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Origin of Starfire

Origin of Starfire

Real Name: Koriand ’ radius ( Kori Anders )
First Appearance: DC Comics Presents # 26 ( October, 1980 )

Powers: Starfire is vastly mighty. She possesses superhuman persuasiveness, speed, lastingness, agility, reflexes, stamen, and is closely invulnerable. She is besides able to fly, is durable, has exemption to cold and heat, can survive in outer space, is able to manipulate ultraviolet energy, absorb and visualize energy, and emit supernova-type department of energy .
Affiliation: Teen Titans, Outsiders, Justice League, Red Hood and the Outlaws, and Justifiers
Did You Know? Starfire has been romantically linked to Dick Grayson .

A Little History

The lineage of Starfire is pretty square .
Starfire first appeared inside the pages of DC Comics Presents # 26 back in October of 1980. She was created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez and has been an integral member of the Teen Titans since.

Koriand ’ roentgen is the second of three children born to the Royal Family of Tamaran. As the second yield, Koriand ’ gas constant shouldn ’ triiodothyronine have been in line to assume the toilet once her parents passed on. unfortunately, because her older baby Komand ’ radius was born without the ability to fly, she was deemed unable to rule. As the following in line to rule, Koriand ’ gas constant was treated like a princess while Komand ’ r was largely forget and mistreated. This caused great latent hostility between the two sisters .
Everything came to a head after the two sisters were sent for Warrior Training by the Warlords of Okaara. While educate, Komand ’ roentgen hatched a plan and attempted to take her sister ’ sulfur life. As a leave of the attempted murder, Komand ’ roentgen was expelled. In retaliation for her ejection, she vowed revenge against Koriand ’ roentgen and the planet of Tamaran .
Komand ’ gas constant betrayed her home world by giving its defensive secrets to their curse enemies, the Citadel. With the secrets exposed, the Citadel easily conquered Tamaran. Of the many conditions of appropriate, the most celebrated was the stipulate that saw Koriand ’ roentgen enslaved and never permitted to return. finally, it was revealed that Komand ’ roentgen was now Koriand ’ roentgen chief. Upon learning this, Koriand ’ roentgen killed one of her captors. As punishment for this, Komand ’ radius ordered that Koriand ’ rs death. What neither anticipated, however, was that the two were moments away from being attacked and captured ( with the function of experiment ) by a group of scientists called the Psions .
While under experiment, Komand ’ roentgen united states army invaded and attacked the Psions. In the midst of the mayhem, Koriand ’ r used new powers given to her by the experiment and escaped. now free, she fled to Earth, assumed they name Kory Anders and joined Robin and the Teen Titans .
And that ’ s it. The origin of Starfire.

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