Blackguard (DC Extended Universe)

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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Black from the DC Extended Universe. The mainstream version can be found here: Blackguard.



Full Name

Richard Hertz




The Suicide Squad



Task Force X member (briefly)

Powers / Skills

Energy construct creation

Superhuman Strength
Master combatant
Skilled marksman
Whip proficiency




Sell out his teammates to save himself and gain his freedom (failed)



Indirect mass murder

Type of Villain

Dimwitted Traitor

Hey, guys! Hey. You can come out now, it’s just me. I’m the one who contacted you. Look, look. I brought everybody, look. They’re right behind me. Whoa. Hey. Hey, guys. Whoa. We got a deal, right? Uh… Uh… I’m the one who called you.
~ Blackguard’s last moments as he betrays his teammates to the Corto Maltese army.

Richard Hertz, better known as Blackguard, is a minor but pivotal antagonist in the 2021 film The Suicide Squad, the one-tenth episode of the DC Extended Universe. He was a dim-witted and immature condemnable who became a extremity of Task Force X ‘s first base “ Project Starfish “ team who in a bootless attempt to save himself and gain his freedom attempted to give up his teammates to the Corto Maltese military. He was portrayed by Pete Davidson .


Blackguard was a condemnable imprisoned at Belle Reve who was given the opportunity by Amanda Waller to join Rick Flag ‘s first Task Force X team for a mission in Corto Maltese which he accepted. Upon arriving he continuously messed with his escort by pretending to pull out one of his pistols multiple times much to the guard duty ‘s aggravator and the amusement of Blackguard himself. Following these he boarded the helicopter and was sat next to The Detachable Kid and Weasel, Blackguard then questioned if Weasel was a pawl much to the entertainment of Captain Boomerang who derisively asked him what kind of frank he thought Weasel was, in response The Detachable Kid suggested he was an Afghan Hound while Harley Quinn excitedly suggested he was a werewolf prompting Blackguard to panic and demand to be let off of the helicopter until Rick Flag calmed him down by explaining what Weasel actually was. When the team arrive at the drop off point they all begin swimming to shore and ducking for cover. Just as Rick Flag is briefing the team on what to do however Blackguard unexpectedly stands up and announces his presence to the military while walking onto the beach a lot to the humiliate of the rest of the team. Although Blackguard believes they ‘ll accept his resignation one of the soldiers rather opens open fire on him about immediately, blowing his face clean off and killing him.

unwittingly Blackguard caused the mass wipe out of Flag ‘s team that followed, with only Harley Quinn, Rick Flag, T.D.K. ( and Weasel who everyone mistakenly believed to have drowned ) exist .


Blackguard is a very dim, objectionable, self-serving and rather junior-grade man who cares little for the lives of anyone else but himself and always acts in a manner to measuredly annoy others. He is besides preferably fleeceable and naïve based on how he foremost assumed Weasel was a frump and late a werewolf and from how he assumed that the Corto Maltese military would spare his life .


Blackguard was a big world in his twenties with fair skin, brown eyes, black eyebrows and platinum blond hair. His distinctive overdress consisted of his battle suit which was a black leather bodysuit with gold accents and many holsters and ammunition pockets .





  • This is the first live-action adaptation of Blackguard.
  • Blackguard is Pete Davidson’s first comic book movie role.
  • Pete Davidson happily accepted the role of Blackguard quickly upon hearing of the character’s pathetic origins and that his real name is a pun of “Dick Hurts”.
  • Excluding Harley and Rick Flag, Blackguard along with Weasel were the only members of the first team of the Suicide Squad that Bloodsport met in person.
  • The Mystery Mini figures for The Suicide Squad depicts Blackguard with a whip. Additionally, there is a whip icon on the top right corner of the Blackguard character card included with Splat hair products. Implying Blackguard’s suit allowing him to create black energy whip.


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