Recreate Studio Ghibli Aesthetic in your Home

Studio Ghibli aesthetic is known worldwide for its hex, dreamy scenes that evoke a sense of nostalgia. In addition, the beautiful settings and interiors of these movies leave you wishing you could live in them. And with a ghibli inspire room, you fair can .
Rooms in Miyazaki movies are capricious and comforting. The colorful interiors draw from assorted styles and besides frequently have natural elements and visible clutter. furthermore, the lived-in atmosphere of these rooms is an important part of the studio apartment ghibli aesthetic .
After across-the-board research, we have come up with 9 ideas to help you recreate iconic rooms from the ghibli universe. so, use these as a starting distributor point to create aesthetic zanzibar copal bedroom setting uniquely suited to you .

Howl’s bedroom

Howl ’ s Bedroom from Howl ’ s Moving Castle is a bohemian dream come true. The maximalist room does not shy away from interior decoration and is besides filled with curiosities of every kind.

Howls moving castle - Howls bedroom Studio Ghibli aestheticHowls bedroom | Image from artstation In addition, the cosmetic vogue gives a cozy vibration and feels like a room that has everything you could ever want – from books to plants and interior decoration. It ’ s the perfect stead for an introvert to shelter in !
Mossy green room with lots of pictures, floral pillows and moreImage from Pinterest Recreate the spirit of Howl ’ s bedroom with flowery wooden furniture and besides accompany it with floral prints. To bring in the studio apartment ghibli aesthetic, you can even choose a moss-grown green color for your walls. Hang plants and any other interior decoration items you love, but don ’ metric ton forget to leave space to move around the room well .
Vintage room filled with photo frames Howl's moving castle in real lifeImage from camillevergnes Like Howl, you can besides choose to fill up most surfaces with books, vases, lamps, plants, and bejewelled accessories. ultimately, complete the spirit by putting up mini fagot lights and Howl ’ s frying pan for a truly charming feel .

Arrietty’s Bedroom 

plant lovers will no doubt be mesmerised by Arrietty ’ sulfur bedroom in ‘ The Secret World of Arrietty ’. For nature lovers, this is indeed the Studio Ghibli aesthetics to go for .
Eternal Spring AnimeImage from studioghiblimoves
The room is a beautiful garden lend to animation in a million shades of green, red, and yellow. Besides, it imparts the refreshing feel of being in nature and is a bang-up seat to de-emphasize and loosen .
Bedroom with many dark lush green plantsImage from rubysuzecreates thus, design yourself a room fashioned after Arrietty ’ south bedroom in a few bare steps. Start with a semblance schema of green and add loss for a blue vogue, or yellow for a bright look .
Green and yellow bedroom with large plants to imitate Studio Ghibli aestheticImage from Pinterest For a Studio Ghibli aesthetic wallpaper, consider wallpaper with a plant theme. In addition, put big houseplants to the room to recreate the characteristic look in your own vogue .
Floral patterns and plant-based design bedroomImage from Pinterest Items like a cute mushroom lamp and artificial plants nightlights can be helpful hera. A green or deep brown rug will keep with this natural theme while making the room more comfortable .

Anna’s Bedroom

Anna ’ second clean and organized bedroom is one the easiest anime rooms to recreate, specially in a room with wooden floors .
Fresh and green Anime When Marnie was there Studio GhibliImage from householdquotes
The natural easy and the calm room have a good mix of study and relaxation spaces. Hence, making it a popular choice for students who love zanzibar copal style rooms .
To give your board the Studio Ghibli aesthetic, first, start with a four-poster layer and a simple desk. If you love Anna ’ s bookshelf, consider besides a custom one with a alike invention. differently, you can choose a modern tiered bookshelf for the function .
Bedroom and study combo with open spaces for freeing atmosphereImage from Pinterest adjacent, you can soften the look of the bedroom with a print rug and a round of golf floor shock absorber. Look for a stained glass table lamp to decorate your desk, and besides a paper lamp or two to hang in the bedroom. Use sheer curtains to let in sunlight, and DIY yourself a little tugboat of books to accessorise the quad .

Marnie’s Bedroom

As a refine and beautiful Studio Ghibli aesthetic, Marnie ’ second room transports you back in prison term .
When marie was there - Marie’s bedroomMarie’s bedroom from When Marie was there | Image from Pinterest The board balances out the burdensomeness of the dark forest with lots of floral prints. It is besides arrant for person who wants a bit of a traditional, elegant search .
This vogue besides does a great job of making big spaces and attic bedrooms feel more invite .
Marnie's bedroom in real life Studio Ghibli aestheticImage from persimmonridgefarmtn Bring this Studio Ghibli aesthetic to life sentence with age-old and preloved furniture pieces. For case, a repository ‘s desk and bookshelf work good. Use floral wallpapers and wooden wainscoting to recreate the count of the walls, or besides simplify it with floral bedspreads, curtains, and a rug .
Bedroom with arm chair and reading cornerImage from benjaminmooreuk A little round table and professorship can be made into a breakfast sphere. alternatively, you can besides make yourself a understand corner with a traditional terrace or an armchair and a humble side table by a windowpane .
Studio Ghibli aesthetic green bedroomImage from Pinterest Accessorise the room with cushions, figurines, and artwork to complete the look .

Tatsuo Kusakabe’s Study

possibly a room filled to the brim with books appeals to the pedant in you, or your discipline just has more books and files than spaces to put them in. Whatever the rationality, there ’ s no deny that Mr Kusakabe ’ south study has a foreign Studio Ghibli aesthetic charm to it .
My neighbour Totoro - Tatsuo Kusakabe officeMr Kusakabe’s messy yet charming bedroom | Image from Nouru-éddine A room filled with bookshelves of every kind, this study from ‘ My Neighbor Totoro ’ is ideal for those who love the messy look .
Try out this look by creating a few piles of books in the corner of the room. A tower bookcase can help create this search while keeping the books easily accessible .
Tatsuo Kasukabe inspired messy bedroomImage from _moinchi Arrange the rest of the books on your work desk using a thin bookend to hold them in place. You can besides choose to lean them against the rampart, leaving space for your laptop or notebooks in front .
Add a bumpkinly lamp to the desk, and framed paintings and photos on the walls. Introduce a coffee table and seating near the desk for breaks in between exercise .
A sealed Zen can be within such chaos, which is surely the capture of Studio Ghibli aesthetic. If you want to add some magic to the overall standard atmosphere, possibly place a Totoro plushie in the room excessively !

Kiki’s Bedroom 

If you ’ re a sports fan of dark anime interiors, you ’ ll find yourself falling in love with Kiki ’ s dark and moody room .
Kiki’s Loft - Kiki’s Delivery Service Studio Ghibli aestheticKiki’s loft | Image from Tumblr The drab room has a simple blueprint that leans towards minimalism. The simplicity of the design makes it comfortable to keep the space neat and organised at all times without feeling cold and empty .
Minimalistic bedroom with dark and calming colour paletteImage from Pinterest Make your room share of the Studio Ghibli aesthetic with a colored tinge outline. Paint your walls in prussian blue or deep grey, and contrast it with a deep red president or mesa .
Grey and Prussian blue coloured bed bedroomImage from Pinterest While Kiki ’ south room is barren of furnishings, there ’ s no reason to keep it that way. Create a moody and comfortable quad with dark curtains and a floor shock absorber or two .
Use wooden planters to keep smaller items, and add some quick ignition and wall interior decoration. Look for ottomans and storage benches to add hidden storage outer space in the room .

Jiro’s room

Jiro ’ sulfur room in ‘ The Wind Rises ’ is a traditional japanese bedroom that is beautiful in its ease. This Studio Ghibhli aesthetic is for those who love minimalistic design and unfold spaces .
Jiro’s room from the wind risesJiro’s room from The Wind rises | Image from Pinterest The room design focuses on functionality, with just a desk and a minor table taking up shock space. This invention is ideal for a study or studio room that motivates you to get to work .
minimal furniture and a unhorse color scheme make the board feel larger than it is, and can be utilitarian in modest spaces .
Open spaces with good air flow bedroom Studio Ghibli Jiro's room inspiredImage from Pinterest Opt for a low board in pale wood to match the light colours of Jiro ’ s room. alternatively of the tatami mats, consider a modern geometric rug with elementary patterns and colours .
Keep the table in the most pleasing contribution of the board, facing a windowpane in the front or on the english. Create batch of storage space around the board with rampart hooks .
Add a pendant lamp or a board lamp for more light. finally, bring in the iconic Studio Ghibli aesthetic by arranging groups of books around the board .

Taku’s room

Ocean Wave ‘s Taku has a room that is a well-organised bedroom and cogitation, which takes you back in time .
Taku’s room from Ocean waves Taku’s room from Ocean waves | Image from Pinterest The room makes distance for a bed and dresser on one side, and a cogitation postpone and boastfully bookshelf on the other. A beautiful view frames this setting .
We think that Taku ‘s bedroom is perfect for anyone who needs to work or study in their bedroom and likes to have clearly defined spaces .
Bedroom and study combined room with windowImage from Pinterest Set up the room with your bed on one side and your desk on the other, ideally framing a window. If you don ’ t have a window, consider using wallpaper or painting a Studio Ghibli aesthetic scenery in the middle .
A large wall desk will offer more quad for your devices and accessories. depart of the desk can be turned into a dressing table with the addition of a mirror above and storage space below .
Decorate the room with wall shelves, posters, and photos to make your own zanzibar copal bedroom .

Sophie’s Craft Room

Enter Miyazaki ’ s charming world by recreating Sophie ’ mho craft room at dwelling .
Sophie’s bedroom from howls moving castle Studio Ghibli aestheticsSophie’s bedroom from howls moving castle | Image from epigram The room makes distance for everything you ’ vitamin d ever need for craftwork, from a large oeuvre surface to drawers and organisers for every bantam item .
The Studio Ghibli aesthetic of the room allows you to find your zen and enjoy the march. Who wouldn ’ thymine sleep together to get crafty in a room like this ?
In real life arts and crafts room Studio Ghibli aestheticImage from __to.m.ooo_______ Create your own ghibli inspired hobby or craft room with ideas from Sophie .
Start with a big table that goes around the room. For exercise, a wall board with supports or a large l-shaped table can be used for this. then, you can besides use a mix of receptive and closed shelving under the table to create tons of storage outer space in the room .
Add on to these with rampart shelves and little organisers on the desk for the actually small tools and supplies. A pinboard or pegboard on the wall can besides be used to display and store more tools.

Make a craft display or two to make the room look interesting and to inspire you every time. This can be a mannequin for clothes, embroidery hang on the rampart, or macrame wall hangings and plant holders .
finally, brighten up the Studio Ghibli aesthetic space with a few houseplants to complete your zanzibar copal trade room !
Looking for a unlike vibration for your family ? Check out guides on how to create a Sailor lunar month aesthetic for your bedroom, or how to spruce your board up with some Naruto board interior decoration !

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