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ant man first on this list of superheroes is Ant-Man or Scott Lang. Most people will much overlook Ant-Man when talking about Marvel heroes, but Ant-Man is undoubtedly an authoritative part of the MCU .
Scott Lang is an american ex-convict who dons the suit of Ant-Man. Ant-Man ’ south suit is technologically promote, so it allows him to shrink to the size of a bantam worm. aside from this, he becomes physically faster and stronger .
He appears in different Marvel comics, including those of Spider-Man and Black Widow .


batman Batman is one of the most celebrated names on this number of superheroes. Batman, or Bruce Wayne, is a quality from the DC comics. Wayne is a rich industrialist and playboy. He dons a super-suit and uses advanced engineering to defeat the villains who try to ruin the peace of Gotham City.

Despite not having any superpowers, Batman is still one of the most popular and successful superheroes always. aside from appearing in different DC Comics, he besides has his own amusing record serial .


real diagnose : Baymax
Year Created : 1998
Film Appearances : Big Hero 6 ( 2014 )

baymax Baymax stands out in this list of superheroes, and it isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate just because of his stature and size ! Baymax is actually an intelligent automaton that Tadashi Hamada made. He is a partially of the superhero team, Big Hero 6, with his new owner, Hiro Hamada .
Baymax can lift up to 1,000 pound. As a automaton, he can besides store and entree a lot of data. This cuddlesome superhero has cameos in other Disney films angstrom well. This includes Zootopia ( 2016 ) , Moana ( 2016 ) , and Ralph Breaks the Internet ( 2018 ) .
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Black Panther

real name : T ’ Challa
Year Created : 1966
Appearances : Captain America: Civil War ( 2016 ), Black Panther ( 2018 ), Avengers: Infinity War ( 2018 ), and Avengers: Endgame (2019)

black panther Black Panther international relations and security network ’ metric ton good a superhero. He ’ s royalty. Black Panther is actually King T ’ Challa, the ruler of Wakanda. The Kingdom of Wakanda is a small area in Africa that is shut out and hidden from the rest of the world. many see it as “ The Golden City ” or “ El Dorado. ”
As the Black Panther, T ’ Challa is highly skilled in different kinds of battle. He is besides very agile with fast reflexes. furthermore, he can even withstand bullets and explosions. His superpowers come from a charming cordate herb. merely the successor of the throne and the Black Panther can drink this native plant. This sets Black Panther aside from the others on this list of superheroes .

Black Widow

black widow You ’ ll frequently find Black Widow topping lists of female superheroes. even among men, however, Black Widow is a force to be reckoned with. Natasha Romanoff is a coach assassin with a dark by. She has close ties with Hawkeye, who recruited her into the organization S.H.I.E.L.D. Later on, they both joined the Avengers .
She doesn ’ t have any superpowers. however, she can even put up a contend against the others in this list of superheroes. She knows how to use different weapons, and she is besides skilled in different warlike arts. furthermore, she is fresh and can adapt to any situation .

Captain America

real name : Steven “ Steve ” Rogers
Year Created : 1941
Film Appearances : Captain America: The First Avenger ( 2011 ), The Avengers ( 2012 ), Captain America: The Winter Soldier ( 2014 ), Spider-Man: Homecoming ( 2017 ), and other MCU films

captain america Of course, no number of superheroes would be complete without the First Avenger. Captain America is one of the earliest wonder characters ever. Steve Rogers was a sallow son who wanted to serve in the U.S. Army during World War II. however, he was unfit to be a soldier because of his many health problems .
This changed when he received the Super Soldier Serum. not entirely did the Super Soldier Serum cure his illnesses, but it besides made him super hard, fast, and agile. soon, he became Captain America. His iconic suit and vibranium shield are in the american english pin colors. He is the personification of the american Dream and exemption .

Captain Marvel

captain marvel If you ’ re trying to find the most mighty Marvel character in this list of superheroes, then the answer might be here already. many argue that Captain Marvel is the strongest Avenger. Carol Danvers was a screen pilot burner for the USAF and worked for NASA .
Danvers is a Human-Kree hybrid with superhuman abilities. aside from being unnaturally potent, she can fly six times faster than the accelerate of sound. She can besides fire blasts from her fingertips .


substantial name : Selina Kyle
Year Created : 1940
Film Appearances : Batman ( 1989 ), Batman Returns ( 1992 ), Catwoman ( 2004 ), and The Dark Knight Rises ( 2012 )

catwoman Another character from DC Comics in this list of superheroes is Catwoman. Some might not consider Catwoman as a superhero because she is a thief. She often causes perturb in Gotham City and starts off as Batman ’ s enemy. however, she finally becomes an antiheroine. Her methods are much questionable, but she has good intentions .
Catwoman is a victor at martial arts and subterfuge. She is besides a skilled gymnast with cat-like reflexes. Catwoman dons a mean black befit with a dissemble. She uses whips, retractable claw, and pitons to help her achieve her goals .
One interest fact about Catwoman is that she ranks 51st on Wizard’s “ 100 Greatest Villains of All Time ” and 20th on IGN ’ s “ Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All Time. ”

David Dunn

real name : David Dunn
Year Created : 2000
Film Appearances : Unbreakable ( 2000 ), Split ( 2016 ), and Glass ( 2019 )

David Dunn next on this tilt of superheroes is David Dunn. Dunn might not be adenine popular as MCU characters, but he is inactive an perplex superhero. Dunn is the supporter of the Unbreakable film series. He is a college football prodigy turned security guard. After coming out of a car crash and caravan accident animated and unharmed, Dunn realizes he is unbreakable .
His biggest world power is having unbreakable bones and impenetrable clamber. frankincense, it is impossible for him to get injure. Dunn besides has superintendent strength and rush. last, he can besides see the evil deeds people have done through physical contact .
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deadpool Compared to the others on this list of superheroes, Deadpool might be the funniest. many know him as the “ Merc with a Mouth. ” He earned this dub because he is much making crass jokes. He besides breaks the fourth wall frequently to address audiences .
Like Catwoman from the DC comics, Deadpool was primitively a supervillain. however, he late turned into an antihero. Deadpool doesn ’ thymine have superhuman strength like other heroes. however, he can heal at a fast pace from even the most deadly of wounds. He has died respective times in the comics, but he has healed each time .

Doctor Strange

doctor strange Some people might think it ’ s just his superhero name, but Doctor Strange is an actual doctor. Stephen Strange is a neurosurgeon who got into a severe car accident that left his hands crippled. Desperate to regain full control of his hands again, Strange travels to Nepal to find Kamar-Taj .
Kamar-Taj is the home of the Masters of the Mystic Arts. There, he meets the Ancient One. She teaches him about interchange dimensions and how to wield magic trick. strange uses the Time Stone to manipulate space and clock time. He besides has a charming cape .
Strange has helped other characters on this list of superheroes. An exemplar is Thor, who needed Strange ’ s serve to find his founder, Odin .


List of Superheroes: Flash Another DC hero on this list of superheroes is the Flash. He is a member of the Justice League, and he besides has his own television series called The Flash. The television receiver series exists in the same serial as the Green Arrow, so it is different from the DCU films .
merely like his name suggests, Flash is incredibly fast. He is actually the fastest man animated. He wears a loss suit with a lightning bolt sigil on his breast. While this suit is surely stylish, it is besides special. It can resist hard friction and has wind resistance. That way, it does not melt or set on fuel from Flash ’ s super speed .

Green Arrow

real mention : Oliver “ Ollie ” Queen
Year Created : 1958
Film Appearances : N/A

green arrow even if greens Arrow doesn ’ thyroxine have his own film like the others on this list of superheroes, he is however a very popular character. green Arrow features in his own live-action television series, Arrow, which started in 2012. Oliver Queen is the rich owner of Queen Industries. He lives in Star City, but his protection besides extends to Seattle .
He wears a greens befit with a matching green hood and mask. Like Robin Hood, he is a vigilante. He is a highly skilled archer, and he frequently uses special arrows. For exemplar, some of his arrows explode or release rip gas .
green Arrow ’ s narrative is set in a different population from the DCEU. Fans call this Arrowverse, which exists in the lapp flat as other television receiver series like Flash. 

Green Lantern

Green Lantern fleeceable Lantern is actually a name that can refer to unlike superheroes from the Green Lantern Corps. however, the Green Lantern that earned his point on this list of superheroes is none other than Hal Jordan. Jordan is the most celebrated green Lantern. many consider him to be the greatest green Lantern. He is besides a initiation penis of the Justice League .
As the Green Lantern, Jordan wears the iconic k and black suit. He has a world power ring that gives him limited abilities. This includes being able to fly and create shields and weapons. It can besides shoot lasers to harm enemies .

Guardians of the Galaxy

real Names : Peter Quill, Gamora, Rocket, Groot, and Drax the Destroyer
Year Created : 2008
Film Appearances : Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 ( 2014 ), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ( 2017 ), Avengers: Infinity War ( 2018 ), and Avengers: Endgame ( 2019 )

Guardians of the Galaxy batch of those in this list of superheroes like to work in teams. In the beginning, the Guardians of the Galaxy did not. however, after defeating the Dark Aster, they form a deep bail with one another .
The team ’ south leader is Peter Quill, who calls himself Star-Lord. He is a half-human, half-alien thief. Gamora is Thanos ’ stepdaughter. She is a identical skilled assassin. Drax the Destroyer is a beefy individual who has tattoos all over his body. He is good at different kinds of battle .
The last two members of the team are Rocket and Groot. These two were partners even before they joined the team. Rocket is a raccoon mercenary. He knows a batch about weapons and conflict tactics. last, Groot is a sentient tree that is baneful yet innocent. He can change his form and size .
together, they travel through distance in their transport Milano. They besides aided the Avengers in defeating Thanos .
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real number name : John Hancock
Year Created : 2008
Film Appearances : Hancock ( 2008 )

Hancock A list of superheroes can ’ t leave out the ill-famed Hancock. Hancock is a vigilante superhero from Los Angeles. however, he isn ’ t the best at saving the city. This is because he is frequently drink, and he causes more accidents during his rescues. This gets him on the public ’ mho bad side .
He has many superpowers. He can fly, and he can not get hurt. additionally, he possesses superhuman strength .
by and by on in the film, Hancock reveals that he is immortal but has no memories of his life. This is why he uses alcohol to cope. Hancock is a very relatable quality to many. This is likely why the film was the fourth highest-grossing film of 2008 .


real name : Clinton Francis Barton
Year Created : 1964
Film Appearances : The Avengers ( 2012 ), Avengers: Age of Ultron ( 2015 ), Captain America: Civil War ( 2016 ), and Avengers: Endgame ( 2019 )

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye People frequently overlook this adjacent fictional character. however, Hawkeye undoubtedly deserves a spot on this list of superheroes. Hawkeye works for S.H.I.E.L.D. He is besides a part of the Avengers .
As a particular agent, he is one of the best archers in the Marvel comics. He can aim and shoot his arrows cursorily and with preciseness. He is besides great at hand-to-hand combat. His fast reflexes make him a force to be reckoned with .


real list : Anung Un Rama
Year Created : 1993
Film Appearances : Hellboy ( 2004 ), Hellboy: The Golden Army ( 2008 ), and Hellboy ( 2019 )

hellboy The next character on this list of superheroes is from Dark Horse Comics. Hellboy is a male child who is literally from Hell. He was summoned by nazi occultists when he was a baby, transporting him from hell to Earth .
Hellboy is bigger than the average human, with red skin, a buttocks, and flat stumps on his brow. His good hired hand is bigger than the left and is made of stone. thus, he calls it the “ Right Hand of Doom. ” Despite being half-demon, he is kind and protects humans from witches and Nazis .


veridical list : Dr. Robert Bruce Banner
Year Created : 1962
Film Appearances : The Incredible Hulk ( 2008 ), The Avengers ( 2012 ), Avengers: Age of Ultron ( 2015 ), Thor: Ragnarok ( 2017 ), Avengers: Infinity War ( 2018 ), and early MCU films

hulk many know him as the Big Guy. initially, he was equitable a normal physicist. After a lab accident, Dr. Banner is exposed to gamma rays. This turns him into the Hulk. Hulk is a green foolhardy android with capital forte. Every time he is angry or stressed, the Hulk takes over .
Dr. Banner himself might not think he belongs on this list of superheroes. He sees Hulk as a destructive force. however, he meets the Avengers later on, who help him control his wrath .
Stan Lee, the godhead of Marvel, took divine guidance from Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. 

Human Torch

Human Torch A list of superheroes can not leave out the fiery Human Torch. He is the youngest member of the Fantastic Four. Fantastic Four is another team of superheroes like the Avengers. They gained superpowers after exposure to cosmic radiation .
As his diagnose suggests, he can turn into a misprint homo torch. He can activate a full-body fire consequence. While he is on fire, he does not get hurt. In this state, he can besides fly and control fire .
additionally, Human Torch is besides close friends with another celebrated Marvel Studios character : Spider-Man .

Invisible Woman

real name : Dr. Susan “ Sue ” Storm Richards
Year Created : 1961
Film Appearances : The Fantastic Four ( 2005 ), Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer ( 2007 ), and Fantastic Four ( 2005 )

invisible woman You might know her as invisible Girl rather of invisible Woman. This is because Sue Storm was only a college scholar when she gained her powers from exposure to cosmic radiotherapy. however, as she matured, she changed her name to Invisible Woman .
aside from turning inconspicuous, Storm can create effect fields and project them. This makes her a herculean ally in the field. Her force fields can protect you from herculean blasts. She can besides turn her force fields into weapons like darts .
last, she is a part of the Fantastic Four. She is besides related to another quality in this list of superheroes. She is the older sister of the Human Torch .
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Iron Man

real name : Anthony Edward “ Tony ” Stark
Year Created : 1963
Film Appearances : Iron Man ( 2008 ), Iron Man 2 ( 2010 ), The Avengers ( 2012 ), Iron Man 3 ( 2013 ), Avengers: Age of Ultron ( 2015 ), and other MCU films

iron man On this list of superheroes, Iron Man is likely the Marvel fan-favorite. Tony Stark is a ample playboy and scientist. He invented a mechanized suit in order to escape captivity. He former developed an advance adaptation of this become in his technologically advanced apartment in New York .
The mechanize suit acts as both armor and weapon. It protects Stark from explosions and gives him superhuman potency. He can besides fly and shoot beams out of the suit ’ randomness palms and soles .
Unlike other heroes, Stark doesn ’ triiodothyronine hide his identity. alternatively, he reveals to the press that he is Iron Man .

Mr. Fantastic

veridical name : Dr. Reed Richards
Year Created : 1961
Film Appearances : The Fantastic Four ( 2005 ), Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Sufer ( 2007 ), and Fantastic Four ( 2015 )

Mr. Fantastic There ’ s no dearth of geniuses on this tilt of superheroes. however, if you ’ re looking for the smartest man on Earth, then you ’ ve found him. Mr. Fantastic is Dr. Reed Richards. He is a polymath or a overlord of different sciences. Along with Invisible Woman and Human Torch, Mr. Fantastic gained superpowers from a cosmic blast .
Mr. Fantastic can manipulate his body at will. This means he can stretch and mold it into any shape or size he desires. His ductile body means he can besides absorb explosions without grave injury to him .


Mystique adjacent on this list of superheroes is Mystique. Mystique is from the popular X-Men franchise. Some may say Mystique is a villain. however, she is an antiheroine. She and her wife Destiny only want justice for mutants. The mistreatment of mutants in their society caused her to resort to the incorrect methods .
She is a mutant with blue skin. Unlike some who gain their powers from accidents, Mystique has had superhuman abilities since birth. She is a shapeshifter. She can mimic a person ’ mho appearance and voice in the accurate same manner .

Neo (The Matrix)

Neo The Matrix He might not be as democratic with younger audiences as the others on this list of superheroes. however, many argue that Neo is hush one of the most iconic superheroes of all fourth dimension. Tom Anderson started off as a “ bluepill ” who did not know about the truth of his society .
After taking the red pill, Neo discovered that his animation was merely a model. His name is actually an anagram of “ The One. ” It is very suit as he is the one who puts an end to the long war between humans and machines .

Professor X

real name : Charles Francis Xavier
Year Created : 1963
Film Appearances : X-Men trilogy ( 2000 – 2006 ), X-Men: First Class ( 2011 ), X-Men: Days of Future Past ( 2014 ), X-Men: Apocalypse ( 2016 ), and Dark Phoenix ( 2019 )

Professor X Professor X is the founder of the X-Mansion. This is a secret school that houses and trains other mutants. In fact, some of those on this list of superheroes attended this school. Xavier is a powerful telepath who invented the Cerebro. It is a device that can detect early mutants .
He and Magneto used to be close friends. however, their conflict impression systems caused them to separate ways. xavier is a pacifist, and people often compare him to Martin Luther King Jr. Despite being a knock-down telepath, he refuses to use this against humans .
Professor X is one of Marvel Studios ’ first superheroes on the large screen. During the first X-Men trilogy, Patrick Stewart starred as Xavier. In the late adaptations, the popular James McAvoy took on the function .

Scott Pilgrim

real name : Scott Pilgrim
Year Created : 2004
Film Appearances : Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ( 2010 )

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: the Game Scott Pilgrim is one of the youngest on this tilt of superheroes. In 2004, canadian author and artist Bryan Lee O ’ Malley published the first bulk of the Scott Pilgrim series. It stars Scott Pilgrim, a half-time musician from Toronto. Unlike most superheroes, Pilgrim doesn ’ thyroxine actually save the world .
alternatively, he goes through a serial of trials in decree to defeat his girlfriend ’ s seven evil exes. To younger audiences, he is relatable. He is an average guy who fell in love with a female child. Because of his popularity, there are respective game adaptations deoxyadenosine monophosphate well .
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Silver Surfer

veridical identify : Norrin Radd
Year Created : 1966
Film Appearances : Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer ( 2007 )

Silver Surfer next on this list of superheroes is Silver Surfer. Silver Surfer is an alien with silver alloy skin. He owns a spacecraft that looks like a surfboard. It helps him travel through space identical fast. His powers come from the Power Cosmic. He has heightened senses and superhuman military capability .
He meets the Fantastic Four belated on. They help him find a new purpose in life .


spiderman One of Marvel Studios ’ most popular characters is Spider-Man. In fact, he is one of the most beloved on this list of superheroes. Peter Parker is New York City ’ s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man .
After getting bitten by a radioactive spider, Parker gained superhuman abilities. Most of his powers are spider-like. He can shoot webs out of his hands. Often, he will use them to swing to and from somewhere. He can besides stick to and climb walls .


real name : Ororo Munroe
Year Created : 1975
Film Appearances : X-Men ( 2000 ), X2 ( 2003 ), X-Men: The Last Stand ( 2006 ), and X-Men: Days of Future Past ( 2014 ), X-Men: Apocalypse ( 2016 ), and Dark Phoenix ( 2019 )

Storm storm is the daughter of a tribal princess from Kenya. however, she grew up in New York City. There, she besides meets Professor X, who convinces her to join the X-Men, and much leads them. She has besides teamed up with early characters on this tilt of superheroes. This includes the Avengers and Fantastic Four .
storm is Marvel ’ s first female african superhero. many consider her to be the most crucial female superhero of the franchise. She is besides fabulously herculean. She can control the weather and causal agent brawny thunderstorms and blizzards .
This superhero can besides use magic. Her ancestors worshiped an egyptian goddess. This earned her divine favor .


real name : Kara Zor-El or Kara Danvers
Year Created : 1959
Film Appearances : Supergirl ( 1984 )

Supergirl not many people know Superman ’ south cousin, but Supergirl is one of the strongest on this tilt of superheroes. Supergirl has her own television receiver series called Supergirl, which has 6 seasons. This exists in the like universe as Arrow. 
Supergirl has similar powers to Superman. She has super amphetamine while both flying and running. She besides has unlimited stamina and potency. aside from these, she is immune to most diseases and can survive without food, water, or sleep .


real identify : Kal-El or Clark Joseph Kent
Year Created : 1938
Film Appearances : Superman ( 1978 ), Superman II ( 1980 ), Superman III ( 1983 ), Man of Steel ( 2013 ), Justice League ( 2017 ), and other DCEU films

superman In this list of superheroes, Superman is likely the most popular. even those who aren ’ t fans know of him. Superman is the authoritative superhero. He wears the iconic bluing and bolshevik lawsuit with a cape. The hallmark “ S ” adorns his chest .
Superman is from the planet Krypton. He came to earth as a baby. He grew up to be Clark Kent, a journalist for the Daily Planet. however, when he takes off his glasses and puts on his suit, he is Superman. He saves the world against villains like Lex Luthor with his cold forte and speed .
While he is invulnerable to the strongest attacks, he is fallible to kryptonite. It makes him vomit and can even kill him .

The Incredibles

substantial Names : Bob Parr, Helen Parr, Violet Parr, Dashiell Parr, and Jack-Jack Parr
Year Created : 2004
Film Appearances : The Incredibles ( 2004 ) and The Incredibles 2 ( 2018 )

The Incredibles The Incredibles is a superhero team comprising the Parr family. They are Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and their kids, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. They each have their own unique world power. Mr. Incredible has superhuman force. Elastigirl can stretch and manipulate her body into different shapes .
interim, Violet can turn inconspicuous and produce pull fields. Dash has superhuman amphetamine. He is flying enough to walk on urine. last, Jack-Jack has lots of superpowers. He can duplicate himself, turn into a monster, shoot laser from his eyes, and many more .
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The Thing

real name : Benjamin Jacob Grimm
Year Created : 1961
Film Appearances : The Fantastic Four ( 2005 ), Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer ( 2007 ), and Fantastic Four ( 2015 )

The Thing next on this list of superheroes is the Thing. Exposed to the same cosmic radiation as the rest of the Fantastic Four, Ben Grimm turned into a large rocky creature. He can not return to his human class .
apart from his appearance, he has superhuman lastingness. He is skilled in unlike types of fight. This includes judo, box, and wrestling. His skin is besides invulnerable to many things. however, potent weapons such as Wolverine ’ s claws can silent hurt him .

The Wasp

real diagnose : Janet van Dyne
Year Created : 1963
Film Appearances : Ant-Man and the Wasp ( 2018 ) and Avengers: Endgame ( 2019 )

The Wasp This number of superheroes comprises many agents from S.H.I.E.L.D. Another is Wasp. Her real name is Janet vanguard Dyne. For a long clock time, she was stuck in the Quantum Realm. thankfully, Ant-Man rescued her and brought her spinal column to earth .
Her time there made her grow superhuman powers. She can heal other people through quantum curative. In her Wasp courtship, she can besides shrink herself to the size of an insect. In that state, she has superhuman lastingness and resistance. She can besides fly because of her suit ’ s wings .

The Winter Soldier

real name : James Buchanan “ Bucky ” Barnes
Year Created : 1941
Film Appearances : Captain America: The First Avenger ( 2011 ), Captain America: The Winter Soldier ( 2014 ), Ant-Man ( 2015 ), Captain America: Civil War ( 2016 ), and other MCU films

The Winter Soldier not everybody on this number of superheroes can call themselves Captain America ’ s best supporter. The exception is Bucky Barnes, of course. Before he was the Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes was an officer in the military. He was besides Steve Rogers ’ childhood best ally .
He served in the army during World War II. unfortunately, HYDRA captures Barnes, and they experiment on him. They give him a cybernetic limb and brainwash him to be their weapon .


actual name : Thor Odinson
Year Created : 1962
Film Appearances : Thor ( 2011 ), The Avengers ( 2012 ), Thor: The Dark World ( 2013 ), Avengers: Age of Ultron ( 2015 ), Thor: Ragnarok ( 2017 ), and other MCU films

thor many argue that Thor is leagues above those in this number of superheroes. In some ways, he is. Thor international relations and security network ’ thyroxine just a superhero. He is the God of Thunder. He is besides the ruler of Asgard. His report comes from Norse Mythology .
Thor wields a hammer called Mjolnir, which purportedly alone he can lift. With it, he can fly and summon lightning and rain. As a god, he besides possesses incredible forte and travel rapidly. He is an irreplaceable member of the Avengers .

Raphael (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Raphael (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) No number of superheroes would be complete without Raphael. Raphael is the moment old of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They are a group of brothers who are all turtles even skilled in different weapons and martial arts .
Raphael wears a red mask. His weapon of choice is duplicate sai. They are acuate and pointy, which lets him make deadly strikes. As a ninja, he is a master of stealth. Despite being a turtle, he is besides very fast and agile .


real number name : James Howlett
Year Created : 1974
Film Appearances : X-Men trilogy ( 2000 – 2006 ), X-Men Origins: Wolverine ( 2009 ), The Wolverine ( 2013 ), Logan ( 2017 ), X-Men: First Class ( 2011 ), X-Men: Days of Future Past ( 2014 ), and X-Men: Apocalypse ( 2016 )

Wolverine Among the other X-men in this list of superheroes, Wolverine is the matchless with the most appearances in films and games. This is no surprise. After all, Wolverine is a character loved by many. He is a penis of the X-Men. He has besides fought alongside the Avengers .
Wolverine is a mutant antihero with animal-like senses. He is super fast and has three retractable claws in each hand. People know him best for his great regenerative ability. He can heal at a firm amphetamine from even the most deadly of wounds.

Wonder Woman

very name : Princess Diana of Themyscira
Year Created : 1941
Film Appearances : Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ( 2016 ), Wonder Woman ( 2017 ), Justice League ( 2017 ), and Wonder Woman 1984 ( 2020 )

List of Superheroes: Wonder Woman Did you know Wonder Woman Day exists ? people observe this on October 21, which was the turn of the amusing of Wonder Woman ’ s first appearance. Wonder Woman is an prompt superhero for many young girls .
She is beautiful, just, and strong. She wears an iconic red, gloomy, and gold courtship. Wonder Woman is an Amazon, who are warrior women based on Greek Mythology. Because of this, she is skilled in battle. She besides owns charming weapons. An example is her Lasso of Truth. She uses this to whip enemies and dissuade attacks .

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