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Real Name

Kal-El (Birth Name; literal translation, ‘Star Child’)
Clark Joseph Kent (Legal Name)

Main Alias


Other Aliases

Chaz Donen,
God of Strength,
Jon Clark,
Yellow Lantern,
Superman Blue,
Doctor Fate, [ 1 ]
Bahle’na Gahl [ 2 ]

Aksel,Chaz Donen,God of Strength,Jon Clark,Bahle’na Gahl


( mother, deceased ) ·
Nim-El ( uncle, deceased ) ·
( uncle, deceased ) ·
( aunt, deceased ) ·
( cousin ) ·
( adoptive father ) ·
( adopted mother ) ·
( wife ) ·
( son ) ·
( one-sixth great-grandson ) ·
( beget in-law, deceased ) ·
( mother-in-law, deceased ) ·
( brother-in-law ) ·
( sister-in-law ) ·
( fond ringer ) ·
( clone, deceased ) ·
( ringer ) ·
( partial ringer ) ·
( partial ringer, deceased ) ·
( ringer, deceased ) ·
see Jor-El (father, deceased) · Lara Lor-Van (mother, deceased) ·Nim-El (uncle, deceased) · Zor-El (uncle, deceased) · Alura In-Ze (aunt, deceased) · Kara Zor-El (cousin) · Jonathan Kent (adoptive father) · Martha Kent (adoptive mother) · Lois Lane-Kent (wife) · Jon Kent (son) · Mon-El (sixth great-grandson) · Sam Lane (father in-law, deceased) · Elenor Lane (mother-in-law, deceased) · Leo Lane (brother-in-law) · Lucy Lane (sister-in-law) · Conner Kent (partial clone) · Bizarro (clone, deceased) · Bizarro II (clone) · Emperor Super-Man (partial clone) · Milkman Man (partial clone, deceased) · Nuclear Man (clone, deceased) ·see House of El and Kent Family for extended family line


day by day Planet,
Superman Family,
The Authority ·
Justice League : team Mystery,
Sinestro Corps

Formerly Justice League

Base Of Operations

Metropolis, Fortress of Solitude · Formerly Justice League Watchtower Smallville, Hamilton County





Public Identity





Marital Status



Superhero, Reporter · Former Farmer









Black · White



Prime Earth


Jerry Siegel · Joe Shuster

First Appearance
Flashpoint Vol 2 #5
(October, 2011)

Superman ( natural Kal-El, legal identify Clark Kent ) is the last son of Krypton, sent as the dying planet ‘s final hope to Earth, where he grew to become its kind, noble defender. Though he was obviously killed curtly after the Darkseid War, his effect merged with the New Earth Superman in Rebirth, creating a new, incorporate timeline for Superman. He is besides a establish member of the Justice League.

New 52 origin

Following the cosmic upheavals of the Rebirth period, this character’s history was revised.

current origin

Kal-El, the last Son of Krypton, born to scientists Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van, was sent in a rocket to Earth as their home planet was destroyed. Kal ‘s skyrocket landed in Smallville, Kansas, where he was discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent. He was given the name “ Clark Kent ” and adopted as their son .


When Clark began his school, Martha and Jonothan were at first concerned that he would n’t fit in with his classmates, a concern that the young Clark shared. Asking his father for advice, Jonathan merely tells Clark to tell jokes and if he gets people to laugh, they ‘ll be his friends. Clark ‘s first day is n’t arsenic unmanageable as he expects and he ends up making many friends at school, until he notices a girlfriend, Samantha, sitting alone in the resort area ; ostracized for being different. Clark decided that he wants to befriend the daughter, but feared that if he did, he ‘d lose all the friends he ‘d made up to that point. Consulting with his parents, they advise him to befriend the female child careless of his classmates ‘ opinions. He followed through, and his example inspired others in his class to befriend Samantha. [ 12 ]

Martha ‘s cancer

During Clark ‘s childhood, Martha was diagnosed with cancer, and undergo chemotherapy for the affliction ; Clark was not told until well into her treatment, when Clark struggled with a new scholar attending the school, Caleb Withers. Caleb was something of a strong-arm, with mislaid aggression spurred on by his abusive father. Clark struggled with the cheer not to respond to Caleb ‘s behavior in kind, something his beget talked him out of, telling him that it was better to help people find the full within themselves rather than correct their behavior by impel. As they were leaving, Caleb kicked a soccer ball into Martha ‘s point, knocking her down and unwittingly removing her wig, revealing to Clark her hair’s-breadth passing. Later that evening, he snuck over to Caleb ‘s house, with the intent to destroy Caleb ‘s bicycle in vengeance, only to discover Caleb ‘s intoxicated forefather abusing him. As Caleb ‘s father attempted to drive off, he closely drove into oncoming traffic, with Clark saving his animation. He then brought the unconscious mind man to the local clinic, leaving him there anonymously. Afterward, Clark attempted to cut off his own hair in solidarity with his mother, lone to discover that his invulnerability made that impossible at the time. late, Clark was able to reach Caleb, that he was n’t his father, and that he did n’t have to be him. Caleb finally apologized to Martha, revealing that he ‘d cut his own hair in solidarity with Martha as part of his apology. He left to live with his aunt in Metropolis, and one day would grow to run a community center for at-risk young person. [ 13 ]

Childhood Friends

Growing up in Smallville, Clark found himself becoming best friends with Lana Lang and Pete Ross. The trio were inseparable and did everything together, including hiding from the young Lex Luthor. The first clock Clark flee was on instinct ; a tornado strike Smallville, and he acted without thinking in decree to save Lana Lang ‘s biography. [ 14 ]

Krypto the Super-Dog

One evening, during a family dinner, Clark ‘s enhance senses noticed an object crash from space a few miles off. He immediately set off to find it with super-speed, with his parents warning him not to touch it until they arrived. Later, all three converge on the object ; a Kryptonian space-pod lodged into a dry brook seam. Clark immediately recognizes it as resembling the pod he arrived in, and, reaching out to it, finds that it recognizes him in plow. It opens, revealing a humble pawl. The frump playfully jumps on Clark and begins to display the same Kryptonian power-set that Clark possesses. Clark quickly speeds off to play with the frump, easily bonding with it. As he does, a holographic recording of his parentage forefather, Jor-El, activates, revealing to his parents that the frump was a screen subject for a prototype of the pod that finally would bring Clark to Earth. The commemorate besides reveals the frump ‘s name, given to him by the baby Kal-El : Krypto. Approving of how happy Krypto makes Clark, Jonathan and Martha allow him to keep and raise the andiron. [ 15 ]

Teenage Years

One particular fall during Clark ‘s adolescent years, the Kent farm suffered a badly harvest ; in hurt of this, Jonathan Kent decided to share what little they could spare with their neighbors, who had endured bad. The entire community helped each other out, surprising Clark, who had heard that some people disliked each early, and Jonathan explained that people ultimately want to be thoroughly, they good need an example to bring out the best english of themselves. Jonathan tells Clark to be that model. [ 16 ] In a former iteration of history, on the night of his aged promenade, because his adoptive parents discouraged Clark from becoming a superhero for fear what it could do to him, he failed to save Jonathan and Martha from dying in a car accident. however, when the Justice Society of America was restored to its proper place in the timeline, they set a dependable model for superheroes to come in the future. With function models to look up to and no reason to stay in concealment, on the night of his senior promenade, Clark saved his adoptive parents from dying in a car accident. [ 17 ]

early career

As an pornographic, Clark moved to Metropolis, taking a job as a reporter at the Daily Planet where he met Lois Lane. On his first day, Clark saved Lois Lane ‘s life during a helicopter doss, earning the name ‘Superman ‘. Among the first villains he ever faced was the Ultra-Humanite, who developed a lifelong hostility towards him. [ 18 ] He besides quickly made an enemy of his childhood bang-up, now grown, Lex Luthor. During the Zero Year, Clark attempted to personally disperse Hurricane Rene as it bore down on the coastline, still diffident of the upper limits of his powers. His attempt to divert the hurricane was unsuccessful, but he did succeed in rescuing the tanker Jean-Marie, which had at the time been carrying his childhood friend, Lana Lang, as its engineer. [ 19 ] Superman and Batman met for the first time while Clark was investigating a series of murders in Wayne Enterprises. The two raw heroes were by chance whisked to a parallel reality by Kaiyo the Trickster where they met older and more experience versions of themselves. When they were returned bet on to their ground however, Kaiyo wiped their memories of the hale interaction. [ 20 ] At some point, some of Superman ‘s deoxyribonucleic acid was collected by the Agenda, Project Cadmus and Lex Luthor, resulting in multiple clones, including Superboy and Bizarro. early on in his career, before the establish of the Justice League, Clark was displaced into the early 1960s during an obscure incident. While there, he operated in secret- though not secret enough that he was n’t known to the President of the United States. He met with the President, who requested that he, and others like him, come forward and use their collective abilities to make the world a better rate. He offered to protect the president of the united states in Dallas ; Kennedy declined, insisting that Superman assist with a man flight to the moon. shortly afterwards, the president was assassinated while riding in his motorcade in Dallas. Eventually Superman was able to return to his own time ; when he returned, he did his best to fufill his promise to the doomed president. [ 21 ]

Forming the Justice League

Main article: Justice League: Origin
Superman had his real first meet with Batman and Green Lantern after they pursued a Parademon to Metropolis. [ 22 ] He assumed they were villains because they had a Father Box, overpowering both of them, even after green Lantern called the Flash for help. Batman convinced them all to team up, but they were excessively late to stop the Father Box opening a Boom Tube to Apokolips. [ 23 ] The four of them were forced to battle an army of invading Parademons, but they were fortunate to receive aid from Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg – the final of whom had fair assimilated the Father Box engineering into his cybernetic body. [ 24 ] Their resistance attracted the attention of Darkseid, rule of Apokolips, who came to fight them personally. [ 25 ] Darkseid incapacitated Superman with an Omega Blast, and the Parademons carried him off to Apokolips. Batman followed to rescue him while the rest of the group remained to struggle Darkseid. [ 26 ] Superman was tortured by Desaad and Steppenwolf until Batman managed to save him. They returned to Earth and Superman punched Darkseid second through the Boom Tube as Cyborg closed it. The heroes were congratulated by the President for saving the satellite, and they decided to become an official team. historian David Graves would by and by give them the name they would formally use : the Justice League. [ 27 ]

Mongul and the Black Mercy

At some indicate, he came into dispute with Mongul MDCCXC, an alien tyrant who ruled the huge Warworld. subsequently, this foe would infect him with the Black Mercy, an foreigner flower capable of inducing intense hallucinatory false realities. While imprisoned within the Black Mercy ‘s tendrils, Clark saw a version of Krypton that never exploded. In this world, Kal-El had a life on Krypton- a wife and a son. Though he was finally freed, the experience affected Clark deeply. He ruminated on it for many years, and in the end, it inspired him to one sidereal day make a deepen and expand his circle of trust. [ 28 ]

The Death and Life of Superman

Over clock, Clark and Lois fell in love, and he revealed his mysterious identity to her. not long after, Superman was apparently killed by the alien monster Doomsday. In the wake of his death, four very different contenders arose to his cape : The Cyborg Hank Henshaw, the once Steel, the Cadmus-created clone Superboy and the android known as the Eradicator. [ 29 ] Eventually, the Cyborg Superman revealed his true colors, participating in the destruction of Coast City. Superman was soon restored to life ; Steel and Superboy became last allies for the Man of Steel. [ 30 ]. Afterwards, Clark and Lois married. At one point, Superman ‘s powers malfunctioned, and he temporarily became Electric Blue Superman before returning to normal. [ 31 ] shortly after their marriage, Lois became pregnant with a child, and Clark delivered his son Jonathan Samuel Kent in the Fortress of Solitude during an try alien invasion. [ 32 ] In New 52 continuity, their son was born in an alternate Batcave, delivered by Batman, during Convergence.[33] This was later retconned by the Superman Reborn crossover. After Jon ‘s parentage, the Kent family moved to a grow upstate, and rather commuted to work in Metropolis. Jon Kent was raised with no cognition of his founder ‘s double identity as Superman and was largely keep isolated from many of Superman ‘s associates. At some point, Superman came into conflict with the Elite, a violent and proactive super-team leave by Manchester Black. He developed an natural antipathy for Manchester as a consequence ; Manchester felt similarly. [ 34 ] [ 35 ] Over the run of his long career, Superman fought at the side of “ one or two ” of the historical figures known as King Arthur. In the process, he rescued the famed ’round postpone ‘ during the Second Fall of Camelot and was entrusted with its guardianship by Arthur himself. [ 36 ] Superman, Batman, Martian Manhunter, and Wonder Woman would late fight against a team-up of Lex Luthor and Metallo. Diana defeated Metallo, unbeknown to Lex, allowing martian Manhunter to assume his shape. Superman then pretended to be affected by ‘Metallo ‘s ‘ Kryptonite. Seeing victory ahead, Lex took a moment to gloat ; unbeknown to him, Manhunter ‘s faux-Kryptonite was a record device, and his admission of attempted murder was enough testify to send him to prison. [ 37 ] Superman subsequently visited Luthor in prison, seeking to discuss the fact that the welder who would link Lex to Metallo ‘s armor plat had gone missing. alternatively, Lex offered to place Chess with Superman, who humored him for a light while- until he was informed that the welder had been found, safe but a little bad for wear. He then left, telling Lex that he was n’t ‘playing his crippled ‘. [ 38 ] finally, Clark introduced his ringer Conner Kent to his parents, and Connor lived with them and attended Smallville High School for a time before he was lost in Gemworld. [ 39 ]

New 52

After Barry Allen returned from the Flashpoint, Clark adopted a modern costume ; a suit comprised of Kryptonian nanotech that would construct itself over his clothes when he needed it. In the original New 52 continuity, Clark found this suit aboard Brainiac’s ship during his origin and wore it from then on; however, as the result of successive continuity changes, Superman does not begin wearing this suit until much, much later.

death of “ Clark Kent ” and Fighting Vyndktvx

Main article: Action Comics: At the End of Days After faking his death as Clark Kent to shake off person who was investigating excessively closely into his secret identity, Clark took the alias of Johnny Clark and joined the fire department. distillery, he began to regret killing Clark Kent off and sought advice from Batman, who promised to deal with it. After discovering an alien named Captain Comet who foretold of Earth ‘s extinction by alien attacks, Superman managed to fight him off but, in the summons, caused his Johnny Clark identity to be thought dead as well. fortunately, Superman ‘s erstwhile landlady, Mrs. Nyxly, who knew of his former secret identity as Clark Kent, revealed to him that she was from the Fifth Dimension and used one of her three wishes she had saved to wipe Clark Kent ‘s death from everyone ‘s minds. Nyxly continued to tell Superman that everything badly that always happened in his life was the doing of person else from her home. [ 40 ] She explained that Lord Vyndktvx from her home dimension had attacked Clark at multiple points in his history, to the point that certain memories he had might have happened otherwise before those attacks. [ 41 ] Lord Vyndktvx last made a play for Superman ‘s life sentence in the present with his meet Anti-Superman Army. [ 41 ] last understanding Vyndktvx ‘s weakness, Superman used a telepathic connection set up by Lois Lane ‘s psychic niece Susie Thompkins to convince everyone in the earth to say their own names backwards. The fathom of this five-dimensional utterance caused Vyndktvx to retreat to his own dimension, where he was immediately arrested. [ 42 ]

H’El on ground

Main article: Superman: H’El on Earth
soon after, the Daily Planet was bought out by businessman Morgan Edge, initiating a major change in the report style of the Planet. unhappy with the changes, Clark quit working for the newspaper. In a previous iteration of history, Clark then discovered that found out that his longtime puppy love Lois Lane was now in a serious relationship with another man named John Carroll. [ 43 ] however, this event was erased from history when Superman ‘s history was revised.

later, in his hero identity, Superman was confronted by another Kryptonian survivor called H’El, who wanted to recruit him by military unit to join his unholy crusade of saving Krypton. After learning that H’el wanted to use the Fortress of Solitude to go back in time to save Krypton by extinguishing Earth ‘s sunlight, Superman called in the Justice League and his adolescent ringer Superboy to fight H’El and prevent the end of the solar arrangement. [ 44 ] While investigating the louche government group known as Ascension, Superman uncovered the animal known as Wraith, an alien with very exchangeable powers to him that was captured and trained by the uranium government to bring down terrorists. After learning about their common purposes, Superman and Wraith agreed to work in concert to stop Ascension. [ 45 ] Superman and Wraith defeated a little cabal of Ascension, but Superman was soon betrayed by Wraith, who sought what was known as an Earthstone. Following a colossal conflict, Superman defeated Wraith and not long after this, Lex Luthor informed him that Wraith ‘s species was planning to attack Earth and the lone weapon that could be used against them would kill Superman. [ 46 ] Superman chose not to use the weapon and confronted the aliens without aid, but Wraith soon redeemed himself by using the weapon against his own species, killing himself in the march. [ 47 ]

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