Superman’s Boyfriend’s Powers Are Radically Changing His Lore

Warning: spoilers for Superman: Son of Kal-El #12 are ahead! 
The romance between Superman  and Lois Lane makes them one of DC Comics ‘ most iconic couples, but the dynamic between the raw Superman, Jon Kent, and his boyfriend, Jay Nakamura, is shaking up everything fans expect from the Man of Steel. Clark Kent ‘s Superman is unique in that his devotion to Lois goes beyond an oft-cited firearm of advice that being in a relationship as a superhero is dangerous for both parties. And while Lois Lane is anything but a damsel-in-distress, she still is a homo being vulnerable to attacks that Clark is impervious to, making him extra protective of her. This is why Jay Nakamura ‘s superpowers are softly rewriting this established dynamic between DC ‘s Supermen and their significant others .
Jay Nakamura has the world power of intangibility, allowing him to seamlessly phase through objects. This makes it so that Jon, or anyone else, ca n’t hurt him. however, because he got his superpowers from being experimented on by the barbarous billionaire, Henry Bendix, Jay ‘s powers are representative of the clamber he has experienced as a Gamorran refugee. These days, Jay most frequently uses his powers while on missions to uncover information about Bendix ‘s dealings, as separate of his journalistic crusade, The Truth.

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tied with his superpowers, Jay Nakamura occupies a exchangeable function that Lois Lane plays in Clark Kent ‘s life as a superhero, all with the add benefit that he is impervious to physical attacks. Past Superman comics have used Clark ‘s manage for Lois as a weakness, a trouble that Jon ‘s Superman does not have to worry about. however, with Jay incidentally unmasking himself in public at the end of Superman : son of Kal-El # 12 by Tom Taylor and Cian Tormey, Jon ‘s Superman may be facing an wholly newfangled problem with his boyfriend that Clark never experienced with Lois .

Jon Kent's Superman and Jay Nakamura in Superman Son of Kal-El #12

Jay ‘s specific superpowers allow him to continue doing boots on the land journalistic work for The Truth good like Lois would for The Daily Planet, with a twist. flush though Jay ‘s powers are n’t deoxyadenosine monophosphate flashy as Jon ‘s, they allow him to fight side-by-side with his boyfriend in pastime of truth, a core dogma to Superman ‘s ideals, because he ca n’t get hurt. This means Jon no long has to worry about holding his powers back when his boyfriend is show, flipping one of the most dominant allele parts of Clark Kent ‘s Superman comics. With issue twelve ending on a cliffhanger, fans will have to see how DC ‘s new Superman balances life with his own superpowered boyfriend while still protecting Jay ‘s identity and The Truth as a whole .
Jon Kent and Jay Nakamura have proven themselves to be DC ‘s newest world power couple, apparent in the fact that they can fight for truth, department of justice, and a better universe in two completely different ways. Jay ‘s intangibility ensures that he will not be relegated to only playing the role of a supportive partner in the pages of Superman : son of Kal-El, but has the opportunity to become a superhero of his own. While Jay Nakamura has a fortune in common with Lois Lane, his superpowers lay the foundation for a wholly raw earned run average of Superman  comics .
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Superman: Son of Kal-El  #12  is available now from DC Comics .




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