Marvel: 9 Best Spider-Man 2099 Comics To Read

With the multiverse in full swing, fans of Spider-Man should n’t ignore the epic Spider-Man 2099 comics. These are the best ones to read. There have been many iterations of Spider-Man over his 60 years in Marvel Comics. many versions have merely been alternate versions of Peter Parker, but there have been instances where Spider-Man has been a unlike person raw. recently in the Spotlight is Miles Morales, thanks to the Across the Spiderverse movie teaser traile gas constant recently released. This dawdler besides teased another surrogate Spider-Man, Miguel O ’ Hara .
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Miguel O’Hara was created in 1992 by Peter David and Rick Leonardi. Miguel resides in a dystopian future of the Marvel universe called “ 2099, ” where most of the heroes had perished or been replaced by raw characters taking up their titles. Over the years, Spider-Man 2099 has had many adventures in and outside the cardinal Marvel universe of 616. here are some of the best Spider-Man 2099 comics to read.

9 Spider-Man 2099 #1 (1992)

spider-man 2099 marvel comic artwork by Ron Lim
The first return of the original run By Peter David and Rick Leonardi is the first expect into Miguel O’Hara stepping into the guise of Spiderman. It follows his origin and contentious nature with Alchemax, which runs New York in the Marvel Dark Future
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It besides explores what makes him different from the central universe Spider-Man in powers and personality. The art for this publish is vibrant for its time, and the fib showcases Miguel ‘s path from scientist to superhero. The best set to start for new readers and a classic for dedicate readers .

8 2099 Unlimited #1

spider-man 2099 marvel comic art by Chris Wozniak
Worked on by Evan Skolnick and Gerard Jones, This offspring showcases Spider-Man 2099 and pits him against a newly generated villain, Mutagen. The two have a merciless brawl across New York city that pushes Miguel further than he ‘s ever been ( Spiderman has always been impregnable, here are some of his greatest feat ) .
This offspring besides serves as the beginning introduction in the 2099 anthology series. Miguel being the focal orient of this offspring is hush a big deal for the time. This is besides the beginning return where the 2099 Dark Future version of The Incredible Hulk is showcased .

7 Punisher 2099 #13

spider-man 2099 marvel comics art by Ron Lim
Authored by Pat Mills and Tony Skinner, and Tom Morgan, another Title set in the Dark Future of 2099, Punisher and Spider-man team up and take on new dangers at every turn. The likes of Thor, Avatarr, and even Doom appear in the heroes ’ path. The mispaired Duo makes quite the team by taking out each of the thugs Doom sends after them and even saving the entire city from ruin. Another 90s gem worth checking out at the apex of the 2099 run .

6 Spider-Man 2099 #35

spider-man 2099 marvel comic art by Rick Leonardi
In the Middle of Peter Davids ‘s run, The Dark Future population of 2099 goes into overdrive with 2099 AD. The Spider-man emergence of this discharge introduces 2099 Venom, a longstanding villain of the character .
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The bootleg symbiote returns to plague the new Spider-Man ’ south world yet again. But this Venom shared much more history with 2099 Spider-Man than ahead. This is a tragic time in Miguel ‘s life as Venom seeks to destroy everything around him. Venom receives a new purpose to match the Dark Future tone and singular powers to go along with it .

5 Spider-Man 2099 #1 (2015)

spider-man 2099 marvel comic art by Francesco Mattina
The new run of Spider-Man 2099 # 1 was released in 2015 with Peter David and Francesco Mattina. It kicks off Miguel O ’ Hara ’ s raceway to save his timeline. The Dark Future of Marvel comics has become even bleaker .
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A singularity has turned Miguel ’ s once-great city into ruins, so he travels back to the main earth 616 timeline to prevent this consequence. Spider-Man 2099 # 1 2015 is a fresh revamp of the character that changes his superhero character and plan and allows him to interact with many characters like Peter Parker and Roberta Mendez .

4 Superior Spider-Man #17

spider-man 2099 marvel comic art by Ryan Stegman and Jason Howard
superscript Spider-Man follows the storyline with Dr. Otto Octavious whose gained genial possession of Peter Parker ’ mho body ( which is n’t even the strangest thing to happen to Spider-Man ). In consequence seventeen, the modern Superior Spiderman meets with the time-traveling Miguel O’Hara Spider-Man of the Dark Future, 2099 .
Miguel arrives to find Otto harassing civilians. Shaken by the new personality of his erstwhile ally, Miguel is taken back ; because of Miguel ’ sulfur suspicion, he and Otto do not get off on the right foot, and this spearheads a active venture between the two .

3 Spider-Man 2099 #17

spider-man 2099 marvel comic art by Francesco Mattina
Another issue of the Spider-Man 2099 run from 2015 By Peter David and Francesco Mattina makes the list. This issue sees Miguel team up with one of the world ‘s greatest assassins, Elektra. They meet on opposite sides and finally aline their interest in taking on a confidential organization thriving in Miguel ’ randomness time but is fair getting started in the present day. This starts a three-issue floor bow between the characters that will be a good read for many fans .

2 Spider-Man 2099 #4

spider-man marvel comic art by Francesco Mattina
The Spider-Man 2099 run of 2014 is arguably one of the best of the character. Spearheaded by Peter David and Francesco Mattina, The art and history are capital, and issue # 4 sets a good yard of what ‘s to come. In the irregular return in an discharge, Miguel faces off against Scorpion, Spider-Slayers, and militia all in one day after supporting a maverick cause. There is besides a spectacular cameo that fans will not want to miss out on .

1 Exiles #98

spider-man marvel comic artwork by Tom Coker
Starting on the 2001 run of Exiles by Chris Clairmounte and Ronan Cliquet, issue # 75 expanded the narrative into the Dark Future universe of 2099. Miguel O ’ Hara was introduced to the Exiles team to handle an interdimensional crisis.

Miguel would become a permanent wave fixture on the team, including blink and saber-toothed tiger among them, exploring the different realities and stopping tragic events. In issue # 98, the world of 2099 is under arrant control of Doctor Doom. The team is quite different, including She-Hulk and Johnny Storm, and even Gwen Stacy, who has become romantically byzantine with Miguel. But the tragedy of an incoming world-ending event shakes the team, specially Miguel, to their core .
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