15 Video Games To Play If You Are A Studio Ghibli Fan

Studio Ghibli makes some fantastic films. here are some games with a feel alike to the studio apartment ‘s sour that fans are sure to enjoy. Based in Japan, Studio Ghibli is one of the most well-known animation companies in the world. Their films are known for flowing apparent motion, gorgeous natural landscapes, antic worlds, game protagonists, and promoting ideas of environmentalism and pacifism. Studio Ghibli has created movies like Spirited Away, Howl ‘s Moving Castle, Ponyo, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, The Cat Returns, and many others .
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Their movies have inspired other creators, including those who make video games. After all, both zanzibar copal and video games are depart of Japan ‘s major international influence. Video game writers and developers have captured in some of their games the same effect of laid-back fantasy as Ghibli films frequently have. Some of these games are well known, while others are obscure gems.

Updated on September 3rd, 2021 by Ritwik Mitra: Studio Ghibli has established itself as one of the most unique animators out there. Each and every one of their films have a clear-cut art style and fib that is highly endearing .
It ‘s easily to see why the work of Studio Ghibli are coveted by so many people, and why they want to try out other forms of media that elicit the same feelings as the movies of this animation studio apartment. Keeping this in mind, here are some of the best games that feel like synergistic Studio Ghibli films .

15 Undertale

Undertale It would be impossible to talk about indie games without mentioning one of the biggest titles that fans still ca n’t get adequate of to this day. Undertale is an amazing style full to the brim with advanced fight and endearing characters .
The report of this game is bound to feel like a Studio Ghibli creation in every feel of the populace. Everything from the charming earth to the amaze draw of characters will keep players hooked all the way to the end of this amaze know .

14 Spiritfarer

Spiritfarer a boat out on the ocean on a bright sunny take Given how elate Spiritfarer looks at first gear glance, it ‘s honestly heavily to imagine that this game deals with hard topics like death and mourning. however, viewers of Studio Ghibli will feel right at base with this depressingly capture search at the sad parts of life .
It helps that Spiritfarer is an excellent claim in its own correct and serves as one of the better indie titles anyone can try out. The art style, gameplay, and history all elicit the lapp feeling as a Studio Ghibli title in the best way possible .

13 The Ni No Kuni Series

boy and girl in forest with creature While this entire series has some commonalities with Studio Ghibli ‘s works, there are sealed titles that have Ghibli magic more than others. Those titles are Dominion of the Dark Djinn and Wrath of the White Witch. Those two particular games are worth checking out because their animated sequences were actually created by Studio Ghibli .
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The game ‘s music was even made by Joe Hisaishi, a man who has worked on a bunch of the music for Studio Ghibli films. The first Ni No Kuni came out in 2010 and the latest in 2018 with about six titles in all .

12 Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares Leech Room Screenshot While Little Nightmares might be significantly scarier than the average Studio Ghibli experience, there ‘s no denying the comparisons that can be made careless. This is specially genuine when one looks at the artwork of Spirited Away, one of the most well-known Studio Ghibli movies .
There are respective moments in Little Nightmares that feel like direct references to Spirited Away, with the design of the Maw being the most luminary of the draw. Fans of Studio Ghibli movies who do n’t mind a bite of horror should decidedly check out short Nightmares .

11 Dragon Quest 11: Echoes Of An Elusive Age

A behind the head shot of the hero in Dragon Quest XI One of the greatest JRPGs ever made, Dragon Quest 11 is surely the most accessible JRPG in the series. By doing away with the tired old tropes surrounding the JRPG writing style, Echoes of an elusive Age turns into an entertain have that any Dragon Quest fan would be more than glad with .
The charming aesthetics of this style surely feel evocative of Studio Ghibli ‘s artwork style. This, coupled with the blithe fib, makes for an engage have that fans will find hard to put down at times .

10 Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Prismatic Shard In Crossroads Any musician who wants to enjoy a stress-free experience while gambling does n’t have to look any further than Stardew Valley. This old-time farming simulator has taken over the worldly concern by storm ascribable to its charming art dash and endearing characters .
It ‘s easy to see why any fan of Studio Ghibli would instantaneously be enraptured by the aesthetic of Stardew Valley. The acid nature of this claim means that players will have little to no issues dealing with

9 Okami

amaterasu looking over village Since its let go of in 2006, Okami is hush one of the most creative and beautiful out there. Like Studio Ghibli, the series builds much of its fantasy elements on japanese folklore. It tells an environmental message and pushes for a peaceful world through the exponent of a deity ‘s paintbrush .
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The art vogue of the game is unique, making it look like a calligraphy paint. Powers the musician gains is in their paintbrush techniques which can make trees grow, flowers bloom, and the sunrise. It is known as one of Capcom ‘s best games .

8 Attack Of The Friday Monsters

kid talking to woman in town street For the 3DS, this hidden gem championship came out in 2013. Its report and characters are capricious, a lot like Studio Ghibli ‘s. Players take the character of a young boy whose family owns a dry clean in a little town .
much of the game is about childish innocence, friendship, and family, and goes forward with episodic mysteries to solve in the town. The plot ‘s developer is actually the lapp one that makes the Ni No Kuni games, Level-5 .

7 Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

link overlooking countryside While all Legend of Zelda games are arguably like Studio Ghibli in terms of their set and antic notion, Breath of the Wild stands out due to its plan and laid-back method of storytelling. In Breath of the Wild, Link wakes up in a Hyrule that is largely ruins and wilderness. The game is open earth, so the player can take their time foraging, looking for Koroks, and good exploring the land .
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The comparison between the Legend of Zelda serial and Studio Ghibli is n’t fresh, but it has been more compared than always since Breath of the Wild was released. After all, some fans argue that it ‘s the best legend of Zelda game to date .

6 Forgotten Anne

girl in dark room Released in 2018, this hand-animated game looks just like Ghibli ‘s ocular style. In terms of gameplay, the deed is a puzzle 2D platformer. As for the floor, it is on the like level of creativity as a Studio Ghibli film. It introduces a place called The Forgotten Lands, where creatures called Forgotlings live and long to be remembered by the human world .
Players play as Anne, person who keeps order in The Forgotten Lands. The history and characters are stunning, though players have complained that the game ‘s motion is reasonably gawky .

5 Battle Chef Brigade

anime woman holding knives This deed has a long ton of incontrovertible reviews with the only criticism being that players loved it therefore much that they wish it was longer. The game consists of side-scrolling battle, interactional towns, six chapters, cooking duels, and charming characters. The report follows two characters as they take down antic monsters and turn them into delectable meals .
The crippled has been compared to Studio Ghibli for both its art manner and fantasy elements. even if the chefs are making food out of monsters, they end up looking absolutely delectable by the end .

4 Dark Cloud

cat girl hugging boy's leg Dark Cloud and its sequel are besides games developed by Level-5. The first gear game was released internationally in 2001 on the PS2, so it has aged quite a moment since its launch. The history revolves around a young son going on a travel to stop a Dark Genie from controlling the global. He visits versatile areas and picks up companions on the way .
It is the typical hero ‘s journey with Ghibli elements in its quaint locations and characters. In terms of gameplay, both games are RPGs with a little bite of town build .

3 Ori And The Blind Forest

illuminated forest Unlike many titles compared to Studio Ghibli, Ori and The Blind Forest is not made from japanese studios. The platform gamble game was actually made by an austrian developer called Moon Studios. The designers of the game themselves admitted that they were inspired by works of Studio Ghibli like Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind .
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The crippled basically tells a coming-of-age fib for a defender spirit. The universe is cover girl and full of original creatures with absorbing designs. The game got near-perfect reviews from game journals such as Polygon, Gamespot, and Game Informer. It besides won awards for its audio, art direction, and animation .

2 Mutazione

girl and mutants sitting by fire This bet on takes place in a vacation recourse that was struck by a meteoroid 100 years ago. While many died, those that remained mutated made an isolate community called Mutazione. The games ‘ narrative is a personal one through the eyes of a 15-year-old daughter named Kai that is living in Mutazione. While the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, the gameplay and overall temper of the story is a slow-place slice-of-life .
Like Ori and The Blind Forest, this game is besides not made in Japan. however, parts of the game ‘s themes and its soundtrack were inspired by Studio Ghibli movies. At least that is the case according to game architect Douglas Wilson in an interview with Polygon .

1 Jade Cocoon

man in forest Released internationally in 1999, Jade Cocoon was made in a collaboration with a character interior designer from Studio Ghibli, Katsuya Kondō. Kondō has been a part of a short ton of Studio Ghibli movies such as Kiki ‘s Delivery Service, Castle in the Sky, Pom Poko, My Neighbor Totoro, From Up on Poppy Hill, and a long ton of others. In terms of games though, he has only worked on Jade Cocoon and its sequel.

In Jade Cocoon, the earth is covered in a dangerous and dense forest full of monsters called Minions. The silent main character, Levant, has the job of capturing and purifying the Minions. The game received pretty average reviews, but it is quite singular for Kondō ‘s collaboration .
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