Batgirl and Supergirl Through The Multiverse

If you think that Batgirl and Supergirl go together about adenine well as their counterparts Superman and Batman, well, you ’ d be adjust. Kryptonians and Bats are a peer made in extremely hero heaven. But what you may not have known is, unlike their predecessors, Kara Zor-El and Barbara Gordon haven ’ triiodothyronine actually had many opportunities to get to work with one another on the foliate. … At least, possibly not in the ways you might expect. It ’ randomness time to break down the strange, unexpected and raw animated history of the other World ’ s Finest duet. BGA01 05 600 58db0892a9e440.64325911
Art by Inaki Miranda and Eva De La Cruz from Batgirl Annual # 1

The Early Years

Supergirl and Batgirl began teaming up formally all the way back in the mid-1970s, during the center of the Silver Age of comics and closely a decade before the massive continuity-altering event, CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. These early stories happened in books like Action Comics or Superman Family where Babs would find herself guest starring aboard Kara to take on threats, like … well, Cleopatra. Don ’ metric ton worry, that sort of thing was actually pretty normal for the Silver Age, if you can believe it. In SUPERMAN FAMILY # 171, Babs and Kara go up against the Queen of the Nile to stop her from taking over America. Cleopatra ( or, rather, the person being possessed by Cleopatra … it ’ s a short complicate ) is even able to best Kara, however concisely, before Barbara swings in to turn the tides and save the day. This was the start of a beautiful friendship, paving future moments of chumminess between the heroes in their respective “ family ” books for respective years to come. Of class, this would come to an end with Crisis on Infinite Earths, the event that excellently killed off Supergirl. Tragically, before the event came to a close, Babs even read the eulogy at Kara ’ second funeral. After the event, however, both characters were reinvented for the newly established continuity and had no association with one another at all. But never fear, their history doesn ’ t end there. BGA01 09 600 58db092c4785b0.39285409
Art by Inaki Miranda and Eva De La Cruz from Batgirl Annual # 1

Getting Animated

You can add one of the most iconic Batgirl and Supergirl team-ups to the long number of things Batman : The Animated Series has given us—something that no doubt deserves to be right up there with Harley Quinn and Gotham City ’ sulfur police zeppelins. In season four ’ mho “ Girls Night Out, ” Livewire escapes from a prison transportation from Metropolis to Gotham and begins to stir up all kinds of trouble in the city. naturally this catastrophe happens about immediately after Batman has left town and left Babs in charge of keeping things together while he ’ mho away. typical. SER822 020 01 c4741c0b 58db0953438385.16802909 thankfully, a predict from Bruce ( intend for Clark, who, fortunately adequate, is besides out of town ) alerts Kara to Livewire ’ mho activity and she ’ mho able to fly to Gotham to help … but not before Livewire forms a team improving of her own with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

not to be deterred by the mount challenge, Kara and Babs buckle down to save the city … Which is no small tax, considering the eyes of the GCPD are on them, the stakes are high, and they ’ re both tidal bore to prove themselves as every piece the heroes as their mentors. Luckily, some quick think leads them to swap out their villains ( Kara taking on Ivy and Harley, Babs taking on Livewire ) and set things properly at the end of the nox. Despite being their lone official crossing over episode, “ Girls Night Out ” kicked off a major friendship between Kara and Babs that would run in the backdrop of the inspire DC Universe for years to come. According to Clark in the Justice League animated show, they evening went on a vacation cruise in concert to take some time away from the superintendent hero occupation. If that doesn ’ t say “ best friends for animation, ” I don ’ thyroxine know what does. BGA01 20 600 58db096ae3f293.25907173
Art by Inaki Miranda and Eva De La Cruz from Batgirl Annual # 1

Through the Multiverse

second in the comics population, Kara and Babs were never very able to meet up after Crisis on Infinite Earths. Kara—at least, the modern embodiment of Kara we ’ d recognize today—wasn ’ t established in post-Crisis continuity until 2004, much, much after Babs had already begun working entirely as Oracle. The friendship Babs and Kara shared in the pre-Crisis world was semi-transplanted over to Power Girl after the continuity realignment, and prior to 2004, Supergirl was a mantel taken up by several unrelated characters such as clones, angels and genetically modified vagrants. still, that didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate period writers and artists from exploring their kinship, flush if they had to do it outside of the independent continuity. In 1998, the Elseworlds one-shot narrative ELSEWORLD ’ S FINEST : SUPERGIRL AND BATGIRL was released, exploring the idea of a world where Superman and Batman had never existed at all. rather, Kara and Babs were set up to take their place—Kara as the lone surviving Kryptonian on earth and Babs as an orphaned, self-taught martial artist vigilante. Sounds kind of familiar, justly ? Elseworlds1 58db0aa592bf14.15014070 Elseworlds Babs took more of her queues from stories like THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS than she did her independent continuity incarnation, ruling Gotham with an iron fist and refusing to allow any metahumans to operate within the city ’ s limits at all. Luckily, Kara has never been a sports fan of listening to rules ( no matter what universe she ’ mho in, ) then when Babs gets herself in over her mind in a fight against Luthor and the Joker, Supergirl is there to save the day, invited or otherwise.

The two form a begrudge friendship, alike to the earliest days of their counterparts back in the regular, non-Elseworlds continuity. finally however, they ’ ra shown putting aside their differences and forging a friendship that lasts even after the masks and uniforms are traded back in for civvies. You can catch the future chapter in Batgirl and Supergirl ’ second amaze, continuity spanning friendship in BATGIRL ANNUAL # 1, in stores this week, as Kara and Babs band together for the beginning fourth dimension in the Rebirth era to take on one of the brood mysteries kept within the walls of CADMUS. then look for the partnership to expand this may in the pages of SUPERGIRL !
BATGIRL ANNUAL # 1 is now available in print and as a digital download. Look for Babs and Kara ’ s collaborative adventures to continue in SUPERGIRL # 9, in stores on May 10th !

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