Team 7 (Naruto)

Team Naruto was a Konohagakure team, led by Naruto Uzumaki and composed of Ken Hatake, Naruto was the team drawing card before he becomes The Seventh Hokage .


The new Team Seven has Naruto as their leader. After forming the team, his students had tested by taking the bells from him which the screen followed their team Seven ’ randomness tradition. Ken is very close with Naruto a much as information he knows about him. He realized that if they directly encounter to take the bells from Naruto, it won ’ t even help. He planned together with his teammates : Tsukune and Mibuna. however, no one can take the bells from Naruto, They failed in this test. flush then, Naruto could see the three can work as a team, with Ken ’ mho leadership. so, Naruto allowed them to pass.

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Tsukune and Minuba highly deference Naruto. He is their character model. Besides, Ken is a person who is well at understanding the situation, then he could normally handle things. These made their team potent without misunderstanding. Naruto often had missions, he let them get through their missions by themselves and has Ken take the lead. Ken is a very effective leader because he is clever and abrupt. But he becomes pressured on his own because he is besides worry about his teammates .


mission 1 : The Exorcising Mission ?

  • Rank: B-rank
  • Status: Success

After the members from Team 7 got bored with the many C-D Rank missions they got, they asked the Konoha ‘s Sixth Hokage to assign them to have higher missions. Around that time, the situations were relatively peaceful, therefore there were not many exciting missions. besides, the current deputation wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate suitable for them to do because it was a mission to investigate an old greenwich village where ghosts were hunting the villagers. Kakashi knew that Naruto and Ken were very frightened of ghosts, but because Naruto had already taken the mission, team 7 had to continue their mission .
When they arrived at the village, they knew that something was going on. All villagers had suffered a batch. Some families began to move out because they could n’t bear to live in fear. When the night arrived, everyone immediately hid in their firm because they were afraid that ghosts would haunt them. The village leader had invited a batch of exorcists and monks to expel the ghosts but they ended up getting attacked. Since then no matchless dared to expel them anymore … last, they decided to rely on Konoha Shinobis to investigate all their problems and to find a solution. While team 7 investigates, Naruto, Ken, and Tsukune seem to be afraid of ghosts. Mibuna was the only one who didn ’ thymine believe in the mystery, so she became the drawing card who solved this mystery. mission 2 ( on progress )

  • Rank:
  • Status:

Details mission 3 ( on progress )

  • Rank:
  • Status:

Details mission 4 ( on progress )

  • Rank:
  • Status:



  • They teamed together when Naruto was 26 years old. And Ken, Tsukune, Mibuna is 12 years old.
  • Naruto doesn’t join as a Jonin position, but is certified by Kakashi to be the team leader.
  • Naruto Uzumaki, Mibuna and Tsukune are canon characters, Mibuna and Tsukune debut in episode 494. Only Hatake Ken is a fan-made character.

Team 7 poster Start the missionTeam 7 mission They are a very intimate team .Team7 Naruto mission After the deputation they took a break at the beach together .Team7 with mission They are on a mission.

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Team 7 travel for mission team 7 travel for missionTeam7Naruto Break time


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