to all Spartan series android’s, Yohn Kohl can emit and control vast quantities of bio-plasma energy for offensive and defensive means.
    • Bio-Molecular Blast: Spartan is capable of generating powerful amounts of energy and releasing them from his body in the form of explosive blasts from his hands & eyes known as bio-blasts. These powerful bursts of energy can hit with as much as 70 tons of force. Exerting as much internal power as he can spare, these blasts can reach 90 tons of force. Easily capable of shredding most alloys and leveling most things.
    • Energy Enhanced Punches: Spartan can contain energy within his fists and then discharge it upon impact, multiplying the strength of his blows by about 2-4 time over.
    • Plasma Shield: Spartan is capable of generating fields of plasma energy designed to protect himself and others and repel attacks against him. The field can protect him from up to 90 tons of force from both physical attacks and equivalent energy ones as well.
    • Holo Projection: The ability to project holographic images.
  • Enhanced Senses: The body on Kheran gave him enhanced senses that allowed him to scan entire cities for specific humans. X-ray and thermal visions and other abilities that are added on and learned as time progresses.
    • Enhanced Vision
      • X-Ray Vision
      • Thermal Vision
    • Enhanced Sense of Smell
    • Enhanced Hearing
  • Flight: Spartan is capable of flight via the generation of an anti-gravity field about his body. His speed range is somewhere at around Mach-1 (750 mph). Although flying at top speed for extended periods of time tend to drain his energy reserves.
  • Psychic Immunity: As he is a cybernetic entity, Spartan’s mind simply cannot be affected to an optimal degree by telepaths. It doesn’t matter how powerful you are, his brain waves and mental functions simply do not allow it. Not even Despot, the most powerful psi to ever live, was capable of mentally controlling or reading the thoughts of Spartan.
  • Immortality: Spartan possesses in essence, assured immortality. If his body is destroyed or in anyway damaged beyond repair, his mind is usually immediately downloaded into another body either at HALO or on the MIRV itself for maximum memory and personality containment.
  • Accelerated Healing: Spartans are also capable of self-repair so they can mend themselves after battle as long as they are not too extensively damaged.
  • Technopathy: Spartan could wirelessly connect with any computer system and bend it to his will. He could even link up to telephone lines and answer phone calls or radio transmissions via WiFi in his networking. After the world’s end event, Spartan’s interfacing ability was largely diminished now he could only make machine contact with telephone and radio transmissions and could only control the few remaining Spartan guards which survived Armageddon.

Orb Empowerment

  • Omni-Teleportation: Spartan is capable of teleporting himself, others and objects from place to place with no effort. Distance is not an issue (he has easily gone from his office to space and back) and neither is precision. He can teleport specific things, large groups and even move different things all across the world at the same time. His teleportation also allows him to enter other dimensions at will.
  • Technical Reinforcement: Aside from teleportation, Void’s powers increased all of Spartan’s physical attributes, making him now strong, fast and durable enough to face beings like Mr. Majestic in all out combat and win. His use of energy has also been affected and increased. Not only are his energy blasts now more powerful, Spartan is able to create energy shields, holograms, and energy constructs formed from pink light, the signature color of Void’s powers.
  • Reality Warping: Through the augmenting energies of the Orb of Power, Spartan also gained a gleaning of the potential godlike forces controlled by the relics proginator Max Faraday. Hadrian as Jack Marlowe would have the power to bend, twist and manipulate the quantum nature of existence itself, this trait is something he learned while battling TAO who siphoned the same powers of the Orb from Void and Providence.


  • Genius Level Intellect: Each Spartan has a “brain” more powerful than any other computer (on Earth or otherwise), is programmed to be able to use any technology it comes across. His body is controlled by a highly advanced silicon-based neurotronic brain. High speed CPU processors functioning at literally the speed of light, extensive files and combat data. They can also download data on his combat foes to best determine their weaknesses and defeat them.
  • Leadership
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)
  • Weaponry


  • Vulnerability to Electromagnetism: Spartan’s body has a weakness to anything that can affect synthetics such as EMP pulses and/or any related superhuman ability.
  • Orb of Power limitation: The Orbs powers rely largely on the users own personality and imagination. Because Spartan is an andorid, he lacks the creative or vivid mindset for spontaneity, weakening his abilities.

Other Versions


Spartan appeared in Deathmate crossover .

Other Media


In the ephemeral WildC.A.T.S. animated television serial, Spartan was portrayed as a Kherubim named Hadrian who was rebuilt as a cyborg prior to the read ‘s begin. He was voiced by Rod Wilson .

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