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Main Nemesis


Other Enemies

Superboy, Supergirl, Krypto, Justice League, Superman Family, Justice Society





Base of Operations


Arch Villains

Lex Luthor, Brainiac, General Zod, Darkseid, Doomsday

Current Members

Mister Mxyzptlk, Metallo, Cyborg Superman, Bizarro, Prankster, Parasite, Intergang, Hector Hammond, Superboy Prime, Toyman, Parallax, Manchester Black, Doctor Omen

Former Members

Lobo, Maxima, Rampage, Silver Banshee

Deceased Members

Denny Swan, Mister Oz


Black Adam, Joker, Maxwell Lord

Place of Formation


First appearance
Action Comics #23
(April, 1940)
Quote1.png “When I was a child… I dreamt of childish things…” And they was burned and beat and molested and murdered outta me… And I thought that’s all there was. And then I met you… An’ I hated that you made me feel like a child dreamin’ again… But that’s the thing, ain’t it? You were real… And I… I became a %@#$ supervillain. Cheers, mate.Quote2.png

Manchester Blacksrc

Superman protects Metropolis, America and Earth from a number of threats. The huffy scienstist Lex Luthor, former reimagined as a egotistic businessman, was his biggest enemy.

Membership History

Metropolis Organized crime

Before Superman donned his costume, Metropolis was already controlled by respective gangs. tied though in America, Metropolis is seen as a gleaming city of hope and prosperity, underneath the public effigy of the city are many facets that are controlled by the most pitiless gangsters and criminals. Intergang From the beginnings of Superman ‘s career to now, a home crime syndicate has had its clutches on Metropolis for a hanker fourth dimension. This arrangement had ties through the far reaches of space to Apokolips.

The Masterminds

Besides Mannheim and Edge, other denizens of conquest, power, and darkness have appeared in Superman ‘s career that continue to challenge him to this day with their eldritch ability to formulate building complex schemes of evil acts. Heavy Hitters :

  • Lex Luthor: [3] Coming out of a rough childhood and adolescence, Alexander Joseph Luthor began furthering his career in the business world. Soon, Luthor became Superman’s oldest and most driven foe, thus becoming Kal-El’s arch-enemy. A shrewd powerful businessman hell-bent on world domination, Luthor has no special powers, except maybe his exceptional genius intellect, which he uses to formulate plans of destruction towards Superman and sometimes Metropolis; plans of omnipotence over the world. A self-proclaimed Machiavellian industrialist, scientist, and white-collar criminal as referenced by one of his famous quotes, “I’m the greatest criminal mind of our time!,” Luthor has proven to be Superman’s own “super-foe”, being responsible for cloning Superman in order to ultimately destroy him, engineering smear campaigns to ruin Superman’s reputation, and for almost destroying Metropolis.
  • Darkseid: [4] After assassinating his mother, Uxas had become ruler of Apokolips for thousands of years. A sadistic despot, Darkseid is determined to make sure that he’s ruler of the entire universe and to attain that goal, he desperately seeks the Anti-Life Equation, a device that can control all life. Darkseid is responsible for partially igniting an interstellar war, and has been a persistent villain until before the third Crisis where his son, Orion, killed him. However, Darkseid was reincarnated and is still wreaking havoc yet again.
  • Brainiac: [5] Originally from the distant planet, Colu, the scientist Vril Dox was merged into his own creation, The Brain InterActive Construct, a machine created by The Computer Tyrants to obtain information in the universe. Brainiac thus broke away from his superiors and has a goal of ultimately obtaining all information in the universe and destroying all the planets it came from. Brainiac’s rampage has made him enemies with Kal-El, the only humanoid who can stop him. Brainiac has been responsible for shrinking the city of Kandor, inhabiting a human being, gaining a new cybernetic body, plotting to gain control of Superman’s body, and almost dominating the universe in his 13th version. Currently, Brainiac and Superman continue to be enemies. With no capacity for good, Brainiac continues to complete his functioning program of learning all information in the universe until he has destroyed everything.
  • General Zod: [6] Dru-Zod was one of Krypton’s most efficient military commanders. That all changed when he hears that his friends, renowned scientist Jor-El has predicted Krypton’s imminent destruction. When the Kryptonian Science Council lobotomizes Zod’s friend for leading a separatist movement, Zod becomes disillusioned with the Kryptonian societal norms. Zod, with the aid of his lover and his friend, launch an insurrection plot to overthrow Krypton’s government and establish a new order on the planet. Zod’s main motivation applied to his megalomania, his insatiable need to control everything. Zod tried to get Jor-El to join their rebellion, but he refused. Eventually, The Council thwarted Zod’s plot; sentenced him and his co-conspirators to eternal imprisonment in the Phantom Zone. Jor-El condemned them to the imprisonment, prompting Zod to swear vengeance against him and his heirs. Zod and his cohorts have since escaped the Phantom Zone and terrorized Jor-El’s son, Kal-El, just as he promised. Zod had two accomplices that helped him in his quest for power:
    • Ursa: [7] A former member of the Kryptonian guard, Ursa is Zod’s lover and most loyal accomplice. When she heard that Jor-El and another scientist had foreseen Krypton’s destruction, she believed them and sought to oppose the Council in rebellion. The Council retaliated by lobotomizing her friend and in turn, Zod and Ursa instigated open rebellion. She hated Jor-El for surrendering to the Council and not supporting their cause; when the trio were arrested, Jor-El himself condemned in their trial by sending them to the Phantom zone as a result of the sentencing. Ursa has since swore vengeance on the House of El with Zod and their friend. Ursa has since escaped with her two accomplices from the Zone and terrorized Kal-El to gain custody of her son, who’s also the son of Zod.
    • Non: [7] A former scientist and member of the Kryptonian Council, Non predicted Krypton’s destruction with Jor-El, making Zod and Ursa believe their claim. Soon after, Non led a separatist movement to break way from the Kryptonian government, earning him their wrath when afterwards, they lobotomized him. Now a minimally-verbal mute, Non has lost his sense of right and wrong, and sided with Zod and Ursa because of their friendship, ultimately leading them to being banished to the Phantom Zone. After escaping from the Zone, Non has helped his friends in their failed attempt to invade Earth with the help of other Kryptonian criminals that have escaped as well.
  • The Elite: A group of individuals that take extreme measures to eliminate crime. Led by the Villain, Manchester Black.
    • Manchester Black: The sinister, telepathic leader of the Elite. He has made it his personal mission to make Superman think mercy is useless.

The Compulsive Evildoers

digression from the power-hungry masterminds and pitiless mobsters, Superman has besides had to contend with other enemies whose sole function in life is to bring evil and suffering to the superhero community and the global .

  • Doomsday: [8] Born on Krypton in the distant past as an evolved artificial life-form, The Ultimate was created by a mysterious alien scientist, Bertron. After many years of dying and coming back alive in Berton’s experiments of evolution, Doomsday snapped and turned on Bertron, killing him and hordes of other living Kryptonian creatures. Doomsday then traveled the galaxy, becoming a extraterrestrial serial killer bent on destructing the universe’s societies. His murder spree lead him to Earth where his plan for destroying the planet was thwarted by Superman. Doomsday and Superman engaged in a fight that lead to both of their deaths. Superman and Doomsday were later resurrected and they still challenge each other currently. Whatever kills Doomsday only makes him stronger; he revives himself again and again only to bring death to all sentient beings. Doomsday eventually gained the ability to kill people with his mere presence and infect others with a virus that makes others like him.
  • Parasite: [9] A menial slacker and janitor of a Pittsburgh S.T.A.R. Labs facility, Rudy Jones came in contact with hazardous chemicals changing him into a purple being capable of draining energy from anyone. Jones has since used his new-found abilities to gain Superman’s powers in order to better himself. After Jones’s defeat, Superman has had to battle other versions of Parasite like Dr.Freeman, Alex and Alexandra Allston.
  • Bizarro[10]: An imperfect copy of Superman, Bizarro is the opposite of the Kryptonian hero in many ways. His warped sense of moral makes Bizarro think evil is good, and some of his powers are inversions of Superman’s (instead of heat vision and ice breath, Arctic Vision and Flame-Breath). Occasionally he serves as Superman’s ally.
  • Cyborg Superman[11]: An evil robotic counterpart built out of Kryptonian technology and genetics. Originally he was Hank Henshaw, an astronaut who blamed Superman for the death of his wife and constructed his body after becoming his mind into Kal-El’s Kryptonian Birthing Matrix. Zor-El, who upon his death was rebuilt by Brainiac into a mechanical body was the new Cyborg Superman, before Hank Henshaw took over the role again.
  • Metallo[12]: John Corben is a cyborg whose robotic body runs on Green Kryptonite, thus giving him a natural advantage over Superman.
  • Toyman[13]: A sociopathic mechanical genius, Winslow Schott likes to create violent, destructive, and dangerous toys. He also created several human-like robots who also became the Toyman. In some versions, he seeks vengeance on Mannheim, who framed his father for money laundering.
  • Denny Swan: A mad man made of energy who believed he was Superman. He was killed when the energy in his body exploded, taking Prime Earth Superman with him.

Extraterrestrials Villains

  • Hfuhruhurr[14]: Also known as Word-Bringer, Hfuhruhurr is an alien from an unknown race who travels the universe collecting brains in order to create The Union, an immortal hive-mind capable of accessing the unlimited knowledge of the universe. He was confronted by Superman on two occasions.
  • Imperiex: [15] Essentially the embodiment of entropy, Imperiex-Prime sought out to destroy all galaxies in order to “stop the imperfection” present. He sent numerous probes to guide his destructive campaign which was impeded by Superman and his allies. Even Kal-El’s arch-enemies, Darkseid and then-President Lex Luthor, joined the battle against Imperiex. Darkseid and the superhero Steel developed an Entropy Aegis armor (created from a burned out Imperiex probe) for Superman to use for defending himself against Prime. With the help of numerous allies, Superman destroyed Prime by sending him and an accomplice back through time to the Big Bang, the explosive origin of space 14 billion years ago. That in itself sealed Imperiex’s doom, erasing his existence forever. Just before being destroyed by Superman, Imperiex realized the “imperfection” in all the galaxies was himself.
  • Queen Maxima of Almerac: Obsessed with becoming the Man of Steel’s mate in order to bear strong children, Maxima has alternated between enemy and ally throughout the years.
  • Lobo[16]: After massacring all the other people in his home planet of Czarnia, Lobo became an ultra-violent motorcycle-riding inter-galactic bounty hunter. His wicked ways cause him to occasionally clash with Superman,[17][18][19][20] but often he opts to help various superheroes.
  • Mongul [21]: The devious ruler of Warworld, Mongul is a warlord and despot who has clashed with Superman on various occasions.
  • Mister Mxyzptlk[22]: A reality manipulating imp from the 5th Dimension, Mister Mxyzptlk constantly antagonizes Superman, seeking to pester the Man of Steel and prove he’s smarter than the hero.
  • Rogol Zaar: He apparently destroyed Krypton, under the belief that the Kryptonians would defy the gods. He came to earth to kill the remaining Kryptonians and destroyed Kandor.

Alternate Supermen

Superman has made enemies out of versatile understudy versions of himself.

  • Ultraman: An evil version of Superman from earth-3. Like the rest of the Justice League and Crime Syndicate, Superman and Ultraman fight each other whenever they encounter each other.
  • Superboy Prime: A psychotic, sadistic, and sociopathic version of Superman from Earth-Prime, after his world is destroyed, he went mad and tried to reboot the multiverse to restore his world. In this quest, he killed many people, including Superboy, and massacred through many Teen Titans and Lanterns without remorse.
  • Superman Zero: An evil clone of Superman created by Doctor Omen.
  • Overman: A Nazi-affiliated version of Superman. He helped the Nazi’s take over his world.


  • Doctor Omen: Mother of the Super-Man of Hong Kong. She created the villain of Superman Zero.

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