The story behind Starro the Conquerer, Suicide Squad’s tentacled villain

For eagle-eyed comics fans, trailers for The Suicide Squad had the nefarious write on the wall since the very beginning. There were glimpses of enemy soldiers sporting strange coverings on their faces, and a elephantine, tentacle-like infantry crushing a car. Oh, and a full glimpse of a “ kaiju ” villain on a monitor-screen in the background .
And with the release of The Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller ’ s deputation for Task Force X becomes abundantly clear : Destroy everything relating to a mysterious “ Project Starfish. ”
[ Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for The Suicide Squad ] Or to get more particular, destroy the estrange titan the Thinker calls Starro the Conqueror.

Starro is not the elated invention of writer-director James Gunn. The sea-space creature has a long history in the comics — and an flush weirder seat in today ’ south DC universe. So let ’ s talk about Starro the Conqueror .

Who is Starro the Conqueror?

Green Lantern, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, the Martian Manhunter, and the Flash battle Starro, a giant starfish with a central eye on the cover of The Brave and the Bold #28 (1960).

To be blunt : Starro is a giant star psychic starfish from space who can shoot lasers from his tentacles. He was the first villain that the Justice League of America ever fought, way back in 1960 ’ s The Brave and the Bold # 28 .
At that fourth dimension, DC Comics was in the process of updating a set of its lesser-known characters for a new genesis of youngsters — these days, we ’ vitamin d decidedly call it “ rebooting. ” The Justice League itself was plainly an atomic-era reimagining of DC ’ s WWII ace team, the Justice Society. The team ’ s immediate popularity convinced rival kip comics publisher timely Comics to try their own superteam, The Fantastic Four, kicking off the Marvel revolution .
sol, yes, the Avengers had Loki, and the Justice League had a giant psychic starfish from space.

What is Project Starfish?

Starro and an American astronaut in The Suicide Squad

project Starfish is a unique construction to The Suicide Squad, and an attack to weaponize Starro ’ s creepiest world power. Conducted on the south american island state of Corto Maltese, and oversee by the Thinker, the project hopes to weaponize a interpretation Starro discovered and brought second to Earth by U.S. astronauts erstwhile following the end of the Cold War. This translation of Starro is about precisely like the one in the comics, so then the question remains …

What are Starro’s powers?

As a giant distance starfish, or Star Conqueror, Starro can fly unaided through huge interstellar distances, fire lasers from the tips of his arms, absorb energy ( even that of a period blank nuclear bomb calorimeter ), regenerate limbs, and, in some comics, change his size to grow bigger or smaller for convenience .


But later versions of Starro have actually brought his psychic powers to the fore, making him as much of a cosmic repugnance sort of foe as he is a big starfish that can laser you to end. Starro can generate bantam duplicates with which he shares a psychic link, and once those duplicates have made contact with another sentient being, they assume total see of their mind .
Starro spores can hide under clothing as they pilot their hosts and pretend nothing is wrong, but when the jig is up and concealment is no longer a precedence, you get the classical creepy Starro iconography : Dozens of superheroes with a starfish plastered across their heads, its cardinal and unblinking center staring with an alien hatred.

Starro ’ s mind control abilities carry over into The Suicide Squad, with the colossus unleash mind-control hell during a rampage across Corto Maltese. The Tinkerer makes certain to tell Bloodsport that once a person has been Starro ’ vitamin d, there basically a living cadaver, giving him all the exemption to shoot them in the capitulum like zombies. Did we mention The Suicide Squad is a bare comedy ?

What’s Starro like in DC’s current comics?

Jarro, who is a small blue starfish from space with a pink border and one central eye, shares an embrace with Batman, in Justice League #29, DC Comics (2019).

I ’ m so beaming you asked. good now Starro is presumed dead, but the Justice League managed to rescue a bantam polyp of him ; a baby ringer of Starro. They keep him in a jolt, and named him Jarro .
He thinks Batman is his dad .

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