DC League of Super-Pets Cast: Meet All the New Characters

Dwayne Johnson as Krypto

Dwayne Johnson tackles the cocky canine, who possesses the same Kryptonian powers as his master. A fame in his world, there ’ s something deplorable about Krypto. “ He loves Superman thus much, ” director Jared Stern explains. “ Any thought that he might lose him makes us feel for Krypto, even if he ’ randomness broad of himself. ” Krypto is used to hanging out with the Justice League… and the League of Super-Pets is anything but that well-oiled car. initially, they don ’ thyroxine come in concert as a team, and that exasperates Krypto. “ He ’ mho going to need to be a leader and supporter to them and bring them together to master their powers, ” Stern explains .

Kevin Hart as Ace

​​Kevin Hart voices this Bat-hound, who has been imbued with a certain degree of invulnerability and indestructibility. “ That doesn ’ thyroxine beggarly it doesn ’ t hurt when he gets beat up, ” Stern notes. An older pawl, he ’ randomness been in the protection for a long time. In fact, Ace doesn ’ thyroxine believe he has a shot at being adopted anymore. It seems the younger pets tend to find homes easier than the more temper vets. “ Ace is the drawing card of the gang of idiots in the protection, ” Stern adds. “ He takes care of them. He knows they are idiot, but they are his idiots. He wants to protect them. ”

Vanessa Bayer as PB

Vanessa Bayer provides the voice for this abdominous pig. PB can alter her size, but she ’ s having difficulties controlling that ability. “ PB goes big when she wants to go small, ” Stern explains. The heart of the group, she actually wants to get adopted. PB knows everything about superheroes from reading the day by day Planet pages that occupation her cage at the shelter. The fan devour of the group, PB is particularly obsessed with Wonder Woman.

Natasha Lyonne as Merton

few creatures move at a more easy yard than a turtle. As for Merton, voiced by Natasha Lyonne, she ’ randomness even slower. That, however, changes when she gains super-speed. The problem is, Merton can ’ metric ton see a thing. “ It ’ s like person gave Mr. Magoo a Ferrari, ” Stern says. unfortunately, this plodder has been getting run over by cars. All she wants is a passive life and a delicious nibble of lettuce .

Diego Luna as Chip

Voiced by Diego Luna, this squirrel can shoot electric energy from his hands. As it turns out, Chip is more of a scaredy-cat than a nut forager, though. He is terrified of the world around him—and his electrifying powers. “ He doesn ’ metric ton want to hurt anyone with them… or himself, ” offers Stern. And while Ace longs to get out of the shelter, Chip wants to stay right where he is, feeling much dependable behind bars .
DC League of Super-Pets is in theaters now .

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