10 Comics You’ll Love If Supernatural Is Your Favorite Show

supernatural fans may hush be mourning the show ending, but they can read similarly themed comics that are n’t unlike the Winchesters ‘ misadventures. When Supernatural went off the air, it had 327 episodes over the couple of fifteen seasons. With the show gone, fans might be looking for something to take its identify, and fortunately, there are some great comic books and graphic novels that can fill that hole .
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horror comics are nothing modern experience as horror titles in EC Comics dominated sales before superheroes came binding into style in the ’60s. Since that time, there have however been some great supernatural comedian books hitting the newsstands, and many of them stand improving well with the themes and subject-matter that fans loved so much in Supernatural.


10 American Vampire

Skinner Sweet on American Vampire cover.
supernatural consider with many different monsters, but outside of demons from Hell, there was n’t anything bigger than vampires for Sam and Dean Winchester to hunt down. For anyone who wants to read a vampire amusing record that takes the run down clichés and turns them on their heads, check out American Vampire by Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque .
The main vampire here is Skinner Sweet, a vampire who can walk in the day and battles vampires, all of whom have taken over America by operating behind the scenes in Hollywood and politics .

9 Ghost Riders: Heaven’s On Fire

The cover of a Ghost Riders comic.
Ghost Rider has always been one of Marvel Comics ‘ most popular supernatural series. The original had a stunt cyclist named Johnny Blaze who sold his soul to the devil to save his dad, only to have the devil deceive him, leaving his dad dead and Johnny stuck with a monster inside him .
This finical serial is 2009’s ghost Riders : Heaven ‘s on Fire by Jason Aaron and Roland Boschi, and they pull a narrative right out of Supernatural as Johnny Blaze and the homo who followed him as Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch, have to team up when a monster takes over Heaven and conquers it .

8 Gotham By Midnight

The cover of Gotham By Midnight comic book.
While Batman largely deals with more run-of-the-mill criminals, he does not deal with the supernatural well. It ‘s a good thing then there was a unit that did deal with the supernatural in Gotham City .
This whole is led by none other than Detective Jim Corrigan, who most DC fans know as the Spectre. This is basically Gotham P.D. assorted with the X-Files, as they hunt down and deal with demonic evil that Batman wants nothing to do with. This all comes from repugnance writer Ray Fawkes and artist Ben Templesmith .

7 Hellblazer

Constantine on a Hellblazer comic cover.
If there is entirely one comic book that a person who loves the demonic giant hunt and purge in Supernatural, that comedian record should be Hellblazer. This is not the Constantine books DC Comics is releasing now, but the original Vertigo titles .
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John Constantine is a homo who is damned, but he has besides made very sure that Hell ca n’t take him, while Heaven does n’t want him. Through it all, he is trying to atone for everything he has done wrong in his life. Hellblazer was created by Peter Milligan and Giuseppe Camuncoli and ran from 1988-2013 .

6 Locke & Key

Looking inside Bode's head in Locke & Key.
One of the big stories in Supernatural is that Sam and Dean Winchester were two boys whose mother died after a cryptic devil attacked her. They were left with their father, who trained them to hunt monsters before disappearing himself .
Locke & Key, by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, was a 37-issue comedian record series about three siblings whose father was murdered. They learned he was hiding a big secret in the old family firm with keys that could open up abilities and a monster that wanted them .

5 Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The cover of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer comic.
supernatural took over the television touch of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff series Angel with the lapp basic music genre. They are all urban illusion series about people fighting the monsters that hide in the dark .
For fans who miss Buffy, the usher was continued in comedian book mannequin with extra seasons following its television stopping point. There is a bunch of big stuff for fans of the show here, with seven wide Omnibus collections, vitamin a well as a newer boot comic series .

4 Justice League Dark

The members of Justice League Dark.
The Justice League of America is a superhuman team in DC Comics that deals with threats to Earth that no matchless champion can hope to stop alone. however, while that team has the boastfully guns to deal with foreigner threats and early superhuman beings, they are not amply capable of supernatural threats .
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That is where Justice League Dark comes in. Created by Peter Milligan and Mikel Janín, this team consists of mysterious heavyweights like Constantine, Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Etrigan, and more .

3 B.P.R.D.

The cover of a BPRD graphic novel.
The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense ( BPRD ) is part of the earth of Hellboy, created by Mike Mignola .
This is a spinoff from the Hellboy series and focuses more on the team ‘s focus on dealing with supernatural threats, frequently working with governments of the earth, of which it has a solid relationship. This team includes Hellboy, Abe Sapien, Liz Sherman, and they have saved the Earth more times than people can count from supernatural threats .

2 October Faction

The cover of the October Faction comic book.
October Faction was one of the lesser-known supernatural comics until a single-season Netflix series arrived .
Created by Steve Niles and Damien Worm, October Faction is about a go to bed monster hunter named Frederick and his wife and two kids. When they return home, they realize that it is impossible to retire from the family occupation when there are clearly distillery monsters running loose and the integral family gears up to take down the evil creatures once again .

1 Supernatural

The cover of the Supernatural graphic novel.
For fans who miss Supernatural, do n’t ignore the fact there are some great supernatural amusing books and graphics novels to continue the narrative and learn a little more about the past .
supernatural Origins is what it claims to be, with John Winchester out there hunting demons years before his sons grow up. other options include supernatural : Rising Son, Supernatural : beginning ‘s end, and Supernatural : The Dogs of Edinburgh .
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