Loki Laufeyson (Variant L1130)

NOTE: This article is about the variant from the alternate 2012 timeline. For the original Loki Laufeyson, see Loki Laufeyson. For the original comic version, see Loki Laufeyson.
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Villain Overview



Full Name

Loki Laufeyson


Variant L1130
D.B. Cooper
Loki Odinson (after he is adopted)
God of Mischief
Prince of Lies
Loki of Asgard
Master of Magic
Your Majesty
Son of Odin
Son of Laufey
The Worthy Son
Rightful King of Asgard
Reindeer Games
The Would-Be King
Real Power
Rock of Ages
Brother of Thor
Puny God
The War Criminal
Loki of Jotunheim
The Asgardian Mussolini
Seismic Narcissist
Rightful King of Jotunheim


Avengers: Endgame


God of Mischief

Prince of Asgard
King of Asgard (briefly)
Agent of Thanos (formerly)
Member of the Time Variance Authority (formerly)

Powers / Skills

Inhuman strength
Inhuman durability
Inhuman speed
Inhuman reflexes
Energy Projection
Mind stone blast
Mind control
Enchantment Resistance
Weaponry Expertise
Hand-to-hand combat prowess
Exceptional intelligence
Master Manipulator


( once ).

Causing chaos

Waging war and antagonizing to his adoptive brother (formerly).
Usurping the Kingdom of Asgard.


Hijack Boeing 727 for a ransom of $200,000 after losing a bet to Thor.
Use the Tesseract to escape from S.H.I.E.L.D. custody.
Escape the Time Variance Authority.
Track down Sylvie Laufeydottir.
Escape Lamentis-1.
Escape the Void (all succeeded).
Overthrow the Time Keepers (formerly).
Discover the creator the Time Variance Authority (succeeded).
Prevent the arise of a new Multiversal War (failed).
Kill Kang’s variants (ongoing).


War crimes
Abuse of power
Mass murder
Attempted genocide
Altering reality

Type of Villain

Anti-Villainous Trickster

It is adorable that you think you could possibly manipulate me. I’m ten steps ahead of you.
~ Loki to Mobius.
I betrayed everyone who ever loved me. I betrayed my father, my brother… my home. I know what I did. And I know why I did it. And that’s not who I am anymore.
~ Loki to Sylvie Laufeydottir.
I’ve been where you are. I’ve felt what you feel. Don’t ask me how I know. All I know… is I don’t wanna hurt you. I don’t want a throne. I just… I just want you to be okay.
~ Loki to Sylvie, explaining he now only cares about her, while trying to prevent He Who Remains’ death, to stop a multiversal war.

Loki Laufeyson is a recurring character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, appearing as a child adversary in the 2019 film Avengers: Endgame and the titular supporter of the Disney+ series Loki.

He is a random variable of the original Loki Laufeyson from an surrogate 2012 timeline, categorized by the Time Variance Authority as Variant L1130. Though the TVA originally intended to have him reset, analyst Mobius intervened as he wanted Loki ‘s help to stop his alternate self, Sylvie Laufeydottir. He is portrayed by Tom Hiddleston, who besides played Captain James Hook in The Pirate Fairy and Lord Nooth in Early Man .


I’m hedonistic. That’s what I do.
~ Loki to Sylvie.

a lot of Loki ‘s personality remains relatively the same as his original counterpart, up until the point where he is taken by the Time Variance Authority. He retains his craft, deceitful traits and because he has not gone through his way of redemption, he still comes off as a disdainful egotist, who believes he is destined to rule all of the Nine Realms. Despite this, however, he reveals to Mobius that he is not wholly barbarous as he explains to him that he does n’t enjoy hurting people for the sake of it but because he believes it ‘s a necessity as it ‘s depart of the magic trick. In addition to this, Loki reveals how a lot he in truth cares about his espouse beget, Frigga, as he was shocked and saddened to learn about her inevitable death in the future. He besides talks to Sylvie about how his mother taught him to wield and utilize magic. Over the course of the series, Loki falls in love with Sylvie and has come to trust her as his ally, but he has been having trouble expressing his thoughts and feelings towards her. finally, however, he makes it clear up to her that all he cares about is her and her base hit. Loki later reveals that a lot of the things he does are partially because of how egotistic he is and fears of being alone. This is shown when he is put in a prison term iteration with Sif, who manages to bring this side out of him. Likewise, when Mobius told Loki that Sylvie was pruned, Loki pretended not to care but in reality, he was distressed by the newsworthiness. later, when Mobius himself was pruned in front of him, Loki was greatly saddened by this as he believed he had lost the one person he truly considered to be his supporter. Loki was initially determined to overthrow the Time Keepers and take control of the TVA as part of his goal obtaining true ability but over the run of the series, he has learned and seen the lies of the TVA, finding out that everyone within it are variants that have been kidnapped and brainwashed. due to this, he has rather sought out to defeat the TVA raw, with the help of his allies around him .



much of this Loki ‘s background is similar to his original counterpart, where he is the biological son of the Frost Giant Laufey, and was adopted by Odin. Like the rest of the Asgardians, Loki would travel to Midgard and become a legend in Norse mythology, being known as the God of Mischief. During the 1970s, he lost a bet to Thor and hijacked a plane under the pseudonym “ D.B. Cooper ”. After he was believed to have died during his battle against Thor, Loki met Thanos and agreed to work with him to collect the Tesseract and invade Earth. Loki would lead the invasion in New York with the Chitauri, but was defeated by Thor and the Avengers .

Avengers: Endgame

Upon his kill by the Avengers in New York, Loki was apprehended and was taken to a floor to Stark tower where he was greeted by Alexander Pierce. While Pierce spoke with the Avengers on negotiating on the hands of the scepter and the Tesseract, Loki suspected that there was another Tony Stark by the perfume of his cologne. His deduction was chastise, as there was another Tony Stark that had time-traveled from the year 2023 to collect the Tesseract to undo the Snap. When the time-traveled Tony Stark and Scott Lang attempted to retrieve the Tesseract, Hulk arrived and knocked Stark unconscious and caused the Tesseract to slide to Loki ‘s feet. Seeing an opportunity, Loki retrieved the Tesseract and opened a portal vein to escape parturiency .


Season One

Loki teleported to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia where he was confronted by the Time Variance Authority, an organization tasked with preserving the timeline and stopping variants. The Minutemen informed Loki that he had committed violations, and Hunter B-15 apprehended him after he refused to surrender. Arriving to the agency of the Time Variance Authority, Loki was put on test by the judge Ravonna Renslayer, who revealed that Loki was a variant who was n’t meant to escape from his timeline. Loki admitted that he was guilty of his crimes, but attempted to escape by using his magic, where he learned that none of his magic trick worked in the office of the TVA. Before he could be pruned or reset, an analyst named Mobius intervened as he wanted to learn more about this version. Loki was interviewed by Mobius, who asked him if he enjoyed killing and hurting people before showing him his main self ‘s frustration at the hands of the Avengers and the death of his adopted mother Frigga. When Mobius was alerted that a variant was killing minutemen, he left the board, allowing Loki to try to escape from the Time Variance Authority. Meeting the employee Casey, Loki asked for the Tesseract, and saw a drawer full of Infinity Stones. Returning to the board where he was interviewed, Loki watched his independent self ‘s story of how he atoned for his actions, reconciled with Thor and Odin, and was killed by Thanos to save Thor. He was then attacked by Hunter B-15, but managed to defeat her by using the Time Twister before telling Mobius that he did n’t enjoy hurting others. Mobius then told Loki that he wanted his help to stop a discrepancy that was an interchange version of the prankster .

confederation with the TVA

Loki is given newly apparel and becomes a adviser for the TVA. He watches numerous videos on the TVA ‘s weapons and purpose. He, Mobius, Hunter B-15 and other minutemen are sent to inquiry an ambush from the variant of himself which Mobius was talking about. Loki tries to get an consultation with the Time Keepers inside the tent which the still-hunt takes place in, however Mobius realizes that he is conning them. They go back to the TVA where Loki researches all the attacks from the rogue discrepancy after being given one death luck. After some inquiry, he realizes that the discrepancy is hiding in apocalypses. He and Mobius test this theory in Pompeii, to find out that Loki was testify right field. Mobius then shows Loki some gum and they cross reference the time period in which the gumwood was sold in with the apocalypses which happened when the gumwood was sold. After Loki finds out that the random variable hides in a Roxxcart patronize plaza in the 1950 hurricane calamity of that time-period, Loki, Mobius, B-15, and some minutemen go to the shopping marketplace. Loki and B-15 find a civilian possessed by the version which possesses B-15. Loki has a conversation with the form and proposes a deal, however the variant ends up fighting him and activating reset charges that spread across the Sacred Timeline via Time Doors. When the variant reveals herself to be a female version of Loki, she activates a Time Door to the TVA and Loki follows her .



If it’s all the same to you… I’ll have that drink now.
~ Loki to the Avengers upon his defeat.
It’s been a very long day, and I think I’ve had my fill of idiots in armored suits telling me what to do, so, if you don’t mind, this is actually your last chance. Now get out of my way.
~ Loki to Hunter B-15.
I was… I am on the verge of acquiring everything I am owed, and when I do, it’ll be because I did it. Not because it was supposed to happen, or because you or the Time Variance Authority, or whatever it is you call yourselves, allowed me to. Honestly, you’re pathetic. You’re an irrelevance. A detour. A footnote to my ascent.
~ Loki to Mobius.
You have no idea what I’m capable of!
~ Loki to the Time Variance Authority.
I don’t enjoy hurting people… I don’t enjoy it. I do it because… I have to, because I’ve had to. Because it’s part of the illusion. It’s the cruel, elaborate trick conjured by the weak to inspire fear.
~ Loki explaining his thought process to Mobius.
I know what I am. Good? Bad? A bit of both.
~ Loki Laufeyson.
Expect the expected. Half the fun of being a trickster is knowing everyone knows you’re a trickster.
~ Loki Laufeyson
I’m a horrible person. I get it. I really am. I cut off your hair because I thought it’d be funny. And it’s not. I crave attention… because I’m… I’m a narcissist. And I suppose it’s… It’s because I’m scared of being alone.
~ Loki to Sif.
Is this Hel? Am I dead?
~ Loki waking up in the Void after being pruned, before meeting the other Lokis.


  • A promotional video for the Loki series confirmed that the character is gender-fluid in the MCU.[1][2]
    • Relating the the previous trivia fact, Loki has been officially confirmed as being bisexual in the episode Lamentis.



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