This Kind of Museum… – Ghibli Museum, Mitaka

A museum that is concern and which relaxes the soul
A museum where much can be discovered
A museum based on a clear and reproducible philosophy
A museum where those seeking enjoyment can enjoy,
those seeking to ponder can ponder, and those seeking to feel can feel
A museum that makes you feel more enrich
when you leave than when you entered !
To make such a museum, the build must be …
Put together as if it were a film
not arrogant, brilliant, royal poinciana, or suffocating
Quality outer space where people can feel at home,
specially when it ‘s not crowded
A construct that has a warm feel and touch
A build where the breeze and sunlight can freely flow through
The museum must be run in such a way that …
humble children are treated as if they were grown-ups
Visitors with disabilities are accommodated a much as possible
The staff can be confident and gallant of their knead
Visitors are not controlled with predetermine courses and fixate directions
It is suffused with ideas and raw challenges
thus that the exhibits do not get cold or old,
and that investments are made to realize that goal
The displays will be …
not only for the benefit of people who are already fans of Studio Ghibli
not a emanation of artwork from past Ghibli films
as if it were “ a museum of the past ”
A identify where visitors can enjoy by equitable looking,
can understand the artists ‘ spirits,
and can gain new insights into animation

original works and pictures will be made to be exhibited at the museum
A project room and an show room will be made, showing movement and life
( Original short films will be produced to be released in the museum ! )
Ghibli ‘s past films will be probed for understanding at a deeper level
The café will be …
An crucial place for relaxation and use
A place that does n’t underestimate the difficulties of running a museum café
A commodity café with a style all its own
where running a café is taken seriously and done right

The museum workshop will be …
Well-prepared and well-presented
for the sake of the visitors and running the museum
not a bargain shop class that attaches importance
only to the amount of sales
A shop that continues to strive to be a better shop
Where original items made alone for the museum are found

The museum ‘s relative to the park is …
not good about caring for the plants and surrounding greenery
but besides planning for how things can improve ten years into the future
Seeking a way of being and running the museum
so that the surrounding park will become even lusher and better,
which will in call on make the museum effective as well !
This is what I expect the museum to be,
and consequently I will find a way to do it
This is the kind of museum I do n’t want to make !
A ostentatious museum
An arrogant museum
A museum that treats its contents
as if they were more important than people
A museum that displays uninteresting works as if they were significant

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