Top 50 Strongest Demon Slayer Characters Of All Time

 Kay Sebastian Kay -Posted July 7, 2022Top 50 Strongest Demon Slayer Characters!
Demon Slayer is an perplex anime that got the recognition and love that it deserves. apart from its phantasmagoric animation and lucid gesture, the series besides consists of some incredible characters that can entertain a broad assortment of audiences.

And being the action-shounen zanzibar copal that it is, Demon Slayer is bound to have some super strong characters. so today, we will be taking a look at some of them and trying to figure out the best out of the rest .

This is the top 50 Strongest Demon Slayer Characters list. I hope you enjoy it !

1. Yoriichi Tsugikuni

Yoriichi Tsugikuni
This one is pretty easy. It has been explicitly stated in the zanzibar copal that Yoriichi is the strongest Demon Slayer to ever exist .

He was the one who started the killing techniques we know by the name of Breathing Techniques. And his excellence was unmatched .

In fact, even to this day, he is said to be the strongest Demon Slayer to ever exist. And that would explain why he is ranked so senior high school on our number .

He is a monster on the battlefield. And there ‘s no deny that no one can match his lastingness and exponent .

not tied the Demon Lord Muzan himself. And when you are then impregnable that your memory scares the chief villain, your art is quite self-explanatory .

2. Muzan Kibutsuji

Muzan Kibutsuji
He is the main antagonist of the entire series. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Muzan Kibutsuji. He is the first devil to ever exist and is known for his insubstantial force and potential in the series .

It has been stated that Muzan is so strong that no other devil comes even finale to matching him in a conflict .

And most of them got their forte using his rake. This would explain why he is placed on such a gamey base in the series .

We have n’t seen him in the anime equitable yet. In action, that is. however, he is decidedly a monster in the manga and you would n’t wan na miss out on his insanity at all .

3. Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro Kamado
While the zanzibar copal fans might be surprised as to how Tanjiro is placed thus senior high school on this list, the manga fans know precisely why he is hera .

In the manga, our male child manages to become a Demon Lord himself. And that makes him something wholly different .

And when I say something completely different, I mean it. Tanjiro became the badly guy who will kill anyone and everyone to attain what he wishes .

And that ‘s why he started to get taste from the fandom and its members. however, in battle, he used Sun Breathing indeed effectively that his skills far surpassed any Hashira in the usher .

And with such art, Tanjiro shaped the series and himself everlastingly .

4. Kokushibo

This homo is a addict of nature. And there ‘s no direction you can ignore that. Kokushibo is one of the side characters in the indicate who serves as the Rank 1 Upper Moon in the series .

It has been stated that this man goes up against some of the strongest demons and demon slayers, only to consume them after the struggle .

In terms of bluff skills and have, he is artificial. And we have n’t seen him in the zanzibar copal so far .

however, once he shows up, things wo n’t be looking all that great for anyone else. There ‘s a reason why people love this series so much .

It is characters like Kokushibo that add fun and zest to the series which will make us lose our minds .

5. Gyomei

Known to be the strongest Hashira alive, we have Gyomei. He is the Stone Pillar in the serial and serves as one of the finest characters in the serial .

And apparently, he is one of the most feel Demon Slayers a well. The appearance has portrayed his excellence and proficiency with deference to force and powers .

however, that ‘s equitable the surface. He is a special homo on his own. And that ‘s because he is visually impaired .

however, he is distillery a refined warrior because he managed to strengthen all his other senses so well that he does n’t need eyes at all .

furthermore, it has been stated that he does n’t have a Katana and rather uses a wholly different weapon that makes him physically lethal .

6. Doma

He is one of the most big characters in the integral series. And there ‘s no deny that his looks merely portray his floor of military capability and power to the viewers .

Doma is the second-highest daydream in the series. And as some assume that he is good slightly behind Kokushibo to become the number 1 .

In the anime, it was hinted that he was the 6th Upper Moon back in the day. however, with the passage of prison term, he rose in rate .

And that happened either by him improving his physical forte or by the death of other Demons. All in all, Doma is the havoc that ca n’t be contained without either one of the characters mentioned above .

Fighting him is a struggle for life .

7. Akaza

This homo is a monster. And in the anime, he has been recognized as the one who took down Kyojiro Rengoku .

He is Akaza. Akaza is the third-ranked upper berth daydream whose potency is absolutely gorgeous. It is stated in the anime and manga that he is the entirely Demon who does n’t use a weapon .

While the zanzibar copal fandom hates him all in all, his popularity comes from his struggle against Rengoku. And that conflict was absolutely brilliant .

nothing was able to top that at the clock of its murder. And there ‘s a rationality why the Demon Slayer movie became the most financially successful film of all time .

People loved the characters that played in the floor and Akaza was one of them .

8. Sanemi Shinazugawa

Sanemi Shinazugawa
Remember that guy who stabbed Nezuko in her box with a sword ? Yeah, that ‘s Sanemi. And I wo n’t lie, Sanemi was one of the most hat characters at one distributor point in time .

And that was because of his cruelty with Nezuko and Tanjiro. however, soon adequate, we realize his backstory. And things flipped immediately .

Sanemi is one of the most impressive characters in the express who happens to have an highly dishearten life before he became the Wind Hashira .

however, apart from his past, his present is besides impressive as he is known to be one of the most skilled Hashiras in the stallion series .

This man is a addict of nature on the battlefield .

9. Giyu Tomioka

Giyu Tomioka
Tomioka is the beginning demon Slayer to appear in the series. And that ‘s quite something considering that he serves as the model name for Tanjiro and his team .

Giyu is one of the Hashiras who is known for using water breathe. Tanjiro got his breathing style from the teacher of Giyu himself who is known as Urokodaki .

This man is quite impressive with his skills. Everything about him is sleek, capture, and fascinating. The most harebrained consequence about Giyu was his battle against Rui .

In that battle, he used the 11th form of Water Breathing and took out the demon without breaking a perspiration .

And that was the moment when Tomioka shaped his strength and art for the hearing .

10. Kyojuro Rengoku

Kyojuro Rengoku
This homo is a legend. And that ‘s not me saying this. It is the residential district that looks up to him and his character .

Kyojiro Rengoku was the Flame Hashira in the series. And he was the matchless who saved the Mugen Train and went against Rank 3 Upper Demon Akaza .

His battle was a fete for the viewers. And that ‘s the claim cause why Demon Slayer Mugen Train became the highest-grossing anime film of all fourth dimension .

This serviceman was not lone motivational, but besides strong, capture, and inspiring. The sheer skill and potency that he portrayed during his time as a Demon Slayer were unreal .

And his vision for being a human is what makes him desirable of this rank on our list .

11. Muichiro Tokito

Muichiro Tokito
Although he may seem absent-minded all the time, this man is something completely unexpected. He is one of the Pillars in the Demon Slayer Corps and serves as the Mist Hashira in the series .

It is assumed that Muichiro is a prodigy whose skills are second to none. He was the Hashira who was remarked by Uzui for becoming so potent in a matter of two months .

That ‘s correct ladies and gentlemen. Muichiro became a Hashira in a matter of two months. And he is just angstrom unseasoned as Tanjiro and the gang .

now you know why he is placed indeed high. As time goes by and he practices more and more, this man will shape himself to become a animal in the fib .

And that ‘s why he is so crucial .

12. Tengen Uzui

Tengen Uzui
Uzui Tengen is the Sound Hashira in the series who served his function in the moment season of the franchise .

He was the one who went up against Gyutaro and Daki who serve as the 6th Rank Upper Moon Demons in the express .

however, Tengen gained recognition in the zanzibar copal community thanks to his flashiness and wives. apart from countless memes that place the idea of having multiple wives, Tengen is besides known for his excellence in the feel of good .

And that is just the begin of his character. As time passes by, we see him perform more and more impressive feats that rank him high in the minds of the viewers and characters that play within the show .

13. Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri Kanroji
Although we are so far to see from her, Mitsuri is one of the most crucial characters in the series .

She is the one who serves as the Love Hashira and uses what is known as Love Breathing. This Breathing Technique is branched from Flame breathing and that ‘s why she is equitable a impressive as his model Kyojiro .

We will be seeing her insane operation in the next season of Demon Slayer, along with Muichiro. however, based on what we know therefore far, she is a lot more impressive than how she was when we first met her .

consequently, Mitsuri is a character you would n’t wan na overlook if you are in search of some fabulously potent beings in the series .

14. Obanai Iguro

Obanai Iguro
This homo is even another animal when it comes to his persuasiveness and fight art. Although we have n’t seen him in carry through fair however, in the manga, he is a force of nature .

Obanai Iguro is one of the Hashiras in the series who uses a special character of breathing proficiency known as Serpent Breathing .

And this breathe proficiency makes him one of the strongest characters in the entire franchise. apart from his excellence as a warrior, he is besides recognized for his character and values .

good like Sanemi, he is besides misunderstood by the audience. And his personality will be unveiled with the passage of time .

soon enough, people will know how strong he is on the battlefield .

15. Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu Kocho
She is the Insect Hashira of the Demon Slayer corporation. And right now, she is walking on the way of her sister .

Being a sadist, Shinobu may not seem all that interesting at first. however, that ‘s just how things went for her .

In the zanzibar copal, she is a particular kind of Demon Slayer that uses poison to kill her enemies alternatively of beheading them .

And this is why she is appreciated so much within the series. All the Demon Slayers have something or the other going on for them .

And Shinobu is no exception. She is besides known for being a fan favored in the series. And with all these feats in place, Shinobu serves as the woman of quality and value that you would want in your storyline .

16. Kanao Tsuyuri

Kanao Tsuyuri
Kanao and her excellence are quite sensible considering her background. After all, she was raised by the Flower pillars in the series .

She is one of the star characters who use insect breathe. And she was nurtured by Kocho Kanae a well as Kocho Shinobu .

consequently, she has been claimed as one of the strongest amongst the newly generation of Demon Slayers. And because of her stoic position, she is able to use all her energy and concentrate to become the best adaptation of herself .

This goes to show how insane she can be if she gets adequate prepare over time. And that ‘s what makes her worthy of this spotlight on our list .

If you went up against her in conflict, you will have a hard fourth dimension surviving as a Demon .

17. Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu Agatsuma
Agatsuma Zenitsu has constantly been the problem child in the series. however, he is besides the one who portrays the highest academic degree of force in the series .

He is known for using Thunder Breathing, which he inculcated from the former Thunder Hashira. however, because of his limitations, he is only able to use one breathing shape .

And that ‘s what makes him unique. He will take down his enemies using the lapp move over and over .

And it ‘s the diaphanous exercise of that affect that makes him worthy of being one of the finest monster Slayers in the series .

If you are against him, you ca n’t outspeed him. He is unreal .

18. Inosuke Hashibira

Inosuke Hashibira
Inosuke is the most entertain quality in the entire series. No questions asked. And that ‘s why he is besides the most prevailing one a well .

Inosuke is known for using beast emit, a wholly singular form of Breathing that has n’t been seen by anyone else .

He is recognized for his boar masquerade and aggressive personality. however, over time he has become a lot more rational and focused on his life and the battles he fights .

His backstory has a draw of dark in it. And the boar mask talk for itself. however, in struggle, this man has proven that his past is n’t going to define the level of excellence that he may have in the future .

Beast Breathing is going to become even more deadly .

19. Genya Shinazugawa

Genya Shinazugawa
Genya Shinazugawa is the brother of Sanemi and is known to have just a much aggression as him. This man and his capabilities are all focused on the heat that he possesses within himself .

It ‘s the harebrained hatred and dismay towards demons that give him military capability on the battlefield. And he has been taken in by none early than the strongest Hashira alive, Gyomei Himejima .

You know you will become a fine warrior when you learn from the best. And that ‘s the reason why Genya is so impressive in the serial .

And with what happened to him in his by, we wo n’t be seeing a character like him in zanzibar copal anytime soon .

Let ‘s hope for his depicting in the anime .

20. Hantengu

This monster stands as one of the upper moons. however, he is a bunch different than the others. He is the amphetamine rank 4 who is known for his consistency that stays in a ceaseless state of fear .

Hantengu is the one who has a completely different expectation on his life and the purpose that he serves in it .

If we talk about his raw potency, that ‘s quite focused on his ability to manipulate flesh. furthermore, he is able to create little versions of himself that possess some harebrained powers within them .

phonograph needle to say, he gets weaker with every division of his own body. But having such a game-changing technique at his disposal makes him desirable of a high social station on our number .

21. Gyokko

This man is amorphous. And ampere hideous as he may appear, he can still cause a lot of havoc and worry for all those around him .

Gyokko is one of the lead characters in the series who is known for his upper moon rank of 5 .

And that allows him to outperform most early demons. He is able to regenerate to an extremely fast degree and has the ability to manipulate his own flesh .

And that ‘s merely the beginning of his character. He is besides able to move extremely promptly and transform into his true shape which makes him even more dangerous .

He is a monster that can cause a fortune of trouble for anyone and everyone in the serial. And that ‘s why he is ranked hera .

22. Nakime Otokawa

Nakime Otokawa
While her powers may not seem all that harebrained at first base, she is decidedly capable of changing the odds in her favor .

Nakime is one of the child antagonists in the series who has a particular style of fighting. She fights in a fortress that seems to be endless in its space and size .

And within that fortress, she can manipulate and create diverse entrances and exits. furthermore, she can shift the room and play around like it ‘s a Rubik ‘s cube .

In that fortress, fighting her without losing your mind is basically impossible. And that ‘s why she is placed then high on our list .

She deserves more realization from fans .

23. Gyutaro

He gave the heavy Hashira a political campaign for his money. And that ‘s why he deserves to be standing there on our tilt .

Gyutaro is separate of the Upper Moon 6. And he is the stronger half of the duet. Gyutaro had a miserable past and his surly appearance made him the man that he is right now .

Over time, he became an highly firm monster. And the fact that he went toe to toe with none other than Uzui Tengen is harebrained .

Within the anime, Uzui manages to defeat Gyutaro with his skills. however, it takes him a long ton of effort and pain to do therefore .

And when that happens, he ends up losing a batch in the fight. This explains why you should n’t mess with Gyutaro even if you are a Hashira .

24. Daki

She is the moment half of the 6th rank in the upper moons. And she is arguably the weakest upper moon in the series .

however, that does n’t change the fact that she calm packs a punch when the situation calls for it. Daki is one of the antagonists in the series who happens to be an extremely beautiful demon .

She fights alongside her brother Gyutaro and in concert, they form the upper daydream rank 6. Daki is nasty in her set about .

And that ‘s why she goes on to play with her opponents a much as she can. When things get out of hand, Daki calls out her brother and battles alongside her .

And that ‘s where the true persuasiveness of the Upper Moon 6 comes into play.

25. Enmu

Let ‘s talk about the lower social station 1, Enmu. She is one of the strongest characters to exist in the series and serves as the primary coil adversary of the show .

Enmu is a demon known for his ability to manipulate dreams. More specifically, he is able to shape the dreams of all those who go up against him and gives them the most blessed dreams ampere good as the most awful ones .

His character is quite psychopathic and that was one of the reasons why Muzan spared him when he was dealing with the other lower ranks .

soon enough, we get to know that Enmu is taken down by Tanjiro and Inosuke. however, that entire act took a distribute more feat than we would have imagined .

26. Kaigaku

Coming in as the succeeding upper moon 6, we have Kaigaku. In the kingdom of Demon Slayer, Kaigaku was the one who took over the point that Gyutaro and Daki had .

And he is harebrained at his skill. He is known for his ability to manipulate electricity. And so, that makes him worthy of standing future to some of the most polish electric users in the prove .

He besides has access to Thunder Breathing and his skills within that segment are just as impressive. furthermore, the reason why he is one of the finest warriors in the entire show is because of the fact that he can have his own direction with electrical forces .

And his amphetamine is beyond impressive. No wonder he is placed so high .

27. Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado
Nezuko is a surprise submission to a lot of us, chiefly because it was n’t even hinted that she will be the one who will outperform everyone on the battlefield .

however, she has proved her art time and meter again in the series. During the struggle with Rui, she used her blood monster artwork for the foremost time .

And that allowed her to assist Tanjiro in about slaying down Rui ‘s head. And we saw her become an absolute animal during the entertainment district bow where she gave Daki a tend for her money .

She needs some prepare on her own. And if that happens at the decline consequence, she can become a completely new being .

28. Rui

Rui is the lower social station 5 monster in the series. And his skills are good angstrom impressive as you might expect from person of his stature .

He is one of the first breathless villains in the series. And his skills made the audience lose their minds .

Although they may not be as threatening now, at one point in time, those spider fibers that Rui had, made him a freak out of nature .

Our male child Tanjiro lost his sword because of fact that he was n’t able to cut through Rui ‘s sword .

People look up to the era when Rui was a menace. And his backstory was besides heartwarming and entertaining for the consultation, making him worthy of all the love and support he gets from the fans .

29. Kanae Kocho

Kanae Kocho
Kanae is one of the side characters in the testify who happens to be the belated Flower Hashira. now hera ‘s the bargain .

We know that she was a Hashira during her reign. however, we do n’t have a clear picture of her potency in the series barely however .

Since Shinobu is a relatively weak Hashira, it is rugged to determine how strong Kanae was during her choice .

however, there ‘s no deny that she would have been quite impressive considering that you need at least a kill count of 50 demons to qualify as a Hashira or you need to kill one of the Twelve Kizuki .

Do that and you will become a Hashira. however, doing either of these tasks is highly unmanageable and that ‘s why Kanae is desirable of this membership .

30. Rokuro

This devil was quite strong during his moments. unfortunately, we do n’t get to see his military action in the series .

He is one of the Twelve Kizuki. And his membership is the Lower Moon Two. If you remember correctly, Muzan killed ranks 6, 4, 3, and 2 .

This is why we never get to see Rokuro in action. however, it has been stated in the manga that this man was quite a havoc during his premier .

We do n’t have any theme about him fair even. But the fact that he stood as the Upper Rank two goes on to prove how much likely he would have had in his ace moments .

This is why Rokuro is a noteworthy character in the picture .

31. Wakuraba

This serviceman is the lower social station 3 in the serial. And fair like the former entry, he was taken down by Muzan when he was angry .

however, just like Rokuro, it would be a error to ignore the potential lastingness that this world would have had .

He is one of the side characters who was a Human at one point in time. He seems to have had enhanced accelerate, regeneration, and his original rake demon art .

While we do n’t have a dependable estimate about his blood devil art, we do know that his regeneration skills and his ability to move were good enough to make him one of the strongest demons in the entire worldly concern .

And that ‘s why Muzan gave his lineage to him in the first place .

32. Mukago

This character is besides one of the hapless who ended up losing their life sentence while facing Muzan. however, this is just the surface of her character .

Mukago is one of the background characters in the show that gained a draw of care during the Rehabilitation Training Arc .

In terms of appearance, it would n’t be incorrect to say that she looked quite a draw like Rui. however, it is assumed that her backstory must have been quite unlike from Rui or anyone from his family .

furthermore, she is assumed to be a strong devil who would have had the capability to pack a punch during the initial bow of the series .

however, we do n’t have any attest to cross-check that and therefore, Mukago has to settle for this crying .

33. Tamayo

She is grace on her own. And although we have n’t seen her fight yet, there ‘s no deny that she is quite a qualitative womanhood in the series .

Tamayo is one of the english characters that appeared as a surprise to the viewers. In the integral series, Tamayo, Nezuko, and Yushiro are the only demons that do n’t rely on killing humans for their survival .

And that ‘s what makes Tamayo thus limited. furthermore, she was turned into a devil by none early than Muzan himself .

however, he was n’t able to control her completely and so, she decided to pursue her career as a sophisticate and continue researching Demons and their capabilities .

This is why she is thus respected in the display .

34. Spider Demon Father

Spider Demon Father
nowadays it ‘s time to talk about the Spider Demon Family, starting with Spider Demon Father. He is the one with a chilling font and a mesomorphic body .

In the anime, he served as the father of the family that was created by Rui. And during his struggle with Tanjiro and Inosuke, he was able to give them a range for his money .

Out of all the demons who served as the class members, Father was the strongest. gratuitous to say, that ‘s following to Rui himself .

furthermore, his capabilities have shown animal lastingness and harebrained agility, making him worthy of higher ranks on this list .

however, since he was taken down by our boy Giyu, we ca n’t know for surely .

35. Spider Demon Son

Spider Demon Son
meter to talk about the Spider Demon Son, ladies, and gentlemen. He is the one who served as the younger brother to Rui .

And his appearance is basically a spider with a human head. He was the one who had red dots on his face, just like his other family members .

And in the anime, he was able to cause a decent sum of tension among the characters. needle to say, people looked up to him at times but he was n’t able to sustain his standards since he was besides taken down by the Demon Slayer corps .

however, that does n’t change the fact that he was indeed a force to be reckoned with at one point in clock .

36. Spider Demon Mother

Spider Demon Mother
Out of all the Demon syndicate members, she was the one who had the biggest shock on the consultation .

And that ‘s what makes her so extra for the series. She was the matchless who served as the Demon Mother .

And she portrayed the misery that other demons were facing as they were associated with Rui. Her depicting was then heartwarming that Tanjiro decided to give her a placid and painless death .

And during her concluding moments, she was glad that Tanjiro ended her hapless life. This is why people looked up to her character .

And that ‘s the reason she is placed here on our list .

37. Kamanue

He is the matchless who is ranked as the lower moon 6. And that ‘s why he placed last on our list with Kizuki .

however, the fact that he was separate of the lower lunar month means that he was only weaker than 11 demons in the stallion earth .

And during the start of the series, we were portrayed with a long ton of demons that shaped the series for us .

Some of them were n’t even region of the Twelve Kizuki but placid packed a punch. With such a condition in place, these characters were bound to be impressive to the audience .

And that ‘s why Kamanue would have gotten more taste if it was n’t for his prematurely mangle. He was a devil with potential who did n’t get to explore it .

38. Kyogai

This demon lost his thinker because of the fact that he was n’t one of the Twelve Kizuki anymore. And during the start of the read, he packed a strong punch for our characters .

He was one of the minor antagonists who is known as the Room Demon in the series. And that ‘s because his demon art allowed him to launch attacks using the drums on his body .

Each barrel serves a unlike purpose and they all portray one or the other form of havoc for the characters .

This is why Kyogai was thus tough to beat in the series. fortunately, Tanjiro managed to take him down and ended his career .

39. Susamaru

Remember that ball demon who decided that it was a estimable idea to play volleyball with our main cast ? Yeah, that ‘s Susamaru .

And she is quite a ruffianly challenge for beginners. She used her super-strong balls to attack the opponents and pack a punch on them .

furthermore, she is besides able to direct the motion of the balls of her own will. And that ‘s what made her therefore capture in the first position .

Susamaru managed to cause a distribute of trouble for our boys and gave them a race for their money .

however, in the end, our boys managed to put an end to her acts. And that ‘s how Susamaru and her being ceased .

40. Spider Demon Daughter

Spider Demon Daughter
Belonging to the Demon family, we have the Spider Demon Daughter. She is one of the side antagonists in the show who served as her sister for Rui .

Out of all the characters present in the history, she was the one who served as the easiest hurdle for anyone and everyone in the series .

And that ‘s because she was n’t interest in battle at all. She had her liveliness and was not felicitous about it .

consequently, she just wanted to have an end to it all. And that ‘s why her character is n’t known for her capabilities .

however, it is claimed that Spider Demon Daughter was quite strong in terms of skills .

41. Yahaba

This man is known for his aid to Susamaru. And that ‘s why he is placed here on this list .

Yahaba is one of the minor antagonists that teamed up with Susamaru to take down Tanjiro and the team .

It was his eyesight devil art that allowed Susamura to pack such a deadly punch on the opponents. And if it was n’t for his ability to manipulate objects, the contend would have ended in a wholly different manner .

That ‘s why Yahaba is a character that you would n’t wan na miss out on in the serial .

42. Murata

Although he is one of the side characters in the serial, he does have a distribute going on for himself .

For starters, he uses Water Breathing for battles. But the catch is that he does n’t fight all that often .

rather, he just works as an assistant and helps out the people who do the veridical crusade. His family was killed by Demons and therefore, he decided to take them head-on .

unfortunately, he realized that he did n’t have what it takes to turn down these demons and then, he was n’t able to hold his own against anyone for that matter .

however, he was able to highlight the strength it takes to be a monster killer .

43. Horned Demon

Horned Demon
now we are reaching the part of the list where the demons did n’t have any names for themselves. however, they were decidedly noteworthy during their bow .

And we start this section with the Horned monster. He is one of the setting villains who was taken down by our main frame .

He used to reside in the Tsuzumi Mansion. And as person who does n’t have a set going on for himself, he is merely a setting giant who caused some disturb to others using his abilities .

And that ‘s why he is placed here on our list .

44. Tongue Demon

Tongue Demon
He was subjected to Zenitsu ‘s deadly first base form. And let ‘s barely say that it was quite fun to watch him getting slaughtered in a second .

Tongue Demon is the one who went up against Agatsuma Zenitsu and decided to take him down. unfortunately for him, our boy is a monster in disguise .

And it was at that moment that he realized that this is n’t going to work. The natural language demon will destroy anyone and everyone in his way .

consequently, the sleeping Zenitsu decided to take matters into his own hands and destroy the opposition in just a single blow .

45. Hand Demon

Hand Demon
This man is right up against Urokodaki. And that ‘s why he is placed here on our list. The hand devil is named so because of his appearance .

His entire body is filled with hands and he has taken down 13 of Urokodaki ‘s students including Sabito. This is why he was a formidable opposition for everyone who entered the examination such as Tanjiro and Zenitsu .

Our boys managed to get across him using their skills but this beast goes to show how difficult it is for person to become a monster killer in this earth .

Defeating him is nothing less than an accomplishment .

46. Sabito

He was a ghostwriter in the story. A ghost who added another level to the show. Sabita is one of the side characters who appeared during the initial episodes of Demon Slayer .

It is stated that he was a ghostwriter who served as the assistant to Urokodaki. But all of this happens without words .

He went up against Tanjiro multiple times. And most of the time, Sabito was the achiever. But the erstwhile Tanjiro managed to take him down, he was gone for good .

Sabito is one of the most creative characters that shaped the philosophical aspect of the serial for us .

47. Makomo

She is one of the apprentices that served under Urokodaki. And her character gained a bunch of attention thanks to her contribution to the indicate .

Makomo is said to be one of the ghosts who assisted Tanjiro on his travel to becoming a proper demon killer .

And that was the origin of our boy. She did n’t battle him head-on. however, she did give him proper steering on achieving better performance .

fair like Sabito, she was besides gone after Tanjiro secured his victory. But that does n’t change the fact that she had what it takes .

48. Yushiro

a much as he admires dame Tamayo, he is decidedly a luminary character in the show. Yushiro is one of the side personalities who work aboard Tamayo and assists her on every part of her journey .

He is insanely in sexual love with her and can do anything and everything to protect her. This is why he is placed here on this list .

Despite being a devil, he retains his senses and acts as a human raw. And it is because of his character that the series got a cryptic equal to its narrative .

49. Aoi Kanzaki

Aoi Kanzaki
She is one of the supporting characters in the series who is n’t firm enough to fight demons. And thus, she decides to serve the Demon Slayer corporation in her own way .

Her contribution to the series has been significant considering that she shaped our characters to become equally hard as they are today .

And it was the basic discipline that she gave to the chief draw that created them into the absolute monsters we know today .

The avail may be bare but it was decidedly luminary enough to earn her a smudge on this list .

50. Swamp Demon

Swamp Demon
This demon does n’t truly have a lot of strength under his knock. however, he was one of the foremost to be in the show so he deserves a spot on this list .

He was known for being a demon ill-famed for stealing girls every night. And once the Demon Slayer corporation got the intel about him, they decided to send assistant .

Tanjiro went ahead and took him down with no major topic. And that ‘s how this devil ‘s conclusion came to be.

however, he still packed a punch during the begin of the prove .

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