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‘Suicide Squad ‘ did n’t sound so bad in hindsight. The concept was actually pretty interest and there is a good softwood of endowment in the mold. unfortunately what should have been a winner turned out to be a afflictive loser, even more of a otiose opportunity than ‘Batman vs. Superman ‘.

The costume and production design is both brooding and vibrantly colorful. There are two performances that are good. One is the enormously fun but besides fair as lusciously deranged Margot Robbie, her Harley Quinn being the film ‘s most concern quality. The other is a menacing Viola Davis, proving that flush a rocky face makes one feel anxious. El Diablo is besides harbor, and one of the few characters to be used right and feel necessity.

however, for me Will Smith did n’t work. You do n’t see him as Deadshot, you see him playing himself in wooden fashion here and plays Deadshot besides jovially, something that Deadshot is n’t actually, that he besides had two introductions gives an indication that the writers did n’t know how to characterise the character. Enchantress is a pretty crippled villain played with all cheese no menace by Cara Delevigne, while Jared Leto ‘s Joker proves pointless and misplaced to the narrative ( other than giving Harley Quinn backstory which was n’t fleshed out enough ). Likewise with the Batman of Ben Affleck, while Killer Croc has nothing to do.

One of ‘Suicide Squad ‘s ‘ biggest failings is its treatment of the characters. entirely Harley Quinn is in full fleshed out, while many characters are either given short shrift or either there was no practice to them being there, for exercise what was the detail of having Slipknot and then dispatch the character so cursorily and cheaply. This is the consequences of having besides many characters and a very addle history that not only feels rushed but besides incredibly confused. The script is evenly a fix, with forced and very lazily-written jokes.

Visually, other than the costume and set design, ‘Suicide Squad ‘ does n’t have the redeeming value of looking thoroughly. edit is choppy and the limited effects range from average at best but largely amateurish. The carry through scenes are very everyday and less than thrill, chemistry is extremely restrict and suspense is next to zero. Plus the music is excessively constant and army for the liberation of rwanda excessively brassy that it becomes a disgust assail on the ears.

In conclusion, could have been a fun film but flounders badly due to lame execution that wastes its characters and much of the frame ( with only Davis and particularly Robbie standing out ). 3/10 Bethany Cox

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