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So, this is the famous Suicide Squad.

Brian Durlin, besides known as Savant, was a self-styled vigilante, a calculator hacker who used most of his skills to blackmail people, and a member of the first of the two Task Force X rap teams for the deadly Corto Maltese mission. [ 2 ] [ 3 ] Upon reaching the island, the entire team was ambushed and viciously murdered by the Corto Maltesean military. Durlin freaked out and attempted to escape the island, but was killed by Amanda Waller, who detonated the nanite explosive in his head .


criminal life

Brian Durlin was born during the year of 1960. Durlin finally became a Genius computer hacker, bored of having nothing to do with his huge luck, became the vigilante Savant, using his skills to track criminals and stop them in brutal fashion. In the eyes of the law, however, he was worse than the criminals he brought in, and he was jailed in Iron Heights Penitentiary in two different times for kidnapping and destruction of property respectively. [ 1 ] Eventually, Durlin was transferred to Belle Reve Correctional Center .

mission in Corto Maltese

Recruited by Amanda Waller

Savant. Or would you rather be called Durlin?
I’d rather not be called at all. But I’ll do anything to get out of this hellhole.
―Rick Flag and Savant[src]

In 2021, Amanda Waller proposed Durlin to become a member of Task Force X and go on a mission to Corto Maltese to destroy the Nazi-built prison and lab known as Jotunheim, and in the process annihilate the black Project Starfish, in exchange for a 10-year conviction reduced once the mission was completed. He reluctantly joined, but proclaimed that he ‘ll do anything to get out of Belle Reve .
A few days later, while Durlin was waiting in his cell, he began to play with a ball, when he saw a yellow canary enter his cell, Durlin decided to point his ball at the bird, which when he threw it began to rebound until hitting him hard, killing him. Catching the bloody testis, Durlin decided to wipe it with his pants. In that, Amanda Waller arrived, who told him that it was fourth dimension for her to implant the nano-bomb and join the mission .
Durlin followed Waller into a room where Doctor Fitzgibbon placed the nano-bomb on the back of his neck while calling him a well chase. Savant late dressed in his uniform back and followed Waller to meet Colonel Rick Flag, upon meeting Flag shook his pass and asked if he wanted to be called Savant or just Durlin, Savant then replied that he did n’t care and that he fair wanted to leave Belle Reve.

Opening the door, Flag introduced him to the team while Durlin recognized the celebrated Suicide Squad. Durlin proceeded to escort them to the Sheba helicopter from where they would depart for Corto Maltese. Before starting off, Harley Quinn who was belated incidentally hit initiate with her pocket, for which she apologized. During the trip, Durlin remained silent while Captain Boomerang annoyed him, ultimately Flag would notify them of the arrival on the island and that they prepare their positions to jump. [ 4 ]

Savant is off the rails.
―John Economos to Amanda Waller during Savant’s desertion[src]

Savant proceeded to jump from the helicopter falling into the water system and began to swim towards the coast, however when he saw that Weasel did not know how to swim and began to drown, Savant made the decisiveness to dive into the body of water and rescue him, upon reaching on the beach of Corto Maltese with Weasel, Savant notified Waller of Weasel ‘s supposed death due to no respiratory signs. then Flag would tell Durlin to get into position, so initiate took the deputation seriously and took the order from Colonel Rick Flag to stay covered .
however, after Blackguard betrayed his team and they were compromised, Savant stayed safe hidding on a rock and watched the other members on action combating on the beach, after a few minutes of battle they began to die viciously by the Corto Maltese Armed Forces. This took a mental toll on him, sol he screamed for the reverence he felt and started to run from the battle by running to the ocean again and using a float to defect the deputation .
John Economos notified Waller of Savant ‘s apostasy, indeed Amanda Waller threatened to detonate his fail, but he did n’t turn back, Waller continued to warn for him to return in repeat shouts. Despite everything, Savant continued to try to escape, therefore Waller fulfilled her predict, detonating the fail. [ 4 ]


Flo Crawley, who bet Durlin would die, ended up receiving money from her teammates short late while celebrating her victory. After the battle at dawn, a canary fly to Savant ‘s cadaver float on the water, and began to feed on it. [ 4 ]


Like many of the members in this iteration of Task Force X, Brian Durlin looked to be angry and hardened. Unlike the perch of them, however, Durlin appeared reasonable and professional, while the others had at least one sympathetic quirk. This probable had to do with him being well older than many of the other members. however, he was besides shown to be cowardly as seen when he fled in terror upon seeing his teammates get murdered. This decision resulted in his death.


He’s an expert in weapons and hand-to-hand combat.
―Emilia Harcourt[src]
  • Expert hacker: Durlin was a computer genius and uses his knowledge of computers to commit crimes via blackmail, disable alarms in theft, and assist Task Force X in their missions.
  • Expert marksman: Besides being able use a pistol, Durlin was able to kill a bird that flew in his cell by throwing a rubber ball with pinpoint accuracy.


  • Cowardice: Durlin was easily scared by the massacre of almost all members of Task Force X, which led to his defection and death.


  • Combat suit: Durlin wears a protective suit that shields him and carries equipment.
  • Pistol: Durlin uses a pistol to defend himself in fights.



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