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Mainstream Universe‎‎, 2011‎-present

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John Henry Irons

Main Alias



( niece )
Zeke Irons ( nephew, deceased )
( fiancé ) Clay Irons (brother) Natasha Irons (niece)Zeke Irons (nephew, deceased) Lana Lang (fiancé)


Superman Family,
Justice League Reserves ·
Suicide Squad

Formerly Justice League United

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Scientist, Engineer









Bald · Black



Prime Earth


Louise Simonson · Jon Bogdanove

First Appearance
Action Comics Vol 2 #2
(December, 2011)

I wonder … possibly that ‘s the mark of a superhero : not the incredible powers or saving the sidereal day, but the effect you have on other people. Inspiring them to keep trying … and inspiring them to never give up. John Henry Irons is Steel, a weapons designer turned superhero with a steel suit of armor and a big hammer.

New 52 origin

Growing up, John Henry Irons was always inspired by heroes. After his parents ‘ death, he realized they named him after the fabled folk music hero, John Henry, hoping he would follow in his namesake ‘s footsteps. [ 1 ] After progressing through calibrate school, Doctor Irons was hired by General Sam Lane to create a weapon capable of protecting the earth from an alien invasion. After Lex Luthor joined the operation Doctor Irons kept the prototype war befit called Metal-Zero hide for himself, while working with Luthor on a new Metal-Zero suit. When Luthor managed to capture Superman Doctor Irons turned in his resignation upon witnessing the anguish the inauspicious hero was under going. [ 2 ] curtly afterwards during the Terminaut invasion of Earth led by Brainiac Doctor Irons put on the original Metal-Zero armor to help protect the city. Surveying the attack Steel noticed Superman in pitched battle with the newly armored John Corben and intervened with the purpose to destroy the fresh Metal-Zero armor. After winning a light conflict against Metallo, Steel helped Superman determine the accelerate he ‘d need to reach in orderliness to propel himself into space to save New Troy from Brainiac. [ 1 ] While Superman took the conflict to quad, Steel remained on Earth to help manage the end caused by the abduction of the New Troy district of Metropolis. [ 3 ] Following the cosmic upheavals of the Rebirth period, this character’s history was revised.

current origin

Following the Death of Superman, John was one of four individuals who took originate in Metropolis to fill the gap left by the fallen champion. Unlike the early three, he made no claims to Superman ‘s mantle- he simply wore his symbol and fight injustice as Steel. When the Cyborg Superman revealed his true colors, Steel fought at the fall Superman ‘s side to defeat him. [ 4 ] After this he and Superman partnered up respective more times to fight crime and a endanger known as the Kryptonite Man, Steel managed to aid Superman in the villain ‘s kill and even found a way to deactivate the villain ‘s powers. Irons finally founded a humanist nonprofit organization, and dedicated a lot of his time to helping those in necessitate in less-developed countries.

Doomsday Virus

After facing the villain Doomsday alongside Superman he was infected with a strange nonnatural toxin, in a invite to prevent foster such infections he coated his skin in a ductile liquid steel movie, which would protect him from nonnatural infections but did limit his emotional responses. Steel was present when the Prime Earth ‘s Superman apparently died of kryptonite poisoning .

DC Rebirth

He now presently protects Metropolis aboard Lana Lang where he supports her both as a boyfriend and a partner in crime-fighting. With his niece, Natasha Irons and Lana make up Team Steel. When Lana ‘s powers closely killed her, John was there to watch over her, seeking out Superman to help save her. When she recovers, it seemed her powers were gone. He, Lana, and Natasha spend prison term in Smallville while she tries to cope, but she pushes him away in wrath. When she deals with the loss, the three reappearance to the city, where they create a test chamber that they believed could restore Lana ‘s powers by pushing her through her bad fears and doubts. The chamber accomplished the task, and it was discovered that the Insect Queen courtship Natasha build up for her store her powers inside the last clock she used it. late, John and Natasha are seen at Lana ‘s apartment, watching news program about a sighting of Skyhook, the meta criminal that kidnapped Zeke, John ‘s nephew. The two immediately prepare to go to the police for information, but Lana reveals she went ahead alone, upsetting them. The future day, John is preparing to hunt down Skyhook, despite Lana ‘s attempts to talk him out of it. however, John ‘s brother Crash finds him beginning, hoping to avenge his son. John and Natasha arrive not long after Lana reaches the scene. Rather that target Skyhook, the two forsake their revenge to save Crash, entrusting their quarry to Superwoman, who defeats him .

Doomsday Clock

Main article: Doomsday Clock Vol 1 After Superman is framed and rendered comatose, Steel joined the group of heroes heading towards Mars to confront their cryptic enemy. The heroes meet and engage Doctor Manhattan, but they are easily defeated. [ 5 ]


Former Powers
  • Organic Steel Coating: Steel is covered in an organic steel that prevents otherworldly infections.[6] The steel can be used to limit heart rate, effectively limiting emotional responses.[7]
    • Power Distribution: On touch, Steel can coat others in this substance, with its effects transferred to them as well.[8]





  • John Henry is engaged to Lana Lang.


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