Burglar (Earth-616)

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[ 1 ]

Unknown (last name possibly Carradine)

Current Alias




Affiliation and Relationships


( daughter )

Children: Jessica Carradine (daughter)

Physical Characteristics[4]




5′9″ ( 1.75 thousand )


150 pound ( 68.04 kilogram )



  • Blue



Origin and Living Status



Living Status




Place of Death

New York

The ACME warehouse in Queens

Personal Information


No double





Base of Operations

Formerly New York City

Creators and Appearances


Stan Lee, Steve Ditko



Amazing Fantasy # 15
( June, 1962 )
Amazing Spider-Man # 200
( October, 1979 )


The Burglar had been the cellmate of the ill-famed depressive disorder era gangster Dutch Mallone. In the 1930 ‘s Mallone lived in New York City ‘s Forest Hills section in the very same sign of the zodiac that was now inhabited by Ben Parker and his family. finally, Mallone was captured at the like house by a force of Treasury agents led by the celebrated “ unassailable ” Elliott Ness and was convicted on tax evasion charges. It was long rumored that Mallone had hidden millions of dollars away somewhere. Mallone was sent from one prison to another, and ultimately, as an aged man, he became the cellmate of the burglar. The Burglar heard Mallone talking in his sleep about where he hid the money. It was somewhere in his previous house in Forest Hills. ( strange to the Burglar, however, the money was hidden in a box behind a wall in the House, but had retentive ago been devoured by silverfish. ) The Burglar adjacent appeared in the hallway of a Manhattan Television studio just as young Peter Parker ( calm dressed as Spider-Man ) stepped out of his dress board. The Burglar had robbed the studio ‘s position and was being chased by security guard Baxter Bigelow, who yelled at Spider-Man to trip the criminal up before he could get to the elevator. Spider-Man refused to help, allowing the Burglar to make it into the elevator and get off. One night, a few weeks after the Burglar and Spider-Man had crossed paths in the television receiver studio, the Burglar broke into the Parker dwelling while Peter was away making a personal appearance as Spider-Man. The Burglar took the Parkers by surprise and held Ben and May Parker at point. Saying that he needed her to show him around so he could find something, the Burglar grabbed May. Furious, Ben ordered the Burglar to unhand May and angrily reached toward him. Frightened, the Burglar snapshot Ben and fled. Ben Parker died. Returning home, Peter Parker was told by policeman Bernard O’Brien that a burglar had killed his uncle and was now trapped by the police in the Acme warehouse at the waterfront. Infuriated, Peter donned his Spider-Man costume, went to the warehouse, and captured the Burglar. Upon seeing the Burglar ‘s confront, Spider-Man realized to his repugnance that it was lapp thief he had let escape at the television receiver studio. Had he captured the Burglar then, Spider-Man told himself, his beloved uncle Ben would still be alive. [ 2 ] Spider-Man turned the Burglar over to police. Years subsequently, the burglar made a second attempt to find Mallone ‘s prize, held May Parker prisoner, and threatened to kill her if she did n’t aid him. Spider-Man defeated the Burglar, who died of a heart attack brought on by his sheer panic of Spider-Man. [ 3 ]


Power Grid[5]



Handgun: The Burglar normally carried an ordinary pistol .

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