The Cat Returns Is One of Ghibli’s Most Underrated Films – Here’s Why It’s Worth Watching

Studio Ghibli has a number of fantastic films cook and waiting for newfangled fans across the world to discover them. What sets Ghibli fans apart is that they always come back to their old favorites, watching them again and again — and for good rationality .
For all the widely acclaim films, however, just as many Ghibli films can be considered underestimate by some fans. The Cat Returns falls into the latter category ; here ‘s what it ‘s all about and why it ’ mho worth checking out .
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The Plot of The Cat Returns

Haru talks to the Cat King's Squire about going to the Cat Kingdom. The Cat Returns is one of Studio Ghibli ’ randomness unretentive and most simplistic films, telling the fib of Haru, a convention adolescent who can ’ triiodothyronine tell her jam she likes him. What Haru ’ second classmates and friends don ’ triiodothyronine know is that she can talk to cats – Haru has forgotten about this special ability herself until she saves a vomit from closely getting hit by a truck. The guy verbally thanks her and walks away. Stunned, Haru asks her friend if she heard the big cat speak but the latter is confused. When Haru gets family that flush, she asks her ma if cats can talk ; the adult shrugs it off, subsequently mentioning that Haru asked the same question when she was younger .
late that night, Haru is visited by members of the “ Kingdom of Cats ”, thanking her for saving their beloved Prince Lune. As thanks, Haru is given multiple gifts like catmint and live mouse – although these are appealing to cats, Haru intelligibly hates them and asks the cats to take the gifts back. As an apology, they say she can join the Kingdom of Cats and marry Prince Lune. uncertain of what to say, Haru concisely considers the idea, thinking it would be better than her bore, mundane life as a human. The cats don ’ t delay for an actual answer and take her interracial answer as confirmation, telling Haru they will come back the future day to pick her up .
Confused and afraid, Haru hears a voice calling down to her from the flip, telling her to search for the “ Cat Bureau ” and they will help her. Growing used to the foreign occurrences happening around her, Haru listens to the voice and finds a white cat who leads her to the Bureau. There she meets a vomit statue ( who transforms into an anthropomorphic creature ) and Toto, a helpful bird. She besides learns the guy she followed is named Muta, and is besides a extremity of the Cat Bureau. Haru explains her site to them, and they agree to help her .
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The Cat Returns Has a Different Art Style From Other Ghibli Films

Haru and Muta sit in the grass while in the Cat Kingdom. The Cat Returns could be considered a “ recess classic ” by some Studio Ghibli fans. Despite its amaze soundtrack and the key signature capricious feeling the movie emanates, people may think it is n’t a Ghibli film because it does n’t look the region. The Cat Returns has a singular artwork manner and, when viewed and compared to classics like Howl ’ s Moving Castle or Whisper of the Heart, the colors and the manner the characters are drawn have few similarities. The art manner here pays close attention to detail and examines the movie ’ mho supporter, Haru .
Haru has short, choppy bangs and hair and is fairly improbable compared to other, younger Ghibli protagonists. Despite looking a little unlike from her peers, it ’ s silent clear she was created by the beloved studio apartment. Haru international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine always cheerful and cheerful or stereotypically brave, but she learns a few lessons during her travel that viewers can appreciate. Some may find they can relate to Haru as she naturally reacts to the situations she ’ south thrown into. For example, when she is taken to the Cat Kingdom by a hoard of the king ’ second imperial servants, she screams, demanding they put her down.

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The Cat Returns Stars an Extensive Cast and a Fun Plotline

(From left to right) The Baron, Haru, Muta and Toto travel home. Every Ghibli film has a singular piece to its floor, characters, or even its tinge style. The Cat Returns has big scenes that in truth add to the history, combining them with beautiful backgrounds and amazing characters. Haru is an exceeding and curious protagonist, making her relatable to young teens who wish they could disappear into a fantasy global of their own. The Baron, Muta, and Toto besides have unlike personalities that set them aside from each other – the group doesn ’ triiodothyronine always get along, and it makes their kinship more fun to watch .
With a closer expect, viewers may notice the backgrounds and coloring shown throughout The Cat Returns are not the same as other Ghibli films. many have said one of the best things about the studio ’ second films is the alone and voiced art style, and The Cat Returns is no exception .
The film besides features peculiarly bright backgrounds. about every scene is wide of light and coloring material, either reflecting the characters ‘ moods or accurately portraying the time of day. A great example of this is near the end when Haru and the Cat Bureau are leaving the Cat Kingdom ; the sun is rising, filling the scene with bright orange rays of sunlight, illuminating Haru ’ s hometown .
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The Cat Returns Is a Spin-Off For Studio Ghibli’s Whisper of The Heart

Shizuku (left) from Whisper of the Heart and Haru from The Cat Returns many Studio Ghibli fans may not know this, but The Cat Returns is actually a by-product film telling the narrative Shizuku writes in Whisper of the Heart. While the latter came come out of the closet in 1995, The Cat Returns wasn ’ t created until seven years by and by in 2002. The film was written by Reiko Yoshida and directed by Hiroyuki Morita. Yoshida is best known for writing the Tokyo Mew Mew manga aboard the former illustrator Mia Ikumi. There is besides a children ’ second book under the same name ( The Cat Returns ) written by Aoi Hiiragi. The Cat Returns was Morita ’ s first and only movie he directed while working at Studio Ghibli.

Studio Ghibli has a talent for creating distinctive and impactful films for all ages, charming audiences with colorful characters and beautiful scenery. For fans of Whisper of the Heart, The Cat Returns offers all-around characters and holds its audience with a bewitching plotline — and is perfect for cat-o’-nine-tails lovers of all ages .

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