Navigating Ghibli Fest 2022: What’s Playing and When?

tied among non-anime fans, Studio Ghibli holds a special place in people ‘s hearts as one of the producer of some of the most eclectic and fantastic animated movies from their youth. Growing up, people who say they love Ghibli more often than not have some films even they have n’t seen yet from the catalogue, making events like Ghibli fest pretty extra .
Ghibli Fest was started in 2017 as a partnership between GKIDS and Fathom Events to bring Ghibli films to theaters every class. not only were the all-time classics like My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away featured, but lesser-known films from the studio that were n’t directed by Hayao Miyazaki .
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2022 ‘s lineup is wide of no-brainers and recess gems, and this detail list will explore each film ‘s plot, production crowd, and when it ‘ll be in theaters. As of the time of write, Princess Mononoke ‘s twenty-fifth Anniversary has already been celebrated with a re-release, and Ponyo had a specify prevail equally well. There are five more films on the horizon, and it all starts June 26th.

The Cat Returns (2002) | June 26 & 27

Directed by Hiroyuki Morita

technically a by-product of Whisper of the Heart, The Cat Returns tells the narrative of Haru, a young daughter who can not seem to have anything work out the way she wants. When she leaps to action to save a vomit from getting run over, she gets way more than she bargained for when it turns out the cat was a prince from a charming kingdom of walk, talking cats. With the help of a computerized tomography by the list of Baron Humbert Von Gikkingen, Haru tries to work through an inconvenient position and possibly learn to have some faith in herself .
The Cat Returns may not have the grandiose presence of other Ghibli films made by creators like Miyazaki, but there is relax and easy-going absurdism that makes this film much-beloved by fans. And very, who can go incorrect with a film with these many cats. The english version stars Anne Hathaway, Cary Elwes, and Tim Curry .

Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989) | July 31, August 1 & 3

Directed by Hayao Miyazaki Kiki (Kiki's Delivery Service) Kiki ‘s Delivery Service follows young Kiki, voiced by Kirsten Dunst in English, as she moves to a town on the sea to live on her own as separate of her educate. even with a charming messenger business, she finds herself insecure, which starts to affect her powers, pushing her to confront what ‘s been holding her back to stand tall as a gallant enchantress .
Anyone who grew up watching Kiki either wanted to be like Kiki or decidedly had a sister who wanted to be her and honestly, who could blame them ? Witches in fiction tend to be feared or hated, but the charming of this movie merely seems plain fun and the integral film creates such a cozy and invite global .

Only Yesterday (1991) | August 28 & 29

Directed by Isao Takahata

only yesterday is another less-talked-about Ghibli film that is a authoritative “ city daughter goes to the countryside to get a taste of the simple life ” kind of history. The big turn is that she is guided through this travel by her younger self as she reflects on her time in the countryside as a young daughter. It ‘s a report about childhood dreams and reconciling them with whom you grow up to be .
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Ghibli films that are n’t directed by Miyazaki tend to get the shorter conclusion of the stick when it comes to being given their proper recognition. This is another title that many readers may not have hear of, or not heard as a lot about. It was dubbed more recently than other Ghibli films back in 2016, with Daisy Ridley in the spark advance function, aboard Dev Patel .

Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) | September 25, 26, & 28

Directed by Hayao Miyazaki Howl in his bird form holding a young Sophie with grey hair Howl ‘s Moving Castle tells the narrative of Sophie, a young daughter cursed to become an old woman by an evil enchantress, which forces her to pursue the sorcerer in a travel castle, Howl, and ask for their aid. The ensuing travel is a drawn-out one as Howl, Sophie, and friends weather the war that is tearing apart the kingdom .
Howl is the kind of film that is either beloved for its visuals and storytelling or heavily criticized for not adapting its source material adequately. It ‘s surely a report about a draw and possibly the film does n’t explore every plot point to its completion, but Howl ‘s Moving Castle still persists as a fan-favorite among the catalog. It helps when Howl is voiced by none early than christian Bale .

Spirited Away (2001) | October 30, November 1 & 2

Directed by Hayao Miyazaki spirited-away To the surprise of no one, Spirited Away is coming to theaters in the descent to mark the end of Ghibli Fest 2022. As undeniably the colossus of Studio Ghibli ‘s catalogue, it is a high benchmark for what the studio is able of on an international plate and the power of Miyazaki ‘s storytelling.

The floor is one most are conversant with. Chihiro ‘s parents suddenly turn into pigs, and she finds herself trapped in a universe of spirits, where she has to work in a bathhouse for ghosts to free her parents and safety valve. With a hard sense of location, a stellar voice cast, and a rich lore behind the world the viewers are force into, it ‘s no curiosity people have n’t been able to get Spirited Away out of their heads since it released .
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