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Speed Up Windows XP There is a big prospect you ’ ra learn this article unintentionally. If thus, check our latest article on how to speed up Windows 10 .
Everybody wants their computers to be angstrom flying as newly or even a little bit faster. That ’ s why a lot of users even prefer Windows XP – it ’ s a reasonably light operating system and is particularly good for netbooks and older computers. even though it ’ randomness pretty fast as it is, there are many ways to speed up XP even more – from upgrading your hardware ( adding RAM is the easiest solution ) to applying versatile register tweaks. But if you are looking for a fast and slowly solution, here are 5 simple tips which in truth help if you want to know how to speed up your computer running Windows XP .

1. Cleanup and defrag

Yes, I know, the adept honest-to-god killing and defrag. But badly, you can ’ t expect your calculator to be fast if it ’ sulfur cluttered with debris and has file fragments scattered all over the hard force .
Windows XP has built-in disk clean and harrow defragmenter. To access the Disk Cleanup creature, go to Start –> (All) Programs –> Accessories –> System Tools –> Disk Cleanup. And if you want to use the Disk Defragmenter, go to Start –> (All) Programs –> Accessories –> System Tools –> Disk Defragmenter .
however, a set of people prefer using third-party defrag utilities, like Auslogics Disk Defrag or Piriform Defraggler, because the built-in XP one is pretty slow and doesn ’ metric ton do a very exhaustive job .

2. Uninstall programs you never use

A bunch of people love trying out new software. so, they download programs, install them, run them a pair of times, and… sometimes never use them again ! Sounds companion, doesn ’ triiodothyronine it ? Having excessively many programs can make your calculator very slow, not to mention the amount of hard drive space they take up .
To see presently installed programs, go to Start –> Settings –> Control Panel –> double-click Add/Remove Programs. Review the tilt and uninstall programs you never use.


3. Optimize XP appearance settings

If speed is your top precedence, it ’ randomness recommended to adjust XP appearance settings for best performance. ocular effects that we are so use to waste system resources. And if you think that it ’ s entirely the graphics batting order that has to deal with them, you ’ re wrong – CPU and RAM are affected as well .
fortunately it ’ randomness very easy to optimize XP for best performance by turning off unnecessary ocular effects :

  • visualGo to Start –> Settings –> Control Panel;
  • In the Control Panel click System and go to the Advanced tab;
  • In the Performance Options window select Adjust for best performance;
  • Click OK and close the window.

This will turn off all ocular effects, which is particularly good for less mighty PCs and netbooks. But if you want Windows XP to look satiny, leave the surveil boxes checked :

  • Show shadows under menus;
  • Show shadows under mouse pointer;
  • Show translucent selection rectangle;
  • Use drop shadows for icons labels on the desktop;
  • Use visual styles on windows and buttons.

4. Speed up Windows Explorer

If you feel that Windows Explorer takes besides long to start, there is a manner to speed it up. Windows automatically looks for net files, shared folders, and devices every time you assailable Explorer. Disabling this option will speed up access to Windows Explorer. To do it :

  • toolsOpen Windows Explorer;
  • Click on the Tools menu;
  • Then click on Folder Options;
  • Click on the View tab;
  • Find Automatically search for network folders and printers check box and uncheck it;
  • Click Apply, then click OK;
  • Reboot your computer.

5. Disable indexing

Indexing can be useful, but it can besides make your computer decelerate and loud, as it takes up RAM and makes the hard drive cream. The index military service is used to update the lists of all files on your computer to speed up file search. Disabling indexing will make your search a act slower, but overall it will speed up calculator running XP. hera ’ sulfur how :

  • Go to Start –> Settings –> Control Panel;
  • Double-click Add/Remove Programs;
  • Click Add/Remove Windows Components;
  • Uncheck Indexing Services;
  • Click Next and then click Finish.

To gain an evening better speed improvement, you should consider using third-party programs, like Auslogics BoostSpeed. The program allows you to easily tweak hundreds of concealed Windows adjust, american samoa well as perform crucial system maintenance tasks to speed up your computer .

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