Starfire’s Daughter Mandy Stars In New ‘I Am Not Starfire’ Preview

When it comes to offspring, the saying goes that, “ the apple doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate fall far from the tree. ” Truth be told, sometimes the apple falls off the tree, rolls down a hill, and off a cliff. That seems to be the case in DC Comics ’ much anticipated I Am not Starfire young pornographic graphic novel. I Am not Starfire is the fib of the adolescent Mandy and her mother Koriand ’ gas constant, aka Starfire, as the two struggle to find common ground. A recent exclusive preview from Entertainment Weekly goes in-depth with I Am not Starfire ’ s creative team and provides a sneak glance into the artistic stylings of this groundbreaking comic record .
Mandy is a disillusioned LGBTQ high schooler who wears black from head to toe. Basically, she ’ s the accurate opposite of her bubbling superhero ma, the fabled Starfire. Unbeknownst to Koriand ’ gas constant, Mandy has it all figured out. She ’ mho going to graduate from high school, shunt college, and move straight to France. She ’ s so sure of herself, in fact, that she walks out on her SATs. Mandy begins to second estimate this fool-proof plan when she is paired up in class with Clair, a girl whom she has admired from afar. The championship of the graphic fresh serves as a contract as Mandy attempts to find herself and overcome the bequest of her Teen Titan mother .

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I Am not Starfire explores LGBTQ issues, fat-shaming, and the difficulties of being a one parent. “ I very wanted to do something that was family-oriented and I ‘ve always wanted to do a mother-daughter history, and I ‘ve always wanted to do a fib about a fatty character, and it just kind of evolved from there, ” writer Mariko Tamaki told Entertainment Weekly. Tamaki jumped at the luck to write a book revolving around a mother and daughter who are literally and figuratively from different planets. “ It fair seemed like very fertile prime to do a family superhero history about a child who is so close to that worldly concern, but is not share of that world at all because she herself is not a superhero. ”

Starfire was created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez for the 1980 ’ s DC Comics Presents # 26. Tamaki, best known for writing Harley Quinn : Breaking Glass and other YA OGN ‘s, will be joined by Zatanna and the House of Secrets illustrator Yoshi Yoshitani for a modern learn on a beloved character. The precedent-setting all-female creative team will bring a unique position and beautiful artistic contrast to this story about loved ones who are diametric opposites. In describing the artwork, Yoshitani told EW, “ Starfire is these bright pinks and Mandy is these dull blacks. Starfire merely takes over everything and you ca n’t help but look at her. Mandy is sort of like a dull roar. It ‘s not quiet, but it ‘s just a very different expression. ”

Long-time DC Comics fans have expressed curiosity concerning Mandy ’ randomness fatherhood. thus army for the liberation of rwanda, the creative team behind I Am not Starfire has been silent on the exit. Historically, Koriand ’ radius has been romantically linked with colleague former-Teen Titan, Dick Grayson. Tamaki seems to insinuate that Mandy ’ s don could be person readers have never met ahead. “ To be super clear, this is a adaptation of Starfire, not ‘ in continuity ’ Starfire, ” Tamaki told EW. It seems that devoted Starfire followers will have to wait until August of 2021 to have Mandy ’ s fatherhood mystery solved .
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