100+ Free Zoom Backgrounds: Work & Social

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Are you bored of boring Zoom backgrounds ? We are, besides, so we ’ ve created a survival of democratic Zoom wallpapers for you to download .
precisely right-click your Zoom backdrop of option and save it to your phone or computer .
Topics include home office backgrounds, hobby themed backgrounds, fishy backgrounds for social calls, and vacation Zoom backgrounds such as Christmas, Hallowe ’ en, July 4th, Juneteenth and Indigenous Peoples ’ Day.

The styles vary from 3D backgrounds, images and cunning graphics.
Which is your favorite ? Tell us in the comments below !
besides, looking for ideas for games to play on Zoom ? Check out our popular guide .
Hosting a quiz and need some triviality rounds inspiration ? We ’ ve got that here besides .
You can besides download our St Paddy ’ s Day and Easter Zoom backgrounds .
Let ’ s look at the across-the-board list of Zoom virtual backgrounds, free for you to use .

  1. professional Zoom Backgrounds
  2. Abstract Backgrounds
  3. Funny Zoom Backgrounds
  4. Funny Face Zoom Background
  5. Funny Animal Backgrounds
  6. celebration Zoom Backgrounds
  7. Birthday Zoom Backgrounds
  8. Baby Shower Zoom Backgrounds
  9. Baby Blocks Zoom Background
  10. holiday Zoom Backgrounds
  11. Christmas Zoom Backgrounds

  12. Angel Backgrounds
  13. Hallowe ’ en Zoom Backgrounds
  14. 4th of July Zoom Backgrounds
  15. Juneteenth Zoom Backgrounds
  16. autochthonal Peoples ’ Day
  17. Travel Zoom Backgrounds
  18. nautical Zoom Backgrounds
  19. nature Zoom Backgrounds
  20. Air Zoom Backgrounds
  21. Space Zoom Backgrounds
  22. Cartoon Zoom Backgrounds
  23. Disney Zoom Backgrounds
  24. Harry Potter Zoom Background
  25. history Zoom Backgrounds
  26. Anatomy Zoom Backgrounds
  27. Pink Zoom Backgrounds

professional Zoom Backgrounds

The following unblock virtual backgrounds for Zoom are ideal for business league calls as they imitate large agency spaces and little, working from home rooms .
Zoom Background_office space

Desk with World Map Zoom Background

Zoom Background_office with map on wall

Large Office Zoom Background

Zoom Background_professional office

White Room Zoom Background

Zoom Background_office

Abstract Backgrounds

following up we have cool Zoom backgrounds for casual meetings and chats with friends .
Zoom Background_streamers

Swirly Pain Zoom Background

Abstract Zoom background with pink and green swooshes

Blue Lines Zoom Background

Zoom Background_abstract With pinks blues and yellows

Funny Zoom Backgrounds

In this incision, we present hilarious Zoom backgrounds which are guaranteed to get a giggle .
just ensure you are using them in the right set !
Zoom Background_potato

Poop Emoji Zoom Background

Zoom Background_poop emoji

Dancing Zoom Background

Zoom Background_older lady dancing

Funny Face Zoom Background

Zoom Background_mask with fluffy eyebrows glasses and nose and tie

Scientist Zoom Background

Background_mad scientist

Frogs Zoom Background

Zoom Background_frogs looking down pants

Face Zoom Background

Zoom Background_crazy eyes lips pink background

Funny Animal Backgrounds

Carrying on with the blithe theme, we have adorable backgrounds featuring cute animals pulling punch-drunk faces .
Zoom Background_sheep smiling funny

Monkey Zoom Background

Zoom Background_monkey Laugh

Cat Zoom Background

Zoom Background_cat with smiling face sticker

Cow Zoom Background

Zoom Background_cow stick out tongueC

celebration Zoom Backgrounds

The pursuit fun backgrounds for Zoom cover a variety of holidays and milestones such as birthdays, baby showers, and national holidays .
We ’ ve besides included winter vacation Zoom backgrounds for gay calls and catch ups .

Birthday Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom Background_pastel balloons

Happy Birthday Zoom Background

Zoom Background_happy birthday

Bunting Zoom Background

Zoom Background_bunting

Balloons Zoom Background

Zoom Background_balloons on strings

Baby Shower Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom Background Baby Shower bunting

Baby Blocks Zoom Background

Zoom Background Baby shower blocks

holiday Zoom Backgrounds

‘ Tis the season !
If you are planning a Christmas video call, check out our quiz rounds usher to grab our dislodge Xmas quiz .

Christmas Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom Background Christmas bells

Lights Zoom Background

Zoom Background Christmas lights

Bell and Baubles Zoom Background

Zoom Background Christmas

Ugly Sweatshirts Zoom Background

Zoom Background Christmas Ugly SweatshirtsZoom Background Christmas ugly sweatshirt
Zoom Background Christmas ugly sweatshirt red

Angel Backgrounds

Background with angelsZoom Background Angels wearing pinkZoom Background Angel WingsZoom Background Angel Praying

Hallowe ’ en Zoom Backgrounds

boo !
Zoom Background Halloween zombieZoom Background Halloween witches hatZoom Background Halloween houseZoom Background Halloween WebZoom Background Halloween Pumpkins

4th of July Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom Background_usa july 4thZoom Background_us july 4th itemsZoom Background_us color fireworks You may besides like our guide to the best places to visit in the US in July which includes July 4th and events.

Juneteenth Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom Background_juneteenth handZoom Background_juneteenth fist You may besides like our lead to the best places to visit in the US in June which includes Juneteenth events .

autochthonal Peoples ’ Day

Zoom Background_indigenous dayZoom Background_indigenous headdressZoom Background_indigenous print You may besides like our steer to the best places to visit in the US in August which includes National Day of Mourning events .

Travel Zoom Backgrounds

fix, set, k !
Let ’ s get lost in these travel-related and address specific release Zoom backgrounds .
Zoom Background_suitcase

Road Trip Zoom Background

Zoom Background_road trip

Plane and Passport Zoom Background

Zoom Background_plane passport

Luggage Zoom Background

Zoom Background_Luggage

Paris Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom Background_paris streetZoom Background_Paris Eiffel Tower

Hawaii Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom Background_Hawaii MapZoom Background_Hawaii

American Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom Background_USA mapZoom Background US flags

Europe Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom Background europe mapZoom Background Europe landmarks

Africa Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom Background Africa mapZoom Background_Africa map

Asia Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom Background Asia mapZoom Background Asia landmarks

nautical Zoom Backgrounds

Ahoy there !
Looking for an anchor Zoom backdrop ?
very ? Tell us why in the comments !
Zoom Background_nautical items

Sailor Hat Zoom Background

Zoom Background_sailor hat

Anchor Zoom Background

Zoom Background_anchor

Knot Zoom Background

Zoom Background_rope

nature Zoom Backgrounds

Enjoy our pretty nature backgrounds next .
Zoom Background_leaves

Flowers Zoom Background

Zoom Background_flowers

Lotus Zoom Background

Zoom Background_leaf

Cherry Blossom Zoom Background

Zoom Background_cherry blossom

Air Zoom Backgrounds

It ’ mho clock for acid with these calming Zoom backgrounds .
If you know the meet is going to get heated, change the vibration with downy clouds and floating bubbles .
Zoom Background_sky

Sunset Above Clouds Zoom Background

Zoom Background_clouds

Ocean Bubbles Zoom Background

Zoom Background_ocean

Bubbles Zoom Background

Zoom Background_bubbles

Space Zoom Backgrounds

Let ’ s kick off the nerdy Zoom backgrounds with Space, nebulas and aliens .
Beam me up !
Zoom Background_nebula

Astronaut Zoom Background

Zoom Background_spaceman

Earth From Space Zoom Background

Zoom Background_earth

Alien Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom Background_aliens

Spaceship Beam Zoom Background

Zoom Background_alien ship

Cartoon Zoom Backgrounds

Batman or Superman ?
Zoom Background_batman

“Wow” Cartoon Style Zoom Background

Zoom Background_wow cartoon

Woman Superhero Zoom Background

Zoom Background_superhero

“Oh” Cartoon Style Zoom Background

Zoom Background_oh cartoon

Superman Style Zoom Background

Zoom Background_superman

Disney Zoom Backgrounds

How cunning are these Disney wallpapers ?
Zoom Background_mickey mouse disney

Snow White Style Zoom Background

Zoom Background_disney snow white

Cinderella Style Zoom Background

Zoom Background_disney cinderalla

Cinderella Castle Style Zoom Background

Zoom Background_disney castle

Harry Potter Zoom Background

Hello there muggle !
Which Harry Potter wallpaper does the sorting hat choose for you ?

Zoom Background_harry potter on broom

Sorting Hat Zoom Background

Zoom Background_harry potter sorting hat

Hogwarts Luggage Zoom Background

Zoom Background_harry potter luggage

Harry Potter Memorabilia Zoom Background

Zoom Background_harry potter items

history Zoom Backgrounds

atavistic wallpapers incoming .
Zoom Background History globe

Old Ship Zoom Background

Zoom Background old boat

80s Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom Background 80s

80s Stereo Zoom Background

Zoom Background 80s stereo

Anatomy Zoom Backgrounds

look into my eyes, and heart and lungs .
Zoom Background_anatomy

Z-Ray Style Zoom Background

Zoom Background_body

Brain Outline Zoom Background

Zoom Background_brain

Pink Zoom Backgrounds

On Wednesdays our rapid climb screens wear pink .

Pink Rose Watercolor Zoom Background

Zoom Background_pink rose

Pink Swoosh Zoom Background

Zoom Background pink swoosh

Pink Polka Dots Zoom Background

Zoom Background pink dots

Light Pink Zoom Background

Zoom Background light pink

Vibrant Pink Zoom Background

Zoom Background bright pink

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