Demon Slayer: 5 Characters Who Got Their Demon Slayer Mark (& 5 Who Didn’t But Should Have)

not every Hashira was able to gain a demon killer mark, but they would have greatly benefited from obtaining one during their battles. Towards the end of the Demon Slayer series, some of the most potent demon slayers started to acquire a demon killer crisscross. This target appears on the body of a knock-down monster killer, and appears to be a tattoo or a birthmark that reflects the rest style that they use .
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Once it appears on one devil killer, the mark inevitably appears on others. The score grants the drug user increased power, adenine well as the ability to slow the re-formation of demons. In regulate to activate it, the exploiter must go through dangerous conditions, and will inescapably die when they reach the age of 25. not every Hashira was able to gain a punctuate, but they would have greatly benefited from obtaining one during their battles.


10 Got Their Mark: Tanjiro Kamado Got His Mark First

Tanjiro prepares to fight in Demon Slayer Tanjiro Kamado was the first monster killer in his generation to acquire the monster killer mark. The mark, which was once a burn mark that he acquired earlier in life, slowly changed over the course of the series to heavily resemble the target that Yoriichi had. This showed how he was moving away from Water Breathing techniques .
Thanks to him acquiring his sign foremost, many of the Hashira were able to acquire marks of their own, which were necessity in winning the conflict against Muzan and his upper Moons .

9 Did Not: Zenitsu Agatsuma’s Main Power-up Was A Technique He Made Himself

Zenitsu in a battle stance while unconscious After hearing about Kaigaku ‘s transformation into a demon and his treachery of their chief, Zenitsu was motivated to become firm. He had developed his own proficiency, which he had in the first place wanted to use while fighting alongside his peer .
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rather, he used it on his old companion, taking him out promptly. The battle was besides brief, making it feel anticlimactic that he was able to beat Kaigaku in a one shock. Fans were hoping for a bigger fight, and are still curious as to what Zenitsu ‘s notice would look like .

8 Got Their Mark: Muichiro Tokito’s Mark Allowed Him To Defeat An Upper Moon

Muichiro looks at Mitsuri in disbelief Despite being 14, Muichiro earned his rank as a Hashira after training for a mere 2 months. His potency surpassed many of his peers, even before he got a check. During his conflict against Gyokko, Upper Moon 5, the monster revealed his true form .
Despite this, Muichiro finished the monster off with a single blow soon after activating his own marker. After activating his check, he cursorily understood the conditions for gaining it, which was key in helping early Hashira to gain their own .

7 Did Not: Kyojuro Rengoku Died Before Others Manifested Their Marks

Rengoku eating and smiling Kyojuro was the first Hashira to die at the hands of an Upper Moon devil, due to an unfortunate run into with Akaza. Despite the intensity of his battle against the monster, he never manifested his mark, and undoubtedly did not evening know the conditions for doing so .
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As Akaza stated, Kyojuro had a capital deal of likely that he had n’t tapped into however, and if he at least had his bell ringer, he would have stood a better chance against the monster. Without it, he barely lasted until sunset .

6 Got Their Mark: Gyomei Himejima Got His Mark During His Fight Against Upper Moon 1

Gyomei puts his hands together and leans forward Gyomei was already past the age of 25 when he first activated his bell ringer, yet he was able to hold his own against Upper Moon 1. Although the demon did confirm that activating the mark was fatal, Gyomei did not die immediately, proving that he deserved to be considered the current strongest Hashira.

Both he and Sanemi had no choice but to activate their marks, as they were required in order for them to stand a chance against Upper Moon 1. additionally, they were cook to die, knowing that they could save countless lives in the long run .

5 Did Not: Tengen Uzui Retired Before Getting His Mark

Tengen holds a girl over his shoulder Tengen did not get his mark, although it is slowly to forget this, considering the fact that he is about always seen with his bright red eye makeup. The Hashira began obtaining their marks after the Upper Moons appeared in the Swordsmith greenwich village, an event that occurs immediately after the Entertainment District Arc that Tengen battles in .
After his competitiveness against Daki and Gyutaro, Tengen had to retire. From this point, he played a smaller function in the series, acting as a guard and training early slayers .

4 Got Their Mark: Mitsuri Kanroji Got Her Mark At The Swordsmith Village

Mitsuri looks bashful as she stands with the other Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji was physically one of the most knock-down Hashira, as her muscleman concentration gave her enormous intensity. This allowed her to withstand herculean monster attacks and to even perform superhuman feats. While fighting Zohakuten during the Swordsmith Village Arc, she unintentionally activated her scar, as her undertake to increase the circulation through her body made her meet the requirements to manifest one .
It allowed her to scantily manage to fend off the demon ‘s attacks, giving Tanjiro adequate time to find the devil ‘s independent body and kill him .

3 Did Not: Inosuke Hashibira Trained With Tanjiro But Never Got His Mark

Inosuke's first appearance Inosuke, like Zenitsu, spent most of the series traveling with Tanjiro. They fought demons and trail together, even Inosuke never acquired a grade of his own. Inosuke did learn a bang-up deal about his tragic past, but he did n’t get ampere much of a probability to shine as his early friends when it came to displaying his talents .
He ended up losing his mask during his struggle against Doma, but this does n’t foreshadow the appearance of a punctuate like some fans expected .

2 Got Their Mark: Yoriichi Tsugikuni Is The Earliest Recorded Individual Who Got His Mark

Yoriichi looks at a flower It only makes sense that the strongest fencer within the series, Yoriichi Tsugikuni, would be the first recorded individual to have a Demon Slayer marker appear. He bore the mark evening as a little child and showed a natural talent for wielding the sword .
Anyone who activates the score never lives past the old age of 25, so far Yoriichi managed to live until the ripe age of 80. even as an old man, he identical closely killed Upper Moon 1. He accomplished more than what other slayers could ever hope to on their own .

1 Did Not: Kanao Tsuyuri Wouldn’t Have Struggled As Much Against Doma If She Had Her Mark

Kanao looks down and smiles Shinobu Kocho was never able to activate her grade, and never once considered the possibility of it appearing during their fight against Doma. As the chump alone appears on a firm monster killer, her chances of activating it were n’t well simply because she was the weakest of the Hashira.

Kanao Tsuyuri, on the other hand, battled against Doma for a longer time period of time. She had a better opportunity of obtaining the bell ringer, and it would have been a good way of showing her surpassing her mentor. Shinobu sacrificed a draw to win the battle, but because Kanao did n’t get a mark, she sacrificed a distribute as well .
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