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Marvel Rising: Initiation
Marvel Rising: Battle of the Bands
Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron
Marvel Rising: Playing With Fire


Ultimate Spider-Man
Spidey and His Amazing Friends


Dove Cameron ( Ultimate Spider-Man and Marvel Rising )
Laura Bailey ( Spider-Man )
Lily Sanfelippo ( Spidey and His Amazing Friends )



The Marvel Comics character Gwen Stacy and her superhero alter-ego

Character information

Full name

Gwendolyne Maxine Stacy

Reading: Spider-Gwen

Other names

White Widow


Student at Horizon High


New York City


Doing good, helping people, science


Keeping her secret from her father (formerly)

Powers and abilities

Digital sensors in her mask to simulate spider-sense
Wall-crawling (via magnetic grips in gloves and boots)






( mother ) George Stacy (father) Helen Stacy (mother)

Other relatives

Raymond Warren (uncle) Source Spider-Gwen, besides known as Ghost-Spider ( real name Gwen Stacy ) is a adolescent superheroine with powers exchangeable to Spider-Man from Marvel Comics. She made her animize introduction in Ultimate Spider-Man. Gwen Stacy was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko .


physical appearance

Spider-Gwen wears a black bodysuit with white areas that form a spider design, a white hood with the inner line being magenta with bluish green web patterns, matching magenta-and-cyan designs on her upper arms, and bluish green soles to her boots .


A native of Miles ‘ dimension, Gwen Stacy assumed the role of Spider-Woman after Miles was transported to Peter Parker ‘s dimension. Using technology stolen from her beget ‘s automaton program and with the help of her world ‘s version of May Parker, Gwen became a superhero in Miles ‘ absence by simulating spider powers despite having no spider powers of her own. however, due to her bodily process, she besides had to deal with her father ‘s avocation of vigilantes.

When Miles returns along with Peter, Gwen helps them recover the remaining Siege Perilous while, which was at the patrol station. Gwen goes to visit her don in order to distract him while Peter and Miles recover the piece. however, this fails when Wolf Spider attacks the post and soon takes Rio Morales hostage at Miles ‘ home plate. After rescuing Rio, Peter, Gwen, and Miles confront Wolf Spider in his submerged lair. Wolf Spider claims the Siege Perilous and starts to drain the life-force of every spider-based character in the multiverse. During the conflict, Miles and Gwen are claimed in the march, but Peter tricks Wolf Spider into claiming his animation, as holding all the life-forces at once proves to be excessively much for Wolf Spider to handle. Wolf-Spider soon shatters, allowing the life-forces to return to their bodies. The three Spiders then leave the lair but run into Gwen ‘s father who learned of his daughter ‘s superhero life after speaking with Rio. George accepts Gwen ‘s function and the two then accommodate .
Gwen Stacy is a scholar at Horizon High and friends with Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and Anya Corazon. She is voiced by Laura Bailey. She was inspired by her uncle Raymond Warren ( late revealed to be the nefarious Jackal ) to pursue science. She often assists Spider-Man in fights using her quick wits and genetic cognition. During the “ Spider Island ” discharge, she was one of the beginning people affected by Jackal ‘s spider chemicals spread into the air and gained spider superpowers. With her fans calling her “ Spider Gwen ”, she assists Spider-Man in combating criminals until the chemicals cause her to mutate into a Man-Spider. She is former cured when Spider-Man spreads the remedy for the city by exploding Osborn Academy .
Gwen appears in the 2018 franchise, with Dove Cameron reprising her function. In this continuity, she will be referred to as Ghost-Spider. [ 1 ] She first appears as the supporter of the Marvel Rising: Initiation shorts that precede the inspire film, where she is on the run from the patrol and early superheroes after Ghost-Spider is framed for the murder of Gwen ‘s friend, Kevin. She gains the trust of Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl following an meet with the heroes before Ghost-Spider is inescapably captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Quake and Patriot. however, she escapes with the aid of Quake who discerned Ghost-Spider ‘s civilian identity. She returns in the particular Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts followed by Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron .
Gwen Stacy does not appear in the MCU, but the adaptation that appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man films ( played by Emma Stone ) is mentioned in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Gwen ‘s Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man, tells his MCU counterpart about the death of his girlfriend, describing her as “ his MJ “, the girlfriend of the MCU Peter. Gwen ‘s Spider-Man explains that he will never forgive himself for his failure in saving her. While trying to move on from the loss and be the hero Gwen wanted him to be, he finally became rageful and piercingly. not wishing his younger counterpart to suffer and end up like him, the Amazing Spider-Man watches with affection the relationship of this population ‘s Peter and MJ. At the Statue of Liberty, during the final conflict of the film, MJ falls off the scaffolding and her Peter fails to reach her because of the interference of the Green Goblin. Horrified that his younger self might suffer the lapp as he did, he jumps and saves MJ, preventing her to die in a very alike way that Gwen did. Saving MJ from the same fortune Gwen endured, makes the perplex Spider-Man aroused and he about cries while holding MJ when he safely lands with her on the prime .

Disney Parks

There are respective references to Gwen Stacy ‘s Spider-Woman in the line up for this attraction where she is identified as a extremity of the Worldwide Engineering Brigade. Gwen ‘s cabinet is located within the WEB facility with painted on feminist quotes, skill jokes, and the logo for her band The Mary Janes. additionally, Gwen ‘s skateboard is locked up in the anteroom with her Spider-Gwen colour-scheme and, “ The Mary Janes ” printed on it. She is indirectly referenced on a notice-board featuring a poster for drummer-auditions in a bum isthmus called The Gamma Rays which has Gwen ‘s colour-scheme.


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