10 Most Likable Studio Ghibli Characters, Ranked

For over 35 years, Studio Ghibli has enamored audiences around the worldly concern with its beautiful animation and storytelling. There are so many amazing characters in Ghibli films that fans are distressed to find one they do n’t like .
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That said, there are respective noteworthy Ghibli characters that are universally beloved. even by the studio apartment ‘s high standards, these characters, from the cuddlesome Totoro to the wise-cracking Calcifer, teach audiences life lessons and deliver memorable quotes that count them among the most sympathetic characters ever created by the celebrated studio .

10 Muta Is A Lovable Sidekick

Muta reading a newspaper in The Cat Returns Neither Whisper of the Heart nor The Cat Returns are the most popular Ghibli films, but they do feature one of the franchise ‘s most sympathetic characters. Muta the cat is in both films, but it ‘s his support character as the portly companion of the Baron in The Cat Returns where he in truth shines .
Muta ‘s sarcastic and condescend attitude is all a adult charade, as he is actually a softy at heart. While he acts the part of the faineant and uninterested cat, deep down he is a brave and trustworthy companion, as seen by his support of Haru for standing up to one of Ghibli ‘s best villains, the Cat King, and helping her to escape the cat-o’-nine-tails region .

9 Ponyo’s Curiosity And Enthusiasm Are Infectious

Ponyo and Sosuke after the flood in Ponyo In summation to featuring one of the most catchy root songs in any Ghibli film, Ponyo besides lays claim to one of the studio ‘s adorable and enthusiastic characters. The movie follows Ponyo, a charming goldfish who urgently wishes to be homo, and when she befriends a young boy named Sosuke she finally gets her chance to live on dry kingdom .
Unlike her scientist father, Ponyo is enamored with the homo kingdom. It ‘s heavily for fans not to be won over by her boundless curiosity as she falls in love with liveliness as a homo and all its wonder, particularly the taste of ham. Through her experience as a human, Ponyo delivers some fantastic quotes full of wisdom that teach fans to live in harmony with others and not take anything for granted .

8 Seita And Setsuko Endure So Much Hardship Together

Seita holding Setsuko in Grave of the Fireflies Considered by critics to be one of the best anti-war films ever made, Grave of the Fireflies tells the narrative of Seita and Setsuko Yokokawa. Over the naturally of the movie, viewers follow the youthful siblings as they try to survive through the last few months of WWII, and in the procedure teach audiences about the unobserved horrors of war .
While Seita acts cocky and certain of himself, inside he is fair a frighten and uninstructed kyd. He does his best to help his younger baby Setsuko, but ultimately he is not able to do save her life sentence. Despite all the hardship they endure, they never lose faith in each other and demonstrate how even though love is not adequate to keep you alert, it is enough to keep you glad .

7 Kiki Is A Charming And Delightful Young Witch

Kiki flying over the city in Kiki's Delivery Service Since its secrete in 1989, Kiki ‘s Delivery Service has gone on to capture the imaginations of millions of anime fans all over the worldly concern. The movie ‘s success is largely due to its titular fictional character, the young enchantress Kiki, who teaches the audience through her intemperate work and doggedness the importance of never giving up on one ‘s dream .
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While she is hardworking and eager, Kiki struggles to find her function in life. Although she is a hag, she struggles with feelings of dignity, which makes her a relatable supporter. In many ways, Kiki is just a normal female child, but it ‘s her pure center and unwillingness to give up that makes her a truly likable and charming character .

6 Chihiro Grows Into A Mature And Competent Character

Chihiro and Haku in Spirited Away In the eyes of many fans, Spirited Away is Hayao Miyazaki ‘s best film. From the narrative to the animation to the characters, it ‘s easily the most complete Ghibli film ever made, and a large part of its achiever can be attributed to the likability of its main character, Chihiro .
At the begin of the film, Chihiro is slightly bratty and annoyance, but over the naturally of the report she grows into person others can depend on. She learns the value of hard knead and caring for others, and this transformation from a egoistic child to a mature person is something that everyone can find relatable, no matter their background.

5 Captain Dola Steals The Show And The Loot

Captain Dola and her gang in Castle in the Sky Studio Ghibli ‘s first film, Castle in the Sky, is a dateless classic. Sheeta and Pazu ‘s journey to discover the flying city of Laputa while fending off baleful military forces bent on power makes for a charming movie experience, but it ‘s the pirate Captain Dola who actually steals the express .
At the beginning of the film, Dola is portrayed as nothing more than an malefic treasure-hungry pirate, but upon taking on Sheeta and Pazu as crewmates she promptly reveals her true colors. While she is treasure-hungry, she is first and foremost a ma. Dola cares deeply about her class and looks after Sheeta and Pazu as if they were her own children. It besides does n’t hurt that she ‘s a unafraid sky plagiarist who loves a good fight .

4 Calcifer Is A Great And Not So Terrible Fire Demon

An image of Calcifer the fire demon from Howl's Moving Castle Billy Crystal is one of the greatest comedic actors of all fourth dimension, and his voice talents combined with Studio Ghibli ‘s animation are a surefire formula for success. sol, it ‘s no surprise that his performance as the Fire Demon Calcifer in Howl ‘s Moving Castle led to one of the most hilarious and enjoyable characters in Ghibli ‘s storied history .
As a Fire Demon, Calcifer is less than honest. He deceives Howl by not telling him that Sophie is under a while, but he is besides quite firm, as he chooses to stay with Howl even after being set rid. Calcifer delivers some of the most memorable one-liners in Howl ‘s Moving Castle, and even though he acts cruddy at times, it ‘s obvious that his attitude is all an act to cover up his true feelings .

3 Ashitaka Never Gives In To Hate Or Anger

Ashitaka and Princess Mononoke While Princess Mononoke might be Studio Ghibli ‘s darkest and most violent movie, it is besides one of its most-loved narratives. It teaches audiences to respect the environment and not to hate the foreign or the unknown. To deliver this message, the film relies on the likability of the weather and honest Prince Ashitaka .
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Despite being surrounded by characters and creatures who hate and distrust each early, Ashitaka never gives in to feelings of hate or wrath. even though he is strong, he detests violence and repeatedly sacrifices his own body such as when he stops the fight been Mononoke and Lady Eboshi. He is a model hero, one who never compromises his values evening when others resort to underhand tactics .

2 Nausicaa Is The Ultimate Warrior Princess

Nausicaa examining spores in Nausica of the Valley of the Wind Although Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind was technically produced by Ghibli ‘s harbinger studio, Topcraft, many fans hush consider it to be function of Ghibli ‘s canon. In accession to being an excellent admonitory narrative about the dangers of taking advantage of nature, the film besides features one of Miyazaki ‘s greatest heroes, the princess Nausicaa .
Nausicaa is such a likable character that it ‘s hard to think of a reason not to fall in sexual love with her. She ‘s a scientist and a warrior, humiliate even strong, and a lover of nature who teaches people to respect even the terrifying insect-like monstrosities, the Ohmu. She is Ghibli ‘s first feminist bomber and person whom everyone can look to for inspiration .

1 Totoro Is As Likable As It Is Iconic

Totoro going for a walk with Mei and Satsuki in My Neighbor Totoro While Spirit Away is considered to be Studio Ghibli ‘s best film, My Neighbor Totoro is arguably its most iconic movie. The film is a cult classic thanks to the nominal fictional character and unofficial mascot of Studio Ghibli, Totoro, a cuddlesome Ghibli animal inspired by folklore who comes to aid those in emotional need .
Totoro may not say a word, but he does n’t need to speak to have an impact. His bare presence can bring a smile to viewer ‘s faces, and his bantam facial expressions and mannerisms are bright examples of the power of liveliness. Totoro ‘s calming presence reminds audiences that even in times of adversity there is cause to have hope.

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