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Amanda Waller
Rick Flag † ( field air force officer )
Bloodsport ( former strike team drawing card )


Harley Quinn
Captain Boomerang †
Killer Croc
King Shark
El Diablo †
Enchantress †
Polka-Dot Man †
Ratcatcher 2
Slipknot †




Belle Reve


Belle Reve




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Suicide Squad
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Secret Files of the Suicide Squad


Suicide Squad: The Official Movie Novelization
Suicide Squad: Behind the Scenes with the Worst Heroes Ever


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Peacemaker ( flashback )

Listen up! In your necks, injection you got, it’s a nanite explosive. It’s the size of a rice grain, but it’s powerful as a hand grenade. You disobey me, you die. You try to escape, you die. You otherwise irritate or vex me, and guess what? You die.

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―Rick Flag[src]

Task Force X, colloquially known as the Suicide Squad, is a government-sanctioned expendable black-ops unit founded by Amanda Waller that enlists imprison supervillains to undertake bad, covert missions in exchange for commute prison sentences. normally, the team is only used when all the more ceremonious methods fail. Participants of Task Force X operations are promised repress prison sentences should they succeed in their missions, but are besides implanted nanotech bombs in their necks as a precautionary meassure to kill any member who tries to abandon the mission. The team ‘s first mission in 2016 was to prevent the interdimensional Enchantress and her brother incubus from destroying Midway City, a undertaking they succeeded in despite suffering some losses. Afterwards, their sentences were lessened and they were given special privileges in render for their efforts. Two new Task Force X teams were formed in 2021 by Waller with many new members joining the ranks on a mission to a nazi Base in Corto Maltese, along with some returning members. The mission was a success with the destruction of Project Starfish and the liberation of Corto Maltese, although they suffered the loss of their sphere commander. In the aftermath, Bloodsport blackmailed Waller into letting the few surviving members of the mission go free, leaving her without any Task Force X left. Waller was informed that Peacemaker survived the Corto Maltese mission, and since he was n’t included in Bloodsport ‘s dicker due to Peacemaker ‘s treachery of the team, Waller had Peacemaker join a third albeit much smaller iteration of Task Force X to fight against the Butterflies. Although the mission was ultimately successful, one of Waller ‘s operatives was killed and her own daughter came out to publicly reveal the being of Task Force X and call for its disbandment .



Following the death of Superman, [ 1 ] assorted Metahumans such as the Flash, arsenic well as respective other knock-down beings such as Aquaman, were inspired to use their powers to fight crime ; the human slipstream was besides profoundly impacted by his altruistic act. [ 2 ] A.R.G.U.S. ‘s Director Amanda Waller became fearful that other superpowered metahumans could bear hostile intentions and would turn against humanity, fearing the government ‘s lacking any direction to counter them. She proposed forming a job effect comprised of expendable individuals with exceptional powers and abilities who could counter them. To get approval for the team ‘s geological formation, Amanda Waller had Dr. June Moone attend a government meeting where she turned into an ancient mysterious being known as the Enchantress and teleported to Iran where she handed over iranian nuclear plans, and thus, Waller ‘s plans were approved and the team ‘s formation was authorized with Rick Flag being chosen to lead the team. [ 3 ]


In 2016, after the team was approved for formation, Amanda Waller and Rick Flag traveled to Belle Reve where the former began to conscript the beginning members. Deadshot, Harley Quinn, [ 4 ] Killer Croc, and El Diablo were all conscripted into the team with Deadshot being the first one drafted. When all four were brought out and presented, they had chips injected into them which were nano-bombs to keep them at bay, halting any undertake to escape. [ 3 ]

Incubus ‘ wake up

One night in an apartment in Midway City, Dr. Moone was transformed into the Enchantress and she teleported to where her brother, Incubus, was being held and released him. She then waited as Incubus built up his powers and after doing so, he possessed Gerard Davis, beginning to wreak havoc on Midway City. Rick Flag and a team of A.R.G.U.S. soldiers were deployed with Enchantress to back them up. The Enchantress betrayed them and joined up with her brother and avoided her death. [ 3 ]

Assembling the team

So, that’s it, huh? What, we some kind of Suicide Squad?

After Incubus had awakened, the team was assembled and brought to the city to evacuate and extract an unknown target. The original four members were brought in and Rick Flag showed up angstrom well. Captain Boomerang was then dragged in and drafted into the team a well and shortly subsequently, Slipknot was presented, finalizing the team. Rick Flag began discussing the objective of the group and what they ‘d need to do, letting them know of the explosives keeping them in line. Waller appeared to make a lecture and Deadshot joked about how the team was a “ suicide team ”. Finally, after assembling their gear, Task Force X was introduced to Rick Flag ‘s bodyguard Katana, before the team was then deployed to Midway City via helicopter to terminate Incubus. [ 3 ]

Arriving in Midway City

Task Force X soon arrived in Midway City where Incubus has already assembled an united states army of monstrous soldiers to defend him and Enchantress as they built up their weapon. Their helicopter was promptly shot down, but all of the members of Task Force X survived and they got out accompanied by A.R.G.U.S. soldiers, heading to stop Incubus and Enchantress. curtly after the team went in, Captain Boomerang managed to convince Slipknot to escape, suggesting that the nano-bombs were a fakeout. He shot a grappling gunman on to a nearby construction, but his turkey was activated by Flag, killing him. The remaining police squad members saw this, understanding that Waller was n’t lying. [ 3 ]

beginning meet

As the team moved in, they came across a street where two of Enchantress ‘ soldiers were seen on patrol. Waller ordered the group to withdraw and continue with the mission, but they were spotted and a fight broke out. Deadshot was one of the inaugural to engage them adjacent to Rick Flag and a group of A.R.G.U.S. soldiers as Enchantress ‘ minions continued to pour in. The rest of the police squad entered the affray, but they were overwhelmed by the enemy and Rick Flag was dragged to Enchantress, before being saved by Harley Quinn and Deadshot. [ 3 ]

Going to HVT1

As the police squad under Flag went on with the objective, Squad B was overwhelmed and taken prisoner by Enchantress ‘s soldiers and inescapably turned into Eyes of the Adversary soldiers. As they arrived at the build where HVT1 is, the police squad faced short opposition until they entered the batten floors of the build up where Enchantress ‘ soldiers engaged them again. Flag was taken again and the police squad had to protect him lest they become the casualties. After they had cleared the rooms, the team was pinned again by enemy fire, but Deadshot managed to convince El Diablo to use his powers to help relieve the team. [ 3 ]

Dispersing with HTV1

As the task force reached the objective, HVT1 was discovered to be Amanda Waller herself ; she killed the remaining A.R.G.U.S. staff who had no headroom to find out about Task Force X and was escorted to the ceiling of the build for extraction. Their extraction, however, was highjacked by the Joker and his minions, who disabled Harley Quinn ‘s nano-bomb ; Waller offered to free Deadshot and reunite him with his daughter, but Deadshot decided to follow his moral compass and measuredly miss Harley, forcing Waller to ordering their helicopter to be shot down. She then rode on the adjacent helicopter to attempt to leave the city, alone for Incubus to shoot the helicopter down and take Waller prisoner, bringing her to Enchantress and her weapon. The job power then traveled to the crash site, and Deadshot found out the truth about Enchantress, enraging him and forcing Flag to tell the truth. Deadshot and the team decided to abandon the task force, even with the potential consequences and went to a nearby browning automatic rifle. [ 3 ]

truth, reassembly and completion of the objective

Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc, Katana, and El Diablo went to a nearby bar, celebrating them about finishing their job. They then deliberated with each other regarding their situations, until Flag came in and tells them about the fact that he and June Moone were dating, forcing him to admit his position excessively. With the revelation, Flag formally dismissed the squad by destroying his restraint pad, relieving them of their consequences. Flag besides showed Deadshot letters from his daughter, saying that Zoe wrote to him every day ; shocked, Deadshot decided to force Flag to complete the mission, wanting his daughter to see that he ‘s not just a criminal, Deadshot then asked everyone to regroup and finish the undertaking at hand, with all of them agreeing. With the squad back in tow, Flag then divided the team to two freestanding missions : his SEAL teammates and Killer Croc would go under the flooded metro arrangement to retrieve a potent destruction charge to destroy Incubus, while he and the rest of the squad distracted Incubus and Enchantress. Enchantress saw this and plant visions into the squad ‘s minds, but El Diablo ‘s guilt over the passing of his family made him see through the visions and rallied the squad to fight. Incubus then appeared to attack the team, but El Diablo showed his true exponent and do to corner Incubus to the location of the fail. El Diablo, Incubus, and Lt. “ GQ ” Edwards died when the bombard exploded and forced Enchantress to wade in personally after her weapon was completed. The police squad then engaged Enchantress, with Killer Croc entering late in the competitiveness ; Enchantress disarmed the team and promised them condom if they served her, with Harley Quinn feigning agreement to get close adequate and rip Enchantress ‘s heart using the Soultaker. With the center out, Flag activated a second explosive which was thrown by Killer Croc, while Harley passed her revolver to Deadshot ; Enchantress tried to trick Deadshot by implanting another sight to him, but Deadshot saw through it and shot the explosive on time, destroying the weapon and saving the universe. [ 3 ]

Reduced sentence and proposed decommission

With the weapon destroy and the heart cut out, Enchantress was weakened enough that Flag threatened to kill her unless she could bring back June Moone. Calling his bluff, Enchantress claimed not being able to bring her back, which forced Flag to crush the heart, remembering a promise he made to June. With Enchantress dead, it was assumed that June would die with her, however, Deadshot noticed that beneath the peel of Enchantress, something was moving : June had indeed survived the ordeal and was reunited with Flag. The rest of the team then tried to leave on their terms, but Waller had survived and still held her call which could activate the nano-bombs, except for Harley ‘s. With this leverage, Waller commuted 10 years of the Task Force ‘s prison prison term, but she was besides forced to grant many perks to the squad members : Deadshot was permitted regular and sporadic supervised visits to his daughter, with one particular time helping her homework and access to writing equipment to write back letters for his daughter ; Harley Quinn was given an espresso machine and access to books ; while Killer Croc was given access to a television receiver and better meals and drinks. only Captain Boomerang was denied any perks, due to his unreasonable demands. [ 3 ] not long after, Waller met with her situational ally Bruce Wayne, who agreed to protect Waller from any potential side effect from the Midway City incident and Waller giving him files regarding other Metahumans that she knew of. She then disclosed the fact that Wayne should “ stop working nights, ” acknowledging that she knew he was Batman, with Bruce responding to that by asking Waller to shut Task Force X devour, a request Waller promptly ignored. [ 3 ]

visualize starfish

I wouldn’t take such extreme measures if this mission weren’t more important than you could possibly imagine.
―Amanda Waller to Robert DuBois[src]

In 2021, Amanda Waller learned of a military coup on the nation of Corto Maltese where the military project known as Project Starfish was taking invest, and that the state ‘s new dictator planned to turn Project Starfish into a weapon to declare war against USA. In reaction, she and Rick Flag assembled two new iterations of the Suicide Squad. The beginning strike team, lead by Flag, was comprised of the recently recaptured Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang, and all-new recruits Javelin, Weasel, the Detachable Kid, Savant, Mongal, and Blackguard. The second team was lead by Bloodsport and consisted of the Peacemaker, Ratcatcher 2, Polka-Dot Man, and King Shark. Both teams were tasked with destroying the headquarters of Project Starfish, the Nazi testing ground Jotunheim, a facility made for imprison and experimenting on political prisoners, creating the global ‘s first Metahumans. While there, the second strike team met maltese insurgent Sol Soria who assisted them in kidnapping the lead scientist of Project Starfish Gaius Grieves, who was then blackmailed into assisting Task Force X them, interim Harley Quinn was kidnapped by the oppressive Maltese dictator, General Presidente Silvio Luna but she promptly killed him. Task Force X succeeded in their deputation and killed Starro in the action, but besides learned the dirty privy that the american government were the true perpetrators of Project Starfish the stallion clock time. Bloodsport secured incriminating testify of USA ‘s interest with Project Starfish which he used to blackmail Waller into letting the few survivors of the mission to walk away exempt after they rebelled against her. Waller reluctantly agreed to Bloodsport ‘s terms then was informed that Peacemaker, who was believed to have been killed by Bloosport after Peacemaker betrayed the team, did in fact survive the ordeal and was taken to a hospital, she then assigned her staff to look after his convalescence thus that he can participate in Task Force X ‘s future mission. [ 5 ]

public reveal

This is all part of a black ops program known as Task Force X, with convicted criminals that are undertaking dangerous missions for the United States, in exchange for timeoff their sentences. It’s been running for years in Belle Reve prison, under the command of a woman named Amanda Waller… who has been to be my mother.
―Leota Adebayo[src]

In early 2022, Waller ‘s following mission planned for Task Force X was to destroy the Butterflies but could n’t formally do anything about it because her higher up would shut down any undertake to investigate the subject, thus Waller created an illegal off-shot branch of Task Force X to conduct the operation “ Project Butterfly ” under the radar who would dub themselves “ The 11th Street Kids ”. project Butterfly would ultimately be a achiever, but in its consequence, one of the 11th Street Kids members and Amanda Waller ‘s daughter Leota Adebayo, called for a press league where she publicly revealed the universe of Task Force X a well as Waller ‘s dirty secrets and illegal activities as the director of the black ops team, she besides called for foster investigation and shutting down of the Task Force X plan .

Known members


defend Staff




  • Task Force X in the DC Extended Universe is the third live-action incarnation of the Suicide Squad, after the iterations seen in Smallville and the Arrowverse.

Behind the scenes

  • The Suicide Squad is so far the only team in the DC Extended Universe to have an almost completely different roster in their second film.[6]


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