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Hobart “ Hobie ” Brown

Current Alias



The Anarchic Spider-Man, [ 1 ] Punk-Rock Spidey [ 1 ]
Nicknames :
Hob, [ 2 ] Mr. Hero of the Multiverse [ 3 ]
other Aliases :
Spider-Punk [ 4 ]

Editorial Names:The Anarchic Spider-Man,Punk-Rock SpideyNicknames:Hob,Mr. Hero of the MultiverseOther Aliases:

Affiliation and Relationships


Amazing Arachnids, Spider-Slayers, Spider Army, Superior Spider-Army, Web-Warriors



Physical Characteristics[14]




5′11″ ( 1.8 meter )


150 pound ( 68.04 kilogram )



  • Brown



Origin and Living Status


Human Mutate

Living Status




Personal Information






Adventurer, musician, vigilante

Base of Operations

Horizon University, San Francisco, California, Prime Marvel Universe ; Loomworld, Earth-001 ; Bowery, Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York City, New York, Earth-138

Creators and Appearances


Dan Slott, Olivier Coipel


Amazing Spider-Man ( Vol. 3 ) # 10
( November, 2014 )
Quote1.png We don’t have the power of the state. We don’t have the authority on our side, the cops, or the media. What we have are angry hearts. Clenched fists. Love and rage… and 15,000 watts of punkrock, from an army of amps set to 11.Quote2.png

Spider-Man (Hobie Brown)[src]


foul-mouthed adolescent Hobie Brown became a Spider-Totem after being bitten by a spider irradiated by illegal thriftlessness dumping. He proclaimed himself a Spider-Man and began to fight for freedom alongside his fresh friends Captain Anarchy ( Karl Morgenthau ) and Hulk ( Robbie Banner ). [ 5 ] leader of the Spider Army hat fought against President Osborn ‘s regimen, Hobart Brown utilized his dislodge intent as a “ radioactive suicide machine ” to rally defend from the lowest classes that the government was aiming to stamp out in the name of America ‘s “ persuasiveness ”. When Osborn led his forces, the Thunderbolt Department in the habit of the V.E.N.O.M., Spider-Man used 15000 volts of bum rock out of an “ army of amps ” to disable the new technologies, then defeated Osborn himself by bashing him over the headway with his guitar before Brown unmasked himself to the screening push. [ 1 ] Spider-Man joined the Superior Spider-Army when the Great Hunt started, chosen by the Superior Spider-Man for being “ angry, irregular, [ and ] incendiary ”. [ 1 ] [ 6 ] Following the frustration of the Inheritors, Hobart returned to his world after telling Spider-UK to keep careful watch of the former Inheritor Karn by reminding that he had killed countless Spider-Men despite having helped the Spider-Army against his brother. [ 7 ] Whilst performing with the Spider-Slayers over the Radio Free Medianet, Adrian Toomes of Toomestone Records cut office to the concert. This led to a fight between the Spider Army and Toomestone Records ‘ security which was cut short when a rupture between Earth-138 and Earth-93726 appeared in the flip, and Spider-Ham 2099, Ducktor Doom 2099, and Doom ‘s Duckbots attacked the fighters. Spider-Man hogtied Spider-Ham 2099 and went to Earth-001, home of the Web-Warriors asking for them to help stop Ducktor Doom 2099 ‘s invasion. Although most of the Warriors had trouble whilst fighting the Duckbots, Spider-Ham easily stopped them with “ the wind-up, ” a tactic in which Spider-Ham rotated his sleeve so fast it created a crack that swallowed the enemy forces and took them far away. [ 8 ]

This was not the end of interdimensional visitors to Spider-Man ‘s world however as, the clamant ducktor Doom 2099 and his Duckbots were returned home, two giant robots modeled after Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus appeared. Spider-Man and the Web Warriors began attacking “ the one that does n’t look like Spider-Man ” but were no match for the villain ‘s Mega Morph ‘s abilities. on the spur of the moment, as a result of the Master Weaver and Octavia Otto ‘s attempts to recover the Web Warriors ‘ lost teammates ( Spider-UK and Spider-Woman ), most of the team ( Spider-Man ( Earth-50101 ), Spider-Man ( Earth-90214 ), Spider-Woman, and Spider-Ham ) and the Mega Morphs Doctor Octopus, were transported to Earth-90214 or Earth-8311, leaving Spider-Man stranded with Spider-Girl, Lady Spider, and Mega Morphs Spider-Man. [ 9 ] Spider-Girl suggested that Lady Spider could build a communicator, like the one Pavitr Prabhakar built on Earth-803 [ 10 ] using materials from Mega Morphs Spider-Man ‘s Mega Morph. [ 11 ]


According to Kang the Conglomerator, Hobie will die in the line of duty at a young age. Because of this, he remained a family name even into the year 2099. Kang owns his compare and Spider-Man became his most profitable property. [ 4 ]


Power Grid[15]


apparently those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616 .


apparently those of the Hobie Brown of Earth-616.



Web Shooters, electric guitar .


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